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new found love

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i suck at summaries!!!! lots of drama and frerard stuff!!!11

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Frankie looked into Gees beautiful eyes and sighed. "i wish he loved me.." he thought to himself. "maybe 1 day he will.." he told himself

"hi Frankie!!" Gee said happily as he sore frankie looking at him. "is there some thing wrong??" he asked becoming conserned

"theres some thing i want to tell you....i love you, Gee." he said bravly

Gee gasped and coverred his mouth "really?!?!" he asked "i love you, to!!!! I always have i just didnt kno how to tell u!!!"

Frankie smiled and raped his arms round Gees neck. "well now you kno" he wispered.

"yea......" there was a long paus where Gee starred in to Frankies gorgious eyes. "i wanna have sex with you frankie..." he wispered in a hott voice

Frankie licked his lips and grined moving closer to Gee. "i was hopping you woud say that....." he wispered

Gee pulled Frankies top of quikly and kissed down his hott chest untill he got to his pants. he took frankies belt off and droped it on the flore and his pants folowwed. Frankie was obviusly going comando so he didnt have under wear on and Gee moaned wen he noticed it. "ooooh, Frankie....." he moaned as frankie took Gees cloths of. Gee left more kisses down frankies chest untill he got to his cock

"OMG, Gee!!!!" frankie moaned as gee licked frankies cock. Gees mouth took frankies hole cock in to his mouth and it was only a mattar of time befor frankie came

He knew he could come agen, though and he got hard agen by looking at gees body. he lade in the bed wile Gee pushed his cock in to him and they moaned and fucked untill they both came at the same time.. "i love you Gee" Frankie wispered as he raped his body round Gees.

"i love you to Frankie" he replyed.

my 1st chapter!!!! go easy on meeeeee!!!! there is gunna be more!!!!!1
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