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“We met before you were in the precinct, when you were still in high school if I remember right.” “Please don’t even attempt to lie to me.” “I am not. I will recount the information...

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“Do you remember when we first met?”

“How could I not? I recall the first time I met Watari as well.”

“Of course you would.”

“Then why did you ask? How is that relevant to the case?”

“I needed to know if you remembered.”

“Remembered what?”

“We met before you were in the precinct, when you were still in high school if I remember right.”

“Please don’t even attempt to lie to me.”

“I am not. I will recount the information just for you.”

“Hello. My name is Yagami Light.” The man directly in front of Light bowed.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Yagami-san. My name is Watari.” Light smiled congenially.

“It is a pleasure to meet you as well Watari. May I enquire as to the occasion for your visit?”

“L wants to meet you.”

“I see. I suppose I am supposed to follow you to him then?”


“I will need to inform my parents that I will be missing dinner.”

“That is fine.” Light tucked his straying strands of brown hair and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. Light pressed the number one on his phone and held the phone to his ear.

“Dad? I will be gone from dinner tonight. Studying at the library, as I have a paper due tomorrow. What time will I be home? I will be back home at ten, though if I need more time I will call. Bye.” Light flipped his cell phone shut and looked Watari in the eyes. “Shall we be going then?”

“We shall be going. Follow me.” Light followed Watari around the block to where a black car was parked, waiting patiently for its passengers to arrive.

“Will we be going in the car?”

“Oh coarse.” Watari unlocked the vehicle and stepped into the drivers seat, and Light followed his same movements only for the passenger’s seat.

“Where is L right now?”

“I am not allowed to divulge that information. You will be required to be blindfolded for the entire car ride as well as the time it takes to get into the building.” Light sighed.

“Is that really required?”

“Yes.” Watari produced a blindfold from the satchel he was carrying.

“I shall wear it then.” Light picked up the blindfold from Watari’s palm and tied the cloth over his eyes. After what seemed like an eternity, the car stopped. Light knew logically that the car ride had not taken an eternity, but he did know that it took a rather long period of time. Light also knew that Watari eschewed the actual distance by driving in circles and meticulous paths across the city, because the driving pattern would not have made sense otherwise.

“Are we here now?”


“Will I be required to wear the blindfold into the building? Surely that would be a cause of concern for the people meandering in the streets.”

“You will be required to wear the blindfold into the building.”

“Ok.” Light heard Watari open and shut the car door, letting voices enter the car as the procedure took place. The silence, however, quickly dominated the car again. After thirty seconds - Light counted - the door on the passenger side of the car was opened, letting the murmurs and sounds of the streets once again fill his ears.

“I will now take you to L. I am going to grab onto your wrist so as to make sure you don’t harm yourself without your sight.”

“Ok.” Light felt a hand on his wrist, and allowed the hand to guide him. The hand took him around the front of the car, onto a sidewalk, and into a building. Once Light was in the building the hand guided him up several sets of stairs, and then through a door at the top of the stairs. Light knew the door was there because he heard a jingle of keys, and the sound of the lock being opened.

“Is this the place?”

“Yes.” The hand led Light into the room and then promptly let him go. “You may now take off your blindfold.” Without responding Light untied the black blindfold and allowed his eyes to see his surroundings. Light was now in what looked like a hotel room, and a very decadent hotel room at that. The hotel room was probably a suite. However, the room was empty, desolate. L did not occupy this room.

“Where is L?”

“L is out on business at this point in time. He will, however, be here within five minutes. In the meantime you are welcome to sit on the couch” Watari motioned to the couches in the ‘living room’ portion of the room, “or find something to eat in the kitchen.” Watari motioned a door to the right of the ‘living room’ space, presumably to where the kitchen was located.

“I think I will be at the couches, as I ate prior to heading home.”

“That is fine.”

“Are the other rooms off limits at this point in time?”


“Ok.” Light strode leisurely to the couches and sat down. They were quite hard; usually couches in suites akin to this one prefer to place plush couches in the rooms. The couches were situated not in front of the television like most couches are, but instead as facing each other. This would allow people to face each other when they spoke. Interesting.

“Hello.” The word was whispered in Light’s ear, startling him into weaving around to face the speaker. The speaker was a creepy man, Light decided. The man had bags under his eyes that were so black they looked like someone rubbed black makeup in smudges underneath his eyes, and his hair was waylaid in an erratic fashion. The man wore ‘workout clothes’ or, in other words, sweatpants and a baggy shirt. Both were black. This man was definitely creepy. Light smiled anyway.

“Hello. My name is Light. Who are you?” Light stopped himself from asking if the man was even supposed to be in this room at all. The man blinked.

“My name is L.” Light hid his surprise like he did everything else, behind a mask on congeniality. Light stood up and turned himself around to better face L.

“Hello L, my name is Light.” L nodded.

“I guessed so. You look remarkably similar to the pictures in my profile, and you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get in here without an alarm being set off.”

“True. Why did you choose to answer my e-mail?”

“Because the situation is interesting.” Light did his best to hide the anger building in his body. This man, this smart, creepy man had decided to help him. The police had ignored him after all.

“I am quite sure that the reason you decided to contact me wasn’t just the situation.”

“It wasn’t. I am just choosing to not tell you until I have more information.” Light nodded. That is something he would have done as well.

“Should we get down to business then?”

“We should. First, though, I need to get my cake. Would you like some?”

“No thank-you.” L shrugged.

“More for me then.” L started to walk towards the kitchen when Watari strode out of the aforementioned place, carrying a slice of cake. L grabbed the cake from Watari’s outstretched hands, looking at the cake with the enjoyment of a madman.

“Thank-you.” Watari bowed to L and left through the kitchen door once again. L sauntered over to the couch opposite of where Light was standing and proceeded to adopt the strangest sitting position that Light had ever seen before in his life. L sat on his haunches, using his bent knees and a table for his plate of cake. The way L sat was probably the reason the couches weren’t plush and soft and squishy. Light quickly sat down on the opposite couch once again, putting himself at the same level as L when he sat up straight. L turned out to be rather short.

“What do you think of my proposal?” L took another bite of his cake, chewing slowly.

“I think that your proposal makes a lot of sense. Normally I would not have asked to see you personally, but this turned out to be a matter that requires me to attend to the questions and responses personally.”

“Is my situation tied up in another case?”

“Perhaps.” Light took another bite of cake, savoring every second the sugary delight touched his taste buds.

“I would appreciate getting at least some information in return.”

“Of course you would.” L
stared at Light unblinkingly.

“Are you going to tell me anything?” L continued to stare.

“Perhaps. It depends on if you hold any ground.” Light gritted his teeth. “When did you first notice strange behavior in your sister?”

“On February first. Right after school, in fact. Sayu went directly to her room instead of watching television and talking with our mother while she cooks.”

“I know for a fact that you get home several hours later then your sister. How did you come upon this fact?”

“Our mother and father were discussing it over dinner that night.”

“What did you have for dinner that night?”

“Baked chicken with rice and green beans.” L hummed and continued to stare. L took another bite of his cake.

“What did you do in response to your sister’s behavior?”

“I let her be. I figured that if something was serious the behavior would occur again.”

“Did Sayu only change the behavior of watching television with your mother or did other behaviors change as well?”

“Of course other behaviors changed. We wouldn’t be here otherwise.” L nodded.

“True. So what else changed?”

“Sayu started to spend all of her free time in her room. When she did talk to either I or my parents she was cranky and snappish, and it seemed like she was in a permanent bad mood. These behaviors were a drastic change from how she used to act: Sayu was a happy girl who hated ‘hitting the books’ so to speak, and spent as much time as possible with other people. She became a direct contradiction of herself.”

“Did you investigate her behavior?”


“What was Sayu doing in her room?”

“Sayu was writing in a notebook, which was in and of itself a strange phenomenon.”

“How did you get to the conclusion that Sayu was causing the string of murders if she was in her room the entire room?”

“The notebook kills people.” L scrutinized Light, looking for any indicators of him being crazy. “This is where the police refused to listen to me.”

“I can see why. How did you come to this conclusion?” Light’s eyes glazed over in reminisce of the evening of his discovery.

“I tried it myself.” L blinked.

“Who did you kill?”

“The madman who was holding up the school last Saturday.”

“The man who died of a heart attack?”

“Yes.” Conclusion flashed in L’s eyes.

“Do you have the notebook with you?”


“Why did you choose to not keep the notebook for yourself?” Light started to squirm a little in his seat.

“I… discovered the powers of the notebook to be addictive. The Shinigami didn’t help much in that respect.”


“The notebook is the death notebook that a Shinigami named Ryuk dropped. It is called a ‘Death Note’. If any human claims ownership of the notebook the Shinigami is fated to follow around the human until either the human dies or the notebook gains a new owner.” L frowned.

“How exactly does the notebook work?”

“The owner writes the name of the person he or she wants to kill, and the owner has to picture the face of the person while he or she writes the name. The person is then killed by a heart attack thirty seconds later is no other means of death is specified.”

“The means of death can be specified?” L raised an eyebrow and ate another bite of his cake. L had taken to staring at Light once again.

“Yes. The Death Note can control the soon to be deceased for any amount of time up until their deaths.” L took another bite of his cake.

“Interesting. Why did you not keep the Death Note for yourself Yagami-san?” Light began to speak, but he promptly closed his mouth.

“Yagami-san?” Light slouched on the couch, exhausted with the situation.

“I e-mailed you after I had murdered fifty-nine criminals with the Death Note. Fifty-nine people are dead right now because of the me, and even more because of Sayu. After I had killed the fifty-ninth person I left my room to get something to eat… And I realized that Sayu was wandering about the house as if in a daze. Sayu kept on muttering things, and she obviously didn’t remember anything about the Death Note.” L cocked his head to the side, silently questioning Light’s last statement.


“The memories of the Death Note are only available to the current owner of the Death Note. Once the ownership is transferred, every memory is erased.”

“Then why was your sister in a daze?” Light looked L straight in the eyes, staring back into his unblinking irises.

“The Death Note is addictive… it is like a drug. Power, after all, is a drug in any form. The Death Note is the ultimate power; the power to take life at any moment for any reason… and all you need is a name.”

“Why were you not caught up in the addiction then?” The two men continued to stare at each other.

“I am.” L blinked.

“So you are still addicted?”


“Then why would you try to
get rid of the cause of your addiction? Couldn’t you have given it to someone else?”

“Because someone else wouldn’t have know the addiction. Someone else wouldn’t have been able to control themselves from killing and murdering and rendering the world useless to their power. I had to get rid of it and out of my reach. I will, however, continue to hold ownership.” L hummed once and took another bite of cake.

“You did not answer my question. Why would you try to get rid of the very item you are addicted to?” Light began to become frustrated.

“Because I know I am addicted. I do not want to be addicted to an item such as this.”


“I don’t want to become a hypocritical murderer.”

“… So you were the murderer of all the criminals recently?”


“And all the student and teacher heart attacks were Sayu’s doing?”


“May I see this “Death Note?”

“Yes.” Light took out the Death Note from his coat pocket, but held only the notebook tightly.

“Yagami-san, may I please
see the Death Note?” Light slowly lowered the notebook to the table, his arm trembling in his mind’s opposition to relinquishing the Death Note from his custody. Light was breathing hard, like one would after a long run.

“Yagami-san, please give me the notebook.” Light dropped the notebook onto the table. “Yagami-san, please give me an example of the Death Note. You are to kill Sui Chao, a man whose execution date is tomorrow at five A.M. Have you heard of him?” Light nodded.

“Yes. I saw him on the news- wasn’t he the cannibal?”


“Ok.” Light pulled a pencil out of his jacket and flipped the Death Note open, exposing the pages upon pages of names. Names of people he had murdered. Killed. Slaughtered. Light wrote Sui Chao’s name in the Death Note, feeling a rush of power and exhuberation follow.

“I am going to call the police department to see if anything is going on.” Light nodded.

“That is fine.” L placed the cake on the table and slouched over to the phone. L then dialed a number, probably the number of the police station, and held the phone to his ear. In the silence of the room Light could hear ever word that L spoke.

“How is Sui Chao? Oh, so he seems fine right now? … He’s having a heart attack? Now? … He died? That was all I needed to know. Good day.” L hung the phone up and turned to face the direction of Light. L then slouched back to Light.

“It seems that you were correct in your assessment of the Death Note. You are Kira?”


“Your sister was Kira as well?”


“… I will need to have you stay the night. I am going to require further questioning.”

“My father is going to wonder. I don’t stay over at other people’s houses.”

“I require you to stay here. If your father says no, then I will contact him and inform him of the situation.”

“Do not tell him about the Death Note.”

“I would not tell him this sort of information randomly, even if he is head of the police force.” Light sighed a sigh of relief.

“Thank-you. What are you going to tell him instead?”

“I only talk to him if it is required.”

“Ok.” Light pulled out his cell phone and pressed one. Light then held the phone to his eat.

“Hey, Dad? Is it alright if I stay the night at someone’s house? A person I am tutoring has a test tomorrow requires extra help. … I know that I usually only tutor on Monday’s, but he called me just now. He sounds like he is on the verge of panic. … Thank-you.” Light flipped the phone shut and placed the phone back in his coat. Light faced L once again.

“My father said yes.”

“I guessed.” L picked the cake up off the table and ate the last bite. L smiled.

“That was very good cake. Are you sure you don’t like cake?”

“I am sure. I don’t like sweets very much; they make me feel nauseous.” L shrugged.

“I am going to go to the kitchen now… Afterwards we are going to discuss things further.” As L slouched into the kitchen, the door slammed shut behind him. Light had a forbidding feeling about tonight.
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