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Sucky summary #...9? Frank contemplates his feelings, Gerard draws and gets upset about his beautiful face, and Wilona makes up her mind.

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Gerard was released from the hospital after a day. He suffered from a few minor cuts and bruises, but all he needed were a few stitches and some rest. Frank drove him home in a small, silent car. He was feeling so guilty, seeing the scars he had left on his friend’s face. Yet, he could not speak. He could not apologize again. He could not explain why he refused to believe what Gerard said. Instead, he stared blankly ahead at the road in front of him. The traffic lights blinked multiple colors, but Frank could barely see them. In those round lights, he saw Gerard’s round face; his sad, hurting expression when Frank shook his head. He shuddered slightly, passing another green flash. Surely, it wasn’t right for him to be seeing another boy’s face everywhere.

Gerard was beyond furious. All he had ever done was try to help. Apparently, that was incredibly wrong of him. There he sat, bruised and beat-up while Wilona, the real culprit, was off fucking some admittedly attractive guy. It was so unfair. He shot Frank a glare. Never again would he try to save that guy. Heck, he never even wanted to talk to him. He ran a cold finger over his scarred chin. His face would look horrible after this; the tiny drop of good looks he had inherited would be gone. Stupid Frank. He scooted to the very edge of his seat, as close as possible to the door. Stupid, stupid, (hot) Frank.

Three weeks passed and the two lived as mere roommates rather than friends. They didn’t even speak to each other. The same emotions they had felt during that fateful car ride filled a small section of their souls. Gerard’s anger had died down quite a bit, though. Now, he was a little depressed. Every day, he would sit on his bed with a sketchbook and draw. He would never plan out what he was going to sketch, but it was always the same exact thing; Frank Iero; him standing in a variety of poses, with an assortment of different expressions; angry, sad, cute, adorable, sexy, happy, excited, surprised... Gerard was simply obsessed and he hated it. He wished there was somewhere else where he could stay. But he knew the only other option was his brother’s house. That probably would not go so well. He’d just have to ignore Frank as much as possible.

Frank’s guilt had not faded. He tried; he really did, to speak to Gerard. However, all his attempts were futile since Gerard refused to even look at him anymore. It hurt Frank inside, more than he knew it should. Another part of Frank’s mind was wondering about Wilona. He hardly heard from her anymore. Could Gerard possibly be right?

Wilona had called him a few times over the course of the past weeks, but the phone calls were rushed. She had been getting less and less free time to abuse Frank. She knew he would start getting suspicious soon enough, he wasn’t stupid. Vince was giving her the time of her life. He was a great fuck, and hot too. Oh, how she loved it. A piece of her mind though, missed Frank. There was nothing quite as satisfying as watching his face crumple because of something she said. She made up her mind that the next day she would visit him. Now, though, she snuggled close to Vince and let his warm flesh heat her up.

Frank paced back and forth in the corridor outside Gerard’s room. It was too much; something was eating away on his insides. He wasn’t sure what exactly it was but his “Definitely not Gerard” chant was not helpful. It definitely had to do with Gerard. He groaned with annoyance. He just couldn’t take this anymore. He took a step closer to Gerard’s firmly shut door. Then, he backed up...took a step forward...backward... His routine continued for a few minutes until finally, he brought his hand up and knocked. There was no response.

Gerard slammed his notebook shut and hugged his legs to his bare chest. He buried his head in between his knees and prayed that Frank would not come in. He knew he should have yelled out a simple, “Go away!” but there was still a slight problem. His crush on Frank had only grown, so of course, he wanted the short boy to walk in and find him in only boxer shorts. Dirty thoughts, he was thinking. He should be sent to jail for even letting them enter his mind. He squeezed his eyes as he heard the door creak open.

Frank crept in slowly and cautiously. He heard no reaction from Gerard, but holy motherfucking cupcakes! Gerard sat on his bed, staring up at Frank with his shiny hazel eyes, wearing nothing but boxer shorts. Frank gulped, unsure of why this bothered him. It was not like he’d never seen another boy in underwear before. He’d changed in plenty of locker rooms before. But damnit, Frank just couldn’t look away. He shook his head to clear it of any disturbing thoughts.

“Hey...Gerard...” he said softly, approaching the bed.
Gerard tried to make his face look angry. He couldn’t glare for much longer so he hoped Frank would say something more.

“Listen...” Frank started, taking a seat beside him, “You can’t ignore me forever,” Gerard said nothing, “All right you can. But don’t. I don’t want you too. I already apologized for overreacting at the restaurant, but I’ll say it again if you want. I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry. Dude, you’re my best friend. And probably my only friend too. I don’t care if that sounds cheesy, and it doesn’t matter if I haven’t known you for a long time. Three weeks is way too long to not talk to you. Don’t be mad at me...please?”

Gerard wanted to say a rude, nasty reply. He really did. Frank had hurt him way too much—emotionally and physically—to be forgiven this easily. Oh, but Frank looked simply adorable, sitting there with wide, innocent, puppy dog eyes. And the thing he had said about Gerard being his best friend made him sound even cuter.

Gerard knew he’d lost, “Okay...fine...I forgive you for ruining my beautiful face.”

Frank grinned, “I didn’t ruin your face. It was always like that.”

Gerard whacked him with a nearby pillow, “You’re hilarious, Iero.”

Frank giggled, in his slightly feminine way, “Thanks...Way.”

Due to reasons unknown to the rest of the world, this triggered unstoppable laughter for the two of them. The whole room filled with giggles. Frank fell back onto the bed, sides aching. Gerard was not laughing because of “Thanks....Way” anymore. Frank’s chortles were just contagious. He panted and caught his breath although Frank was still not finished. He simply watched now, while the other boy turned a bright enough shade of red to explode. He sighed, realizing that best friends were all they could ever be. It was disappointing to think about this again. He rested his chin on his knee and gazed.

Frank finally consoled himself. He found himself lying upside down, staring back at Gerard. His stomach flipped. It was probably just hunger, he tried to convince himself. It was a useless effort, though; he knew there was something more he had to say.

“Gee,” he whispered.

Gerard was thrown off by this sudden soft mention of his name, “Um...yeah?”

Frank sat up and moved extremely close to Gerard. Gerard almost squealed. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but he crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. He should have prayed harder.

“Do you want to know why I can’t believe you about Wilona?” Frank asked quietly.

This was good for Gerard too. He nodded his head, up and down.

Frank sucked in his breath and began.


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