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The Wrong Name

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Stupid, stupid, stupid idea that came to me when me and my friends were messing about one day. Jack introduces himself with his first name being Captain.

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‘I’m Cap’n Jack Harkness.’ The American soldier said to the young British man before him.

‘Uhh, Jack, I know. We’ve met before,’ the Doctor replied.

‘Oh yeah, we have. But you have a different face. Oh well. Who is that ravishing creature beside you?’

‘This? This is Martha Jones.’

‘Miss Jones,’ Jack said, kissing her hand lightly, ‘I’m Cap’n Jack Harkness.’

‘Nice to meet you Jack.’ She replied.

‘Jack is actually my middle name. Cap’n is my first name.’ The American replied.

‘How come he can call you Jack then?’ She asked, pointing at the Doctor.

‘Because he hates my first name. I want you to call me Cap’n.’

‘Oookay,’ Martha replied, thinking that Jack had gone crazy. And she was right; he had gone crazy with wait to see the Doctor again. The same Doctor who he was ………kissing!?!
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