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Meet Holly, Cami's bestie from the next town over. Sorry for all the introduction chapters, i'm getting to the actual storyline soon, i promise! enjoy!

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“Holly?” Gerard asked. Cami smiled widely.

“She’s my favorite person in, like, the entire world! Well, maybe…um I take that back. But I love her to pieces! She works at the Hot Topic here. Sometimes I get discounts.” She started skipping towards the mall. “She’s totally gorgeous. I think you’d like her, Gee.”

“How did you meet her?” Mikey asked. Cami stopped skipping and didn’t turn around, though her face darkened. She remembered the day vividly. It was a few years ago, and Cami was a sophomore. She had just got home from school when her aunt, who she lived with, came home completely smashed drunk, pulling some sleazy guy in with her. She said she’d change into something more comfortable, and went upstairs. Once Cami’s aunt was out of sight, the man started hitting on Cami. She refused over and over, until he started getting grabby and feeling her up. At that point she pushed him away, but he, being bigger and stronger, grabbed Cami and basically stuck his tongue down her throat.

Right after that, he heard the call from upstairs and tossed Cami away. Cami wasn’t sure what to do, so she started walking. She walked for what seemed like hours to her, and then stopped, for whatever reason, at the mall. She went inside and went straight to Hot Topic, which was close to the door. She walked around in there for a while, until on the salespeople, Holly, started talking to her. She noticed Cami looked quite disturbed and, being a nice person, wanted to help her.

After Cami was cheered up a little, they talked more and more, and really clicked. From that point on, they were like sisters.

Cami snapped back into reality. She realized she’d been gone for a few minutes, and Mikey had his hand on her shoulder and was asking if she was okay. Gerard was standing to the side, trying to light a cig, but the wind was blowing his lighter out.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Never mind how we met. All that matters is how you guys’ll meet her. Right now!” They walked for a while until they were inside the mall, and Hot Topic was in sight. The brothers looked in and spotted a girl behind the counter, looking quite bored. She had slightly curly brown hair, and was simply gorgeous. Cami waved at her and she set down her magazine and waved back, brightening up a little.

“Took ya long enough, bitch!” The girl said, and Cami grinned.

“I had these two with me!” She said, pointing at the two brothers, who were looking at some shirts.

“Ohh, who’re the cuties?” Holly asked, leaning forward so her low-cut shirt showed more cleavage. She could almost see the lights flicker on in Cami’s head as she shuffled off and herded Mikey and Gerard towards the counter. She put an arm around Mikey’s shoulder and announced them.

“Boys, this is Holly. Holly, this is Mikey. And he’s Gerard. Or Gee.” Holly looked Gerard over, slowly scanning from head to toe. “You doing anything Friday night, handsome?” He shook his head no, then Mikey elbowed him.

“Gee, remember? You already have a girlfriend.” Gerard shot him an angry look, then turned to Holly. She looked a little bummed.

“Oh, but I do have a friend who’s free…” Gerard said, then turned to Mikey and whispered. “Let’s set her up with Frankie. He doesn’t live far from here.” Mikey nodded. Cami just stood there, smiling through this whole thing. Holly agreed, then turned to Cami.

“Hey babe, why don’t we make this a double-half-blind-date?” Cami giggled, because it made her think of Starbucks, then pondered the question. A double date? “You can bring Mikey, right?” Holly continued, pointing towards the guys, who had gone back to check on a shirt-rack that was nearby.

“No! I mean, no. I…can’t.” She said, and Mikey listened closely. Holly leaned closer, in an attempt to make this more confidential.

“Why not?”

“Holly, you know my rep around WHS, right? What would happen to that if I started dating someone? Especially, like, the first day he arrives?!” Cami was nearly hyperventilating, she was just a little too worked up.

“Cami…remember…deep breaths, don’t hyperventilate, babe. Calm down. Nothing would happen. Who would care? I mean, anyways, he’s perfect for you. Just go ask him to come on Friday.” Cami sighed.

“His is…perfect. I haven’t felt this way since…since…” She drifted off to her sophomore year again, and her prom night from her boyfriend. At the time, it seemed magical. But now it was just…casual, to say the least. Holly noticed her drifting off.

“Since Ryan? You know you only went out with him because you imagined he was Ryan Ross.” Cami grinned and turned red.

“Heh, yea, I guess. But, I mean, Mikey-he’s, just…” She bit her lip. A smiled crept onto Holly’s face.

“Youuuu like Mikey! A lot! Now ask him about Friday!” Cami bunched up her shoulders, sort of imploding her limbs into the center of her torso, then straightened up and strolled towards Mikey. She wrapped her arms around his waist and set her head on his shoulder. He jumped a little, then set his hands on Cami’s, almost tenderly, but also ready to take them off.

“Soo…Friday…you wanna go with Holly and what’s-his-face?” Cami asked, her voice trembling a little. Mikey’s heart just about skipped a beat.

“With you?”

“Y-yeah!” Cami grinned. “Pick you up at 8:30-ish? There’s this great drive-in, you guys’ll love it…” Cami let go of his waist and walked back to Holly. “I did it. We’re going to the drive-in, all of us!” Holly raised an eyebrow at her.

“Cami darling…” Cami stopped bobbing up and down for a second to listen.

“Yeah?” Holly continued.

“You’re throwing yourself at him.” Cami nodded.

“Yeah?” Holly placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t want you to make any mistakes, hun…you remember what happened with-”

“Yeah, Holly. I remember.” She was referring to one of Holly’s co-workers, who had a short “relationship” with Cami a year ago. He was, at the moment, lurking in the back of the store, watching her intently. Holly took her hand off Cami’s shoulder.

“Don’t move too fast. He doesn’t exactly look… experienced.” Cami giggled.

“Well, Homecoming’s not too far off. I guess, I can be the stereotypical teenager and wait till then.” She said with a sigh. During all that, Mikey had been talking to Gerard. Gerard was looking him in the eye.

“Don’t fuck this up, Mikey. Don’t move too fast.”

“Move to fast? I’ve never even-.”

“I know. But Homecoming is next week, and you and your hormones can at least wait til then, right?

“I guess, but Gee-.”

“If you pull this off, it’ll be great for the both of us. I don’t have to hear your whining, and you get lai-.”

“Gee! Not so loud! And you don’t know it she’d want to…I mean, with me…I don’t know if she’s even-.”

“Well, it’ll be special for the both of you, no can we please get off this awkward topic? I hate having to talk to my little brother about sex. And I’m not giving you any tips, either.” Gerard said, walking away from Mikey, who was blushing.

[All Apologies for any choppyness that may occur when this is posted. Thanks again to PanicFOBAcademy26 [A.K.A. Holly/Kaitlin] for typing this out for me, and being an overall inspiration!! send some more love her way! And, as always, reviews are appreciated, reviewers are loved! -Emily]
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