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Magic Has Yet to Die

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3 Girls from different walks of life realize that they have something special, elemental magic... However they live in a time where magic is said to be dead and in a time of revolution and change.....

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A girl stood on a farm. There was something about her that made one realise that she was home. Her emerald green eyes brought to mind fields of prosperous crops. Her black skirt revealed muscular legs from riding and from the work required on the farm. She looked like she belonged. The farm was quaint with a large barn and numerous paddocks spread about the front.

She smiled almost sadly and turned to go back in to the white house. She bent to pet the family pet. He was a small creature with pure white scales with a couple of pale brown spots dappling them. It was a type of dragon called vvianna, or a beauty dragon. They were bred for their small size, loyalty, courage and the fact that they were so friendly. They were popular pets in rich households throughout Endlewood.

As she turned to leave his blue eyes scanned the area before he tucked his snout under his wing to continue to sleep.

“Brooklyn?” a female voice called out. A woman, obviously the girl’s mother came out to the front room with a baby kitana in her arms. Kitanas were mystical cats with enormously large ears, long elongated tails and long legs. They were very slender creatures.

“Yes, Mum?” Brooklyn asked as she took the little one away from her mother.

“Did you water the fields today?” her mother asked, noticing that a couple of other strange creatures play-fought in the corner. She went and separated them by taking the smaller one up in to her arms. Brooklyn tickled the kitana’s soft stomach before answering. She had heard the slight annoyance in her mother’s voice

“Yes, I did,” Brooklyn, said, placing the kitana on the ground. Her older sister came in to the room. Brooklyn looked her over noticing a couple of parrots on her shoulders and a snake twined around her arm. Her mother grinned at Brooklyn's sister fondly; it was no secret that Clarissa was the family favourite followed closely by Kayden. Kayden and Clarissa had blood thick with Tamers’ Mmagic. The people of mostly Eastern Endlewood, who made their livings by taming the creatures that ran wild through out the world, used tamer magic. Kayden was very tall with curly brown hair; his steel grey eyes always made you feel like he was looking through you.

Both Clarissa and Kayden tamed creatures very easily. Their instincts were very true when taming creatures; they always could sense when the animals were ready and trusted humans. Brooklyn had something with the animals, but it didn’t seem to compare to Clarissa or Kayden’s unbelievable talent. Her parents were unhappy that Brooklyn would never have her siblings’ talent, but she did have something little for herself. The animals trusted her very slightly. She was a lot better with the final stages of the taming. What she was good at was watering the crops they sold for feed for most of the creatures. The mistletoe and the lissuin plants were very sensitive, and only could be watered with the correct ratios of salt and rainwater. When creatures are tamed, they only eat mistletoe and lissuin plants; something happens to them and they refuse to eat anything else. The only exception was the battle dragons that only ate naurwa leaves but the sport of battling dragons for each other had died over time. Only the southern nations still continued in this activity, since it had long since been considered barbaric.

Brooklyn put the kitana down and left her mother to play with those the numerous creatures, which had been orphaned. She wandered out, the sun was setting and the sky was a sea of reds, oranges, and yellows.

“Celena, aman a'baramin ar’ vara nosse. Hodoer…” her voice trailed off. Her eyes were fixed on the sky above as tears dripped down her face. “Hodoer, Aman tel' Seldarine sen yassen Lissenen arc' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva.”

It was her last night on her farm, her home. Since she did not add to the profits like everyone else her parents felt that they could lose her in a sense. They were sending her way to be a guardsman to their ladyships Princess Caprice, Princess Marianna and Queen Rowena of Endlewood. She had prayed to the Mother Goddess of Endlewood to forever bless her home, until she next set foot on the land.

An old friend of her father’s, who was of the Rana people, offered to take Brooklyn to the capital. Brooklyn sighed, she was unhappy for a few reasons. She felt so right on the farm and to be sent somewhere she had only learned about those few years she attended school? It frightened her.

She wandered into the barn. Iit’s large stables and halls felt like a blessing. She walked to the end stall, which held her griffin kitten. He was only a couple of months old but the height of his shoulders hit her mid thigh. She went in and fell in the pile of straw that lined his box.

“Amin mela Firefly ar’ tenna’ lye omenta telwen,” she whispered in the tamer tongue. The tamer language was a language all animals and all tamers could understand. She had spoken the tongue before she could understand common so there was a liquid, poetic flow to her words. It was her main language and the one she had used earlier to pray.

She stroked her pet griffin’s burgundy fur and gold brindled feathers. She would miss him; her parents had not yet said if he, Firefly, would be coming. She would miss him, but she knew that if he stayed they would never see each other again. He would be sold or ignored, for he was her pet and without her there to take care of him no one would.

She cried herself to sleep on the hay. She was only 10 years old. And it hurt to be thrown away by her parents so uncaringly.
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