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Soubi thinks Ritsuka is an angel.

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Ristuka is an angel.
A lost…and memoryless angel.
A forgiving….and innocent angel.

His shape,
His existence,
I love them all.
I love everything about him.

He is so beautiful;
His skin soft and smooth
like a feather.
His lips are the color of peaches
And taste like them as they pressed
Against mine.

His lavender eyes…they hold a strong desire.
A desire….to love someone.

But when he looks at me….
I can see that he is afraid of me.
Is he afraid…that I will find his weakness
and strike there with…”my broken promises”
he told me about so long ago?

You may not know this
But whenever I was with your brother,
I felt dirty.
Unclean with scars
of past memories
And stained blood.
But most of all…love.
Love that could never be returned.

But…ever since I met you,
I thought you were just like Seimei,
A devil in an angel’s guise.

But now I see that you are completely
Different from him.
Your smile
Is true while his was false.

Your constant worrying over me
whenever I was injured dominates
that disgusted look to even think
about touching me with his clean hands.

I felt clean…and alive…and happy
that someone truly cares for me
even though he does not show it.

Please Ritsuka,
Do not fear me.
Please…let me love you.
Let me cherish you.
Let me be your light in the darkness.

I love you, Ritsuka.
Truly, I do.
My beautiful....and lonely angel.
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