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A game where only touching is allowed and clothes are optional. Waycest; Gerard/Mikey; Drabble.

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Oneshot drabble.
My Chemical Romance: Gerard/Mikeyor Waycest if you prefer.
Warnings: for sketchy sex and incest. Written a little under a year ago; (april '07) & there's no telling of how old I made them in here... whatever you like is alright with me.

For Danny.

Such a pitiful, dangerous, and sick game they play.

Oh, but it was so fucking sweet.

Every time it happened, neither planned for it to happen.

One would always find himself in the others room-for one reason or another.

And then, it would all happen so fast.

Gerard would have his lips against his younger brother's.

Mikey would have his hands roaming across Gerard's back.

Hormones seemed to give way, and it no longer was a matter of care for incest.

But, God, they both felt so much more to it, that it just had to mean more than "hormones".

It was hot, twisted love.

Soon, everything becomes too hot for the boys, and they proceed to remove all clothing.

Their bodies covered in a thin layer of sweat and rubbing against one another.

Breathing turns erratic and Gerard's mouth explores all of Mikey's body.

The younger Way is moaning-screaming, practically-to be taken and fucked.

Attending to his pleas, Gerard lets Mikey turn over on his hands and knees, and then crawls over him.

Leaning over Mikey's slender torso, Gerard lets himself inside.

There are screams, but no thoughts-any coherent thought has long left.

All that is left is incestuous sex.
Every thrust brings them closer to climax and further from morality.

As they come, they let out the pleased moans that accentuate their sins.

It all just came and went, and there are no words exchanged.

They quickly gather their own clothing and make haste, for they can hear footsteps-And they don't want to be caught.

There is a giggle and soon they are out of each other's sight.

Oh, this is such a dangerous and sweet game.
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