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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

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Chapter two! Well, i dont wanna spoil it, but Casey and Gee end up making up.... and making out.

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Casey sighed as she walked through the doorway of Gerards house. It seemed like it had been forever since the last time she had walked through that door. Mikey gently pushed her along, leading her upstairs to Gerards room, where she could hear loud music coming from the crack of the door. Smiling, Casey couldnt help but hum along as she realised what the song was. When she felt another shove from Mikey, she stopped humming and climbed the stairs, moving no faster than a half-dead snail.

Gently, Casey pushed Gerards door open, and walked into the room. Gerard was drawing something, and it was so loud he never heard her enter. Finally, she turned off the CD player and waited for him to finish drawing. Gerard always had to finish what he started as far as it came to art. He didn't even notice the music was gone until he finished the sketch some time later, turning around suddenly and jumping up at the sight of Casey.

Mikey, not knowing what would happen, found his way to Casey and stood by her side. Gerard then figured out what was going on.

Gerard sat on the edge of his bed. "So, what did Mikey say to make you come?"

Casey filled him in about the park meeting, and Gerard turned to Mikey. "YOU stole my phone? I thought it was lost!"

Casey sighed, and asked Gerard "Gee, you know i love you. Why did you break up?"

Gerard frowned and said like a child "Maranda Abru. She said she saw you making out with a guy behind the library."

"Gerard! you know she hates me! she would do anything to split us apart! she likes you!" Casey replied angerly. So it was Maranda all along. That little...

Casey's thoughts were interrupted when Gerard broke in with " Well, Im sorry, okay? We faught already that day, and i thought you were trying to get back at me or something!"

Casey smiled and moved to Gerard. "Well, Gee, now you know you were wrong. Are we together again?"

"Yes." Gerard breathed.

Casey's smile spread wider "Good. Now, I dont believe I've gotten a single kiss from anyone in the past week."

With that, she eased into Gerard, and some time later she broke away from him, gasping for breath.

The only thing on her mind other than Gerard was Maranda. The little scumbag was going to pay.

NOTE: Okay, now, i know I do pretty short chapters, but i have a bunch of exams comin up for school and i have to study and stuff, so my time is crunched. And sorry for my typos, spelling mistakes, and other grammatical errors... like i said, im in a hurry, so i dont really have time to check that stuff. But I lub writing so im gonna keep on making these stories, no matter how crappy they may be.
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