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Yes, basically the story intro thing. No, I don't do those police record type introductions of people. They suck ass. Meet Riley Tibbits.

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It was surprising how many things could happen with one big BANG! A world could be created, a child could be born, a whole country could explode, a life could end...On a more trivial scale, a door could close, and so could a locker. The last one was what Riley Anne Tibbits heard every single day of her life; the sound of a locker being slammed shut—with her inside it.

She stared out through the three little holes at the top of her locker. The hallway was deserted, except for the snickering asshole who had stuffed her in here. Although she was used to being stuck in tight spaces, she hated this. With a pale hand, she attempted to push open the metal door in front of her. Unfortunately, the bully was more intelligent than they looked, with her stupid athletic body and perfect one-colored hair. She had locked it from outside. Riley sighed. The place she wanted to be right now was home. She hated being at school, every second of it. It was fucking pointless without any friends. So being stuck in the hell hole after school hours, that was just plain unfair. She had begged her mother many a time to let her be home schooled when she was littler. However, money was a big problem in the Tibbits household. It was because of this reason that she told no one how much time she spent inside the closed walls of her locker. There were more important issues she and her family had to deal with. She took care of bullies in her own Riley way.

“You faggot!” she hissed, “Get me the fuck out of here right now.”

This triggered more irritating laughter from the girl, whose name—Chrissie—was just as irritating. Riley growled and started kicking the door with all her strength. Sweat droplets began to form on the back of her neck and forehead. The small area was getting to her. Chrissie, and pretty much the whole school, knew how claustrophobic Riley was. This probably added to the fun of stuffing her into lockers. She pressed her hands against the metal and started doing her deep breathing exercises. She let the coldness of the locker soak into her skin and calm her swiftly pumping heart. Then, using the sudden spurt of energy she let out a scream. Someone would have to hear her and feel bad.

Chrissie’s laughter had died down. The blonde now peered in to Riley’s locker, her blue eyes furious. She hated when Riley started to scream. It broke both her eardrums and thus, ruined the whole excitement of bullying the small girl. She pulled down the preset combination lock. Out fell a panting Riley. Chrissie kicked the girl on the floor, calling her rude names. Riley simply lay there, out of breath and losing more. The sudden sound of pointed heels on the tiled floor caught her attention. No one except a teacher would be here at this time. Chrissie was probably having too much fun to notice this small noise. Riley grinned to herself, although she felt the impact of another kick, awfully close to her ribcage. All this pain would end soon enough.

Oh contraire. It turned out that those three inch-heels belonged to not a teacher, but another student. A high-pitched giggle met Riley’s ears and caused her tower of hopes to crumble down on top of her.

“Hey Chrissie, need some help killing the Rat?” a girly voice asked.

Riley did not care what Chrissie’s answer would be. She used the brief break from the chronic kicking to pull herself up, with the help of her friend, the trash can. She shook her head to clear her brain a little bit. Her two assaulters were smirking in her direction, but now that she was off the floor, she was one hundred fucking percent ready. It didn’t matter even the slightest that they both were a whole foot taller than her. She knew she would be able to use her mouth, if not her fists. Before she could verbally attack Chrissie and her friend, though, they let out a gasp, as if they knew what was coming. Without even bothering to throw anymore punches, they both spun around quickly. Chrissie ran quickly, but her friend was much slower. She slammed against the locker with a bang and fell down. In a few seconds, she picked herself up and stumbled after Chrissie.

Riley laughed at this, “That’s right motherfuckers! Run away and don’t ever come back! I fucking owned you!” She proceeded to flip both her middle fingers in their direction, hoping they’d seen it.

She felt an enormous sense of pride fill up her petite body. It started with her toes and make its way up. It had to feel as great as sex supposedly did. Probably way better. She had actually managed to scare of a person who was basically killing her a few seconds ago. Surely, that had to add “tough points” to her rather pitiful total. Just as the feeling sprinkled fairy dust over her heart, she felt a presence. There was somebody behind her, she could feel it. Her heart thumped loudly against her chest, realizing they must have been there for a while now. Whoever that was must have been the reason Chrissie ran away like that. The intuitive sinking of her stomach signaled the situation to be taking a turn for the worse. Crossing her fingers at her sides, she turned around, closing one hazel eye and peering through the other.

She was greeted by the firmly folded arms of the school’s guidance counselor, Paul Wassermann.
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