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This Is The Best Day Ever

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Gerard gives Casey something she has always wanted... and once again no you pervs its not what your thinking. gutter minds....

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Hehe, heres the next of my crappy chapters. hope you like it, even though it lacks a good writer with good gammar.... thank you again for all of the wonderful, wonderful reviews. i heart you all!
now, on to the story!

Suddenly, there was hand over Casey's eyes. Then a badly faked voice asked "Guess who!"

Casey smiled "Gerard!"

Gerard let go and asked, like a small child would, " how did you know? i practiced all day with that voice! "

Casey just smiled wider and decided not to tell him that he could practice voices til the end of time and still not be very good at them. The only other things he could do with his voice was sing.... Oh, how she loved that singing. The only thing she craved was to hear the sound of his sweet voice when it was going through a song. It was like the butter to her bread. Well, if Gerard was a hunk of bread, then the singing would be the butter, but since he wasnt, she would have to find another way of explaining his voice. Casey thought hard for a moment, before being interrupted by Gerard.

"So, are you wondering what the surprise is?"

Casey snapped out of her thoughts and said with a hint of whine in her voice, "Oh, yes! please tell me what it is!!!!"

Gerard drew a small, wrapped box from behind his back. Casey gasped.

Gerard handed her the present, sitting down and not saying a word. For a little while the only thing heard was the sound of the little waves coming up on the shore of the lake, until Casey broke the silence. "Gee, i love you, so, so much."

Casey opened the present. Inside lay two backstage passes...TWO BACKSTAGE PASSES TO A HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS SHOW! Casey tackled-hugged Gerard, screaming at the top of her lungs, and then noticed something else. A small, golden ring just her finger size lay in the box, next to the passes. Casey calmed down.

"Gerard!" she breathed, leaning in for a kiss.

The merry couple kissed until it became more than a kiss. they rolled around, attached to each other by their mouths, until they rolled right off and into the lake.

Several hours later, when both Casey and Gerard had dried off, they sat in his room happily. In exactly 7 days and two hours, they would be among the many gleeful fans and Casey would be the most happy of them all.
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