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#16) Bury Me And Fade To Black

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Last one in the series! Sometimes the only thing, and the best thing, you can do is learn to move on.(The formatting got messed up when I saved it, so forgive me! I shall fix it later!)

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(The formatting got messed up when I transferred it over, so i shall fix it later...sorry for the inconvienence...but get over it, please?)

6 Months Later

Mikey sighed as he finished packing the last box of Gerard’s belongings and trudged down the stairs, laying it at the bottom step. He turned to face Ray, who was just standing there. That look of pain and fear hadn’t left his face since the day of Gerard’s death. Bob seemed to be the only one who hadn’t suffered that greatly, just a few weeks of crying. But that was Bob for you; strong, kept all his emotions on the inside. Bob was the only person that was now holding this motley assortment together. Ray trudged away after glancing downward at the box that held Gerard’s things. Mikey watched him leave with a saddened expression, he hated seeing his friends turned into severely depressed drones, living from day to day on morning doses of coffee, Lexapro, Zoloft, Welbutrin, and Xanax. Mikey walked passed the living room, stopping and turning around, stepping towards the couch.

Frank was huddled on the leather, a blanket pulled up to his chin, dried tears on his face, a picture of Gerard in one hand, a bottle of Vodka laying empty and forgotten on the floor. Bob had discovered what had happened to Frank after they had called the ambulance that had picked up Gerard. He had overheard the cops talking about a ‘doped-up, psycho-crazy, EMO band’ and how they all seemed ‘obsessed with death and landing on the front page of the next day‘s tabloid’. No one had heard from Frankie in forever, so Bob put two and two together, deciding to check out local hospitals; finally discovering Frankie in a deep coma. Thank God for that man, he held them all together, fragile as they all were at the moment.

Mikey picked up the bottle and walked away, softly, trying not to disturb the sleeping Frank. Bob entered the living room, looking at Mikey and smiling. Mikey smiled back. It was little things like that that made it seem a little brighter in the house. Bob knew how to make things better, even if it was just for five seconds. Mikey stepped into the kitchen, discarding the bottle in the trashcan and picking up various plates and cups, laying them in the sink, filling it up with water. He’d taken up the habit of cleaning to get his mind off things. Mikey lathered up a sponge and began washing dishes, scrubbing furiously at an old stain on a plate.

Two hands laid over his, stilling his movement.“There will be no plate left if you keep scraping at it like that.” Mikey let the plate fall and he turned into the embrace of his mother. She’d come to collect the last of Gerard things. He wrapped his arms around her and let out all the tears he’d been holding in since Gerard’s funeral.

“It hurts so bad, Mom.” Mikey sobbed into her shoulder. She just nodded, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him tight.

“I know, Michael, I know. I know how close you two were.” She smoothed his hair down, bringing her hands to his face and wiping his tears away. “I know how bad it hurts sweetie. I know that you two were more than just brothers. You two were friends. And it hurts to loose a loved one, especially a best friend.” Mikey nodded, slowly pulling away and leaning against the counter, his breathing choppy. He wiped his nose on the back of his sleeve.

“I just miss him so bad, Mom.”

“I know, baby. It hurts me too, and it hurts me to see you sad.” She replied, standing next to him, slinging an arm around his shoulders and pulling him close. “He was my son, and your brother.”

“I just…” Mikey sighed deeply. “I don’t know…it’s hard to explain.”

“Honey, nothing is easy to explain.” His mother said, standing up straight and moving to face Mikey. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. “You two have never been apart, ever since you were born. Gerard never wanted to be away from you. Then he made the band, and you wanted to be in it so bad that you begged and begged me to buy you that bass; that you begged for lessons. Gerard could not have been any happier than for you to be with him, and play with him, and sing with him. The life you two lived was fast moving. And hard. I know I wasn't the famous one, but I saw the stress it put you two in. I saw Gerard go into, and eventually out of, his drug and alcohol addiction. I saw you go through depression. I watched Frankie get into pills and Ray go in and out of relationships, and Bob fight with his emotions. I watched it all. But the one thing that I saw the most…was that you all, every single one of you, had the strength to get up and move on. All of you boys got up every single time you fell down and moved on. You helped each other when the other one needed a hand up to get back on the horse. I am so proud of all of you boys.”

Mikey found that his eyes were watering again, a lump forming in his throat, but he held it back. “I-I…I love you, mom.”

“I love you, too, sweetie.” She said, pulling him into a tight hug, squeezing him. “I know, right now more than anything, that if Gerard were here, he’d be chasing you down and tickling you within an inch of your life until you were absolutely breathless, holding your inhaler above your head until you told him that you would move on, no questions asked, then throwing it at you, calling you a pansy, and pulling you into a hug.”

Mikey laughed at that, for possibly the first time since Gerard’s funeral 6 months ago. “Yea…” He nodded, hugging his mother back. “Yea, he would be.”

“Well…dad’s waiting in the car. I better hurry. You sure you don’t want to come?” She offered.

“No, I've got some things to do, people to see, people to push forward…” Mikey kissed her on the cheek, following her out to the car, watching as she slid the box into the back, waving at his father. He sighed and turned to face the house. Nothing would be the same, of course, but things could certainly get better. He was going to move on, starting with Ray. He wasn't going to let anything stop him. He opened his mouth, whispering the words to his favorite My Chemical Romance song, the one that Gerard had actually written especially for Mikey after their grandma died.

“Don’t stop If I fall, And don’t look back. Oh, Baby, don’t stop…Bury me and fade to black.”

Thank you all so much for reading this series. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you for the feedback and the reviews. Everything you have said made me go on with writing this. And I know that this didn’t have the happiest ending in the world, but life isn’t always happy. Anywhoz, I just wanted to say thank you. Please review!

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Disclaimer on the ‘Just Sleep’ series: I do not know, or own, any of the members of My Chemical Romance. All of this is purely fiction, to my knowledge. For if this were to really take place, I would be in a deep depression(due to the fact of Gee dying). Thank you for reading and for not suing. Bye-bye! :):):):)

((UPDATE: I am now 23 years old, and I haven't seen these things, or this site, since 2008, when I was 16-17 years old. Going back and reading these...I see what a terrible little fan crush I had. I still love MCR, though, and I breaks my heart they aren't together anymore. Please, If you do decide to read this, don't judge the love-sick writings of a crazy fangirl with INSANE obsessions of a band that pulled HER herself out of a deep clinical depression. Start with #1 in the series, and continue from there. I had a little fantasy about Frank and Ray loving each other, so keep in mind that there are male sexual encounters in this story. It is crazy to go back after 6-7 years and see the reviews and things and the number of reads...makes me kind of happy. I still write, too, though, in case some of you were wondering.))
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