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Killer Situations

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Simple one shot on how life can take its tricky and sticky turns. Might turn into more chapters with reviews. :D

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I walked down the sidewalk with my ear buds in my ears with my music blasted through them from my earphones, originating from my iPod. I hadn't been paying attention to where I was going and ended up on the joggers path in the local park.

Someone who just caught a frisbee walked up to me and pulled my earphones out of my ears. I recognized him immediately and didn't want to deal with him due to the person he'd attract.

I tried to walk past him when he pushes me roughly into a tree, causing me to squeak and wince slightly.

"Leave us the fuck alone!"

"Why the hell do you care Tre?" I was quite calm still, unlike him.

"Because your stupid ass relationship with him fucked him up!"

"What the hell do you mean?!" I felt a hint of anger shoot through me as he spoke so menacingly about the relationship.

"You should have never met him, your relationship with him should have never happened! It was a fucking pointless relationship!"

"You sonofabitch!!!" I threw a hard punch, hitting Tre in the cheek, making him stagger backwards. He comes back with a strike to my stomach, causing me to lean forward in pain. I grab onto Tre's hair firmly and push his head into the tree behind me.

Tre and I got a few more hits in before Frank Iero (Tre's best friend) hold's Tre back and Billie (Tre's other best friend) holds onto me.

I look into Billie's eyes and saw all his sorrow, from what he caused to happen between us, reflect back into mine. A few tears well up in my eyes from the memories that were flooding back.

One of his hands stayed around my waist as the other gently touch the necklace he gave me a while ago, still strung around my neck. The same hand then moves and softly strokes my cheek.

As I went to pull away, Tre had gotten out of Frank's grip and lifted me over his shoulder, after breaking Billie's hold on me.

I scream and kick, unable to see where he was headed. Suddenly I get thrown over the edge of the nearby cliff. I scream on my plummet downward.

"NOO!!!" Billie ran to Tre and watched fearfully as I fell towards the jagged rocks and the deep, fast current water.

I twist and turn on my way down until I got control of my body. I then made a complete perpendicular angle from the water, my arms outstretched in front of me.

I approached the rocks quickly, skinning my entire left leg on a jagged rock extended from the cliff. I screamed with pain before entering the cool water. My position and speed caused me to go down to the bottom and get swept up in the fastest current.

I was unable to reach the surface and feared my soon demise. It was then I felt warm arms wrap around me and pull me to the surface. I look upon the face of my savior before an outstretched tree branch at the top of the water struck my head, rendering me unconscious.

Before blacking out, I looked upon not only my savior from the deadly current, but the one who's saved me all my life. Billie.

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