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I'm Not Sure If It Matters

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"And now, we meditate."

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"So, when are the guys coming over?", Ady asked, cutting Patrick's pancake into tiny squares with her fork. A little too hard, in fact. But you couldn't really blame her. The only man she'd wanted all her life just threw himself at her and she had rejected him like a spoiled kid.

"Sometime around now, actually... It's eight-ish, right?"

"Mmhmm, eight ten," Ady answered, checking her pink Hello Kitty watch.
"You still have that?", Patrick asked, indicating the watch he had bought her along with Mr.Winkles.
"And why shouldn't it?"
"Good point. It cost me twenty dollars."
"You stingy old man!", Ady exclaimed, smacking him with the nearest pillow.
"Ow!", Patrick cried dramatically, clutching his stomach. "The pain, the merciless pain!", he choked out, rolling across the sofa in agony, smacking Ady in the process.

"Oh, no! Trick!", Ady yelled, adding to the drama. "No, please, don't leave me!", she moaned. "Help! Please, someone help me! What's the number of 911?! My best friend is in pain! I think he's dying! Oh please, Patrick, don't go! What can I do to make you stay?!"

"Pa... paa..."
"What is it? What are you trying to say? Patrick, please, talk to me!"

Patrick nodded and reached out for the plate lying on the side table before collapsing his head into her lap.

"What, this?", Ady asked nonchalantly before taking the plate and inspecting its contents. Patrick nodded vigorously and made a half choke-half gasp noise from his throat.

"Well, ok, then. Here...," Ady said, as she delicately cut a piece of the pancake with the fork, then poking the piece onto it, she brought it to Patrick's lips. He gently bit it off the spoon, using every last bit of energy he had.

"Aww, you finished the last piece."
"And you," Patrick said, hoisting himself off her lap, "Just saved my life."
"I did, didn't I?"
"You sure did." Patrick replied, a genuine smile accenting his sparkling brown eyes.

"But that still doesn't solve our problem..."
"What problem?"
"We're outta pancakes", Ady whined, turning her head to look sadly at the empty plate, now discarded on the other end of the couch.

Patrick laughed and playfully leaned over to peck Ady's cheek when she abruptly turned her head towards him. Their lips collided haphazardly, sending both her eyes flying open. Her breath was caught in her throat and for a moment she felt herself push back against him, but before she could pull away, he pressed his lips into hers, deepening their awkward kiss. She could feel his dry lips press against hers, glowing beneath his touch. It felt so right, so perfect, so... fulfilling. She felt her emotions come alive as he kissed her, sending tingles up her spine, and causing her to arch her back and sit up straight against the sofa. His hands moved tentatively to the back of her head as she straightened herself and lost his fingers temporarily in her dark hair. Ady let out a small squeak as she felt his tongue gently touch her lips and she pushed a head back a little, breaking the kiss, and leaving him staring deeply into her eyes, his lips now millimeters away from hers, his breath tingling against her skin.

"Patrick...", Ady mumbled, trying desperately not to breathe too loudly.

He replied by pushing her head forward slightly with his hands, and brushing his lips against hers again.

"Patrick...", Ady said again, a little louder, her hands now on his chest, trying but failing to push him away.

"What is it?", he whispered, planting small pecks on her jaw line, burning holes into her skin as he went.

"We... we can't do this, Patrick...", Ady said, her head bending slightly forward as she closed her eyes tightly, trying to squeeze the words out.

"Why not?", he asked softly, lifting her chin with delicate fingers and looking intently at her closed eyes.

"Because... we can't, Patrick. You're my best friend. And nothing more", Ady finished, and still keeping her eyes closed, she pushed him away from her and her lips before turning her head to the opposite direction. She couldn't bear to look at him. She felt her eyes heat up at the very thought of what he must be feeling now. She squeezed her eyes tighter and bent her head. Suddenly, she felt a light pressure on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry...", Patrick said softly. "I shouldn't have... I'm sorry."

Ady remained silent, not wanting to open her mouth in fear of what might come out. After a few seconds of silence, she felt his hand suddenly slide down her shoulder and around her waist, as he pushed himself forward to place his other hand around her waist and lay his head on her left shoulder. Her eyes were still closed and she tensed up, wishing he wouldn't kiss her again, but still praying that he would.

"Can we just forget this happened?", she heard him whisper, nuzzling her neck lightly.

"Ok", Ady replied reluctantly, her voice cracking. Patrick squeezed her again before removing his hands and lifting himself off the couch. Ady finally opened her eyes, turned around and forced a small smile at Patrick, who was now standing up.

"I'm going to to... uh, clean up", Patrick said awkwardly, picking up the empty plate from the side table and making his way to the kitchen. When he had left the room, Ady dropped her heads into her hands and let out a long sigh.

'What the hell just happened? And why did it feel so right? God, this is turning out to be like one of those 'My true love was standing right next to the me all along' cheesy romantic movies. Ugh... I can't do this! At this rate, I'll be dry humping him by dinner... Ady, Ady, Ady, what are you goin---'


She couldn't finish her sentence owing to the fact that a huge bundle of something had leaped onto her back, causing her to fall violently on the grounds, limps in a mess and the only thing within sight was a lot of hair.

"Joe...!", Ady barely managed to breathe out before two more huge lumps jumped on top of Joe, forming a ready made football match in the middle of Patrick's living room.

"Adddyyy!", Pete screamed, trying to reach out to her in some sort of a hug as Andy clambered over him to get to her first.

"Move it, Pete! She's mineee!", Andy sia,d an evil smile enveloping his face as he moved towards Ady.


Laughing and rolling over each other, Ady finally lifted herself off the carpet to see Joe, Pete and Andy all sitting India style in front of here in a straight line.

"Welcome back, oh great one!", Ady chanted and bowed down before her in worship.

"The prophecies were true after all, oh wondrous Guruji! You are finally here!", Pete said, and imitating Andy, bowed bown before her as well.
Joe simply sat there, a fat grin planted on his face, bobbing up and down.

"I am pleased to see that my absence has brought recognition for authority and justice in your lives, of learned disciples", Ady lectured, sitting upright in a Guru-like position.

"And now, we meditate."


"What is it, oh great disciple Wentzicus?"

"Lemme go get the beer first!"

The four burst into laughter again before the three musicians cut off Ady's oxygen supply in three ginormous hugs each. Just as Pete was finally letting go of Ady, Patrick entered the room, car keys jingling in his hand.
"I thought that was you guys. Ready to go?"

"Most definitely!", Ady exclaimed, jumping up and down like the five year old she was. Pete, Joe and Andy had successfully restored the brilliant mood she had lost and now that everyone was here, all the previous tension between her and Patrick seemed to melt. She finally felt like her trip had begun.

"Ok, but I wanna stop for ice-cream on the way!", Pete whined, pouting.

"With sprinkles!", Joe added.
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