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There are things that Sasuke won't speak of, hallucinations he won't admit, and nightmares he would rather avoid. There was nothing he wouldn't tell his team, except the content of his dreams.

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Once again, need a shrink? I'd be happy to provide one.


The Oracle

\Chapter 1\


There was blood. There was a lot of blood. It was always there, the putrid rank stench of it as something hard and thick slammed into him over and over. It wasn’t fun. It was painful. It was painful beyond compare. He had to think, to think of anything besides the man thrusting in his ass recklessly. To not moan, or worse, scream. It was crazy. He, was crazy. Couldn’t think, couldn’t make a sound, and didn’t want him to win. No. No. He wouldn’t make a sound. The moaning and panting didn’t come from him, and that terrible laughter that rang in his ears was only in his imagination. Sharp nails dug into his hips. A dream shouldn’t hurt like this. He shouldn’t have dreams of the pale man with make-up on his face. This was a dream, It had to be a dream, It was a dream. A harder thrust than normal sent him sprawling off his hands; he was buried face-first in the bed as he kept denying it. Those brutal hands yanked at his hair, so much stronger than the man could possibly be, he was bowed back by the vindictive yank on his black hair. He could feel the liquid spewing into him, the rancid, bitter liquid stinging everywhere it touched. It was worse. It was worse now, than this treatment. This pain, he could fight, he could handle. It was the mind games the snake played when he was sated that always broke him. Flesh met flesh, his back against the other’s chest. A hand lowered to his crotch. The younger raven tried to fight, he did. But when those hands wrapped around a cock already weeping for release, he shuddered. He didn’t want to hurt himself getting away from the grasp of this psycho, but he didn’t want to be in the grasp either. He always wondered why he was erect after so much pain; he decided he must be a masochist. And then, again, like every other time this happened, he decided that he was hard because the other man willed it so. Soft, kind whispers were in his ear now, telling him lies, lies he readily believed, about power and avarice, about revenge, a revenge he hadn’t known he had wanted, power he hadn’t known he’d sought. Then that tongue wrapped around his throbbing member and all thought ceased. It wasn’t long… It was never long. White went everywhere, and the man pulled on his cock so that all the liquid fell on the boy. By now he had his eyes closed, unable to stop the gasps and moans that escaped his mouth.

Sasuke shot upright in his bed, soaked through to the bone with sweat. He grimaced when he shifted to find his boxers filled with a sticky liquid he was fairly sure had come from his orgasm. His eyes were baggy from lack of sleep. He’d tried to avoid the nightmare he’d been reliving for the past month by not sleeping, and it was showing. He hated medicine, or he would have taken Sakura’s advice and gone to a doctor. Both his teammates were worried now though, and even Kakashi had expressed concern. They all knew he had nightmares, but they assumed it was of his family’s tragic demise, the cause of which was still unknown. He pondered the man’s words of revenge. He didn’t want his brother dead…. It was so strange, what the mind thought of. He tried to figure it out, but the most he could think was that some part of him resented Itachi for not being able to stop whatever had killed everyone. He would go to the doctor today. It wouldn’t do to keep his friends worrying about him. Sasuke stripped himself of his clothes quickly. Passing the mirror in the bathroom, he was startled to see long black hair. A startled face stared out at him, of a woman, likely much older than he. Her head tilted to the side. He couldn’t keep his eyes from flicking downwards, as she was as bare as he, but her eyes remained on his. She only chuckled as he looked her over, and he imagined it to be a sweet sound. The words she mouthed were obvious; he didn’t have to have the sharingan to understand she was teasing him with a question about her looks. For some reason, it wasn’t strange at all to either of them that they should see each other. His eyes looked her over again, this time slowly, and he smirked, making colour rise in her cheeks. He mouthed back a single word.

“Beautiful.” The colour rose further and she made a face at him, obviously denying it. He slowly licked his lips, the action suggestive, and watched her nipples harden in the mirror as her blush darkened. He raised a hand to the mirror, fully expecting to touch glass as she raised her hand as well to reach out to his. They both jolted back as they touched something warm and the illusion was broken, he only saw himself.

Sasuke shook his head.

"Maybe I should take Sakura's advice.... I'm starting to hallucinate."


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