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Morning Glow

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Sequel to my one-shot, But It IS One Of those Dreams

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Thank you to all those who have read But It IS One Of Those Dreams, I really do appreciate it.

For those who liked it, here is the sequel I promised:

Morning came around quicker than Ryan wanted it to, and he slowly opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the flowing rays of sun entering the hotel room, casting shadows over his boyfriend’s – no, sorry, lover’s body. He couldn’t help but stare at the sheer beauty that was Brendon Urie.

Brendon was lying so peacefully, that Ryan just had to wake him up. He turned his head from where it was resting on Brendon chest, and started kissing it lightly, every now and then taking the skin between his teeth and biting softly. He soon heard groans of pleasure escaping Brendon’s lips and ceased his actions, looking up at Brendon, who half-lidded eyes were not only sparkling, but also lust filled.

“Good morning baby. How did you sleep?” Brendon asked.

“Considering you wore me out a little, I slept amazingly. How about you Sugar?” Ryan replied.

“I slept fine until my RUDE wake up call.”

“Since when was kissing you rude?”

“Since kissing me makes me hard. Seeing as I saw to your needs last night, care to see to mine this morning?”

“What did you have in mind Bear?”

“Well, what I wouldn’t give to fuck you right now, but that innocence I’ll take from you later.”

“So how about I just throw these covers off,” Ryan began, throwing the bed covers off his and Brendon’s bodies, “and I scoot down your body a bit,” Ryan slipped down Brendon’s body so that his head was level with Brendon’s crotch, “and I just thank you for last night?” He finished, before roughly taking Brendon in his mouth. Just as his lips made it half way down the shaft, and Brendon let out a groan in pleasure, Ryan extracted the throbbing cock from his mouth and daintily licked the tip, as if licking an ice cream.

“Dear god Ross, stop teasing me!” Brendon exclaimed, a moment before Ryan engulfed his cock, deep-throating him perfectly, not once gagging. Ryan’s left hand snuck up between Brendon’s legs and gently cupped his sac, and Brendon let out a stream of obscenities.

“Ryan, I think I’m gonna …” His sentence was cut short as he released into Ryan’s mouth in short, hot spurts. Ryan licked it all up and swallowed, before shifting back up to Brendon and kissing his passionately on the lips.

“Was I okay? That’s the first time I’ve ever done that,” he said to a worn out Brendon.

“I find it hard to believe that was your first time, but it was amazing Ryan.” Brendon replied, kissing Ryan’s head and pulling him into his arms.

“Brendon, I…I…love you.”

“Ryan Ross, I love you too. With my heart and soul…and possibly every other part of my body,” Brendon replied, before crashing their lips together once more, and plunging his tongue deep into Ryan’s mouth. Not long after banging could be heard at their door.

“Come on lovebirds, we gotta go. And don’t think your display of affections both last night and just then were quiet!” Jon shouted through the door that was the barrier between us. Brendon and Ryan broke apart and giggled to each other, before hurrying out of bed and getting dressed.

Being together is going to make this tour so much sweeter, Brendon thought to himself as Panic! At the Disco stepped onto their bus, headed for their next destination.
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