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Revenge is Sweet

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Sequel to Scars. A somewhat out-of-character Iriador, Ronyo as a target, and "the face of evil". Short and a bit predictable near the end, but fun to write. [Yaoi Implied]

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One bit of Elvish here, at the very end! It's melamin, which means "my love". Enjoy!

Revenge is Sweet
(Ronyo/Iriador snippet)
© CJ Briggs, 03/31/05

The grin that was currently spread across Iriador's face was totally uncharacteristic of such a quiet, reclusive person. As he heard Mali moving back and forth between other rooms in the house, he knew that she had to be wondering about his mental state.
Ronyo was going to get it.
He laughed quietly to himself, peering over at the white box resting on the nearby table. A large purple bow tied it shutâ€"the very color of Ronyo's eyes. He had placed the package there so that its contents would not be disturbed... not until the proper time, anyway. Not until Ronyo got there...
Sorry, Ronyo, he thought, mischievous smile never faltering, but this is what happens...
He still remembered the morning, early on in their travels, when Ronyo had demanded to see his scars. He had been pinned to the bed, quite devoid of clothing, while the older Elf eyed him, taking in the sight before him. No matter how hard Iriador had struggled--and gods, how he'd struggled--he had not been able to escape his partner's clutches, break away from the embarrassment.
"You have to get over this!"
The words, the intense glare in Ronyo's eyes, the ache in his arm from being all but wrestled to the bed... all of it was still fresh in his memory, just as he knew it was in Ronyo's.
And he would get his revenge, and once again see the fierce anger enclosed in amethyst... but this time, he would be the one that was fully aware of what was going on.
He barely had more time to think about it as Mali peeked in the doorway. "Iri, Ronyo's coming... Are you sure you're okay?"
Don't you dare start laughing now. It's too close... You'll ruin it before it's even begun.
"I'm fine! Never been better!" he said with all the enthusiasm of an Elfling. "Tell him I'm back here?"
She was looking at him oddly. Such a bewildered expression did not belong on her face, and he fought back a chuckle. Don't. Laugh. Mali, go tell him, you're killing me here!
Seconds later, she disappeared back into the hallway. He breathed a sigh of relief, still forcing himself to remain somewhat serious. Time for the actor to play his role.
The voice was unmistakably Ronyo--exceedingly cheerful, loud, with a hint of greenness. Well, he won't be quite so gullible after this...
That thought alone almost made him burst with laughter and destroy everything. Okay--breathe. Relax. No need to spoil it.
Ronyo was curious when he entered, staring at the small Elf questioningly. "You wanted to see me, Iri?"
"Uh-huh," he answered, feigning shyness and not looking directly into Ronyo's eyes. He couldn't--not the way he was carrying on like a giggling child inside. The eyes were windows to the soul, and also the first indication of deceit.
He couldn't look Ronyo in the eye until he calmed down.
"I... I wanted to give you something."
"Yeah. A thank-you gift for what you did for me before."
Ronyo looked even more lost. "What I did..."
Iriador nodded. "Yes. My..."
His gaze locked with that of his lover's. "My scars."
He did have to give Ronyo a proper show of appreciation once this was over. He had taken Ronyo's words to heart, and in the end, exposing his scars had become much less difficult. But Ronyo's execution--poor Ronyo's execution--it had been all wrong... hence the desire for payback. And this was payback of the sweetest kind.
You play my fears, I'll play yours.
He would thank his boyfriend later. Definitely not now. As noisy as the two of them could be, poor Mali wouldn't know what to do with herself.
Ronyo appeared pleased, and as Iriador retrieved the white-and-purple box from the table, he thought, I am NOT a good boyfriend. I'm going down for this one...
But nothing could quell the glee he'd felt for hours now. He was going through with this. Not even Ronyo's completely innocent face was going to stop him.
"Here," he said, smiling broadly. "From me to you."
"What is it?"
"That's a surprise... You have to open it."
He was playing Ronyo's weakness, as well: Ronyo loved surprises.
All right... he's reaching for the ribbon... he's pulling it... Yes, open the box...!
The top came off.
And just as Ronyo was looking into the box, a small, orange kitten popped out. "Meow!"
"Ah!" The tall brunette leaned back, but went a bit too far, toppling over and falling hard on his behind. "Get it away!"
"What?" Not Iriador assumed innocence.
"I know! Isn't he cute? His name's Kit! He almost looks like a little fox, doesn't he?"
Ronyo's face went from shocked to angry. "You know I hate cats!"
Iriador pouted. "Even little Kit? I was thinking of bringing him home with--"
"That thing will not go home with us."
"No, Iri! I can't live in the same place as... as... look at the thing, it has the face of evil!"
The kitten gave another little cry and padded around the small container a bit. "But--" Iriador started.
It was Mali's voice. She stood in the door, eying the orange ball of fur. "What's Loki doing in that box?"
Something changed in the air: All of a sudden, he was the central focus. Ronyo's eyes bored into him. "Loki? I thought his name was Kit."
"'He' is a she," Mali pointed out.
Both pairs of eyes were on him now. "Well, I guess... the cat's out of the bag?" he said nervously.
Ronyo looked positively homicidal. "Mali... take the cat."
She didn't question him--in fact, she seemed all to happy to get out of there alive, and shut the door behind her, Loki mewling away. To make matters worse, as Ronyo stood up, he blocked the door.
This doesn't look good... He's going to pummel me...
But to Iriador's extreme surprise, Ronyo grinned. "Nice prank, Iri, but I knew it all along."
"You'd poked air holes in the sides of the box," the long-haired Elf continued. "Of course, there was a live creature in there. Once you said it was in thanks for forcibly detaining you and, no doubt, humiliating you, I knew what to expect."
"I tricked you while you thought you were tricking me."
The shoe was, indeed, on the other foot.
"Remember one thing, Iri... I'm neither as gullible nor as stupid as others believe."
"I never thought you were stupid!"
"You did think I would be blind enough not to notice the little details, though."
Iriador could hardly contain himself. It was his joke, and yet, he ended up the one that was duped! The arrogant--!
"So, come on, Iri--give credit where credit is due!" Ronyo laughed, finally getting to his feet again.
There was one more thing he could do.
"All right, fine..." he grumbled. "You got me."
"Because I'm the master."
"You're the master." He grinned slyly. "I suppose the master deserves something for his cunning, eh?"
A smirk crossed the older face. "I'm inclined to think so."
"Perhaps... a hot bath?"
Ronyo was already putty in Iriador's hands. "And then, a massage... followed by..."
He stood on his toes, nipping lightly at his lover's tanned ear. "... some other things?"
"Well, too bad!"
And with that, Iriador strode off in a mock-huff. His trick hadn't worked out, but he was content just upsetting Ronyo for a little while. I win this round, melamin.

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