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The Final Attack… It’s Over…

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Ch. 10
The Final Attack… It’s Over…

Benji stood by his window looking out it, tears filled his face. He stood in his pants, no shirt. He looked down by the shed and blinked, “Where’s the ax?” He tilted his head, “John always has his ax hanging on the side of the shed…” He sighed

Downstairs a door opened and shut

He looked back, “John is probably back…” He mumbled to himself

Something crashed downstairs

Benji blinked and looked back, “John?” He called and started towards the door

Something big fell over followed by a crash of something breakable

Benji opened the door and looked down the long hallway. He started down the hall slowly

He could hear things getting busted and broken downstairs

Benji got to the middle of the hallway watching the steps

Something heavy he could hear barely, was getting pushed across the room and then stopped somewhere by the door, he could tell where it was going

Benji shook his head confused

Footsteps, coming up the steps now

Benji backed up running his hand along the wall while he walked back

A head peeked over the steps

Benji blinked noticing it wasn’t John’s, He shook his head, “No… no… no!” He screamed

Dave stepped on the top step and smiled at Benji, “Hello Benjamin.” An ax was in his hand

Benji backed up and hit a desk in the hallway, “How! How did you find me!” He screamed

Dave started towards him, “Sarah told me.”

Benji’s eyes widened, “But… she… she promised…” Tears went to his eyes, “Stay away!” He spun around and ran to his room, he ran in the room slamming the door and locking it

Dave slowly walked to the door, he watched it, smiling as he did

Benji leaned on the door his hands shaking, “No phone… no nothing to get help…” He looked at his window, “To big of a drop.. I will surly break one of my ankles..” He closed his eyes, “Think… think!”

Dave walked up to the door, “I got you now…” He whispered and brought the ax back

Benji looked forward, “I need to get out of…”

The ax’s blade came through the door and got him in the shoulder

Benji screamed and fell forward grabbing his shoulder tightly

The blade was pulled out and then Dave peeked through the hole, “Benjamin.. did I get you?”

Benji looked up at the hole still laying on the floor holding his wound

Dave smiled, “I did, did I? Welp lets fix wound of yours after I get in there…” He lifted the ax again and started whacking away at the door with it

Benji screamed and looked at the window. He stood up the best he could with his shoulder and ran up to the window and opened it looking around, “Some one fucking help me!” He called out the window

John ran around the house and looked at Benji, “Benji! What the fuck is going on! Why is the door blocked?”

Benji looked at John, “John! My dad is here! He’s trying to kill me!” HE started crying harder, “He is trying to kill me with you ax!”

John gasped and looked around then at the kitchen window, which was open, “I’ll save you! Hang on!” He ran up to the window and jumped through the open window

Benji reached down with his arm that wasn’t harmed, “John! No! Please! Just get help! Don’t try! You will get killed!”

Dave pulled the ax out and smiled through a big hole, “Hey Benji!”

Benji looked back, “No stay away!” He screamed

Dave reached in and unlocked the door

Benji backed up into the corner of the room and slide down the wall crying and curling up in a tight ball, “Stay away Dave! Just stay away!” He cried

Dave pushed the door open and grabbed the ax with both hands, “Hello again!” He started across the room to him

Benji shook his head, “Please daddy! Don’t kill me! I didn’t tell no one!” He screamed

Dave smiled and laughed, “Now you really are hysterical boy…” He bent down and grabbed Benji’s face, “You scared?”

Benji closed his eyes, “Yes…” He mumbled

“You scared!” He screamed

“Yes!” Benji screamed and started crying harder

Dave smiled and kissed the corner of Benji’s lips, he stood up and held up the ax, “This will take only a second.”

Benji screamed and covered his head

John jumped on Dave’s back and pulled him back away from Benji, tightening his arm around Dave’s throat

Dave started struggling to get loose, “Get off!”

Benji looked at John, “Watch out John!”

Dave brought the ax around and it struck John in the side

John screamed and kept a hold of Dave. He tightened his grip more

Benji screamed and covered his head, “John!”

Dave let go of the ax trying to gasp for breath

The ax fell out of John’s side and hit the floor

Benji looked at it then looked at Dave and John. He looked at the ax and started crawling towards it, he grasped it in his hand and backed away holding it with both hands

John lost his grip falling to the floor holding his side

Benji stood up and held the ax back

Dave looked back at John smiling, “I hope you die bitch!”

Benji glared, “Hey Dave!”

Dave blinked and looked at Benji his eyes widening

Benji watched him, “You know what I learned? To trust what I believe in! And what I believe in right now is getting rid of your sorry ass! So have fun in fucking hell!” He brought the ax around and got Dave right in the neck cutting it right off his shoulders

The head went flying and hit the wall and landed on the bed, the body stood there then collapsed to the floor

Benji stood there the ax hanging from his hand, blood covered his body from his shoulder wound and some from his father. He watched the body tears in his eyes, “Amen…”

John laid there watching Benji his eyes wide

Benji tossed the ax down and stuck into his father’s chest, on his body. He walked up to John and helped him up and put John’s arm around his shoulder and started limping out of the room. Benji looked back, “It’s… over…”

Hey guys this is the last chapter.. let me no what u think of it!! ill have another story up soon so keep an eye out for it!!
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