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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

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Something I did while I was bored and babysitting.

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Ron and Hermione entered the Common Room, sleepily, having just finished rounds as Head Boy and Girl. Finals were over and all the students were catching up on long deserved sleep, especially the fifth and seventh years having just completed their O.W.L.’s and N.E.W.T.’s. All but two students, anyway. Harry and Ginny were still up, playing chess in front of the dieing fire. Apparently having not moved since their friends had left them three hours earlier. Hermione smiled slightly at the two of them. Harry and Ginny had been dancing around each other for the past year. Frankly, they were starting to annoy the entire house, much the same way Hermione and Ron had until they had gotten together.

‘Hopefully,’ thought Hermione. ‘They’ll see what’s right in front of them soon. For all of our sakes.’

“Uh oh,” said Ron, causing Hermione to look at him curiously.

“I can see what’s happening,” said Ron, staring at his sister and best mate.

“What?” asked Hermione with a questioning look, trying to find what he was talking about.

“And they don’t have a clue,” continued Ron, absentmindedly.

“Who?” asked Hermione, who was now completely confused.

“They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line: Our trios down to two,” explained Ron, airily.

“Oh,” said Hermione, not really understanding her boyfriend’s antics.

“The sweet caress of twilight,” continued Ron, faking a French accent. “There's magic everywhere…”

“Well, duh!” said Hermione. “We are at the most prestigious magical school in Britain.”

“And with all this ‘romantic’ atmosphere, disaster's in the air,” finished Ron sarcastically.

“You’re such a drama queen,” said Hermione, rolling her eyes. “You were saying just yesterday, that if they didn’t get together soon, you would quote: ‘Take away there wands and lock them in a broom cupboard until they began to shag like rabbits.’”

“I never said I was against it,” argued Ron, half-heartedly.

Yet you’ll be the first one to hex Harry the first time you see them snogging,” shot back Hermione.

“Well of course! Someone has to protect her virtue!” said Ron, puffing out his chest.

“Right,” said Hermione, sarcastically. “you’re going to defend her honor against the wizard who defeated worst dark lord of the millennia.”

“Good point,” said Ron with a smirk. Leaning in closely, he barely whispered as he said, “I’d much rather make love to the brightest witch of the age, again.”

Hermione shivered and gave him a saucy grin, “Then what are you waiting for, tiger,” whispered as she walked over to the boy’s staircase, swaying her hips ever so slightly. Ron quickly followed her and all thoughts of his best mate and little sister were pushed from his mind.

Harry made his move, taking out one of Ginny’s Knights.

Ginny countered by relieving him of one of his Rooks.

“Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings.”

Crookshanks was curled up lazily on the couch, idly swishing his tail. Pig was surprisingly snuggled up into the cat’s chest.

“The world for once in perfect harmony,
With all its living things.”

Harry destroyed Ginny’s last pawn. He gazed up at the girl who had been his secret crush for the past year. He admired the look of concentration he saw on her face as she tried to determine her next move.

‘So many things to tell her, but how to make her see?’ thought Harry, recalling the war and what he had been forced to do. ‘The truth about my past, impossible, she'd turn away from me.’ He had never told his friends what he had done. How far he had been willing to go.

Ginny made her move, her Knight trouncing his Bishop. Harry shook himself out of his stupor and returned to concentrate on the game. Ginny looked at the raven haired boy and instantly knew something was on his mind.

‘He's holding back, he's hiding,’ she knew this well. ‘But what, I can't decide?’ Why couldn’t he tell them? The war was over, he shouldn’t be plagued by nightmares of the past. ‘Why won't he be the kid I know he is? The kid I see inside?’ thought Ginny.

“Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings.
The world, for once, in perfect harmony,
With all its living things.”

Harry looked into Ginny’s eyes and she looked right back at him.

“Can you feel the love tonight?
You needn't look too far.
Stealing through the night's uncertainties,
Love is where they are.”

Harry started to slowly lean across the board. The fire began to die. Ginny followed his lead. The two stared each to each others eyes. Chocolate brown penetrated emerald green and for that moment, nothing else mattered. The fire finally died, and the room was enveloped in a peaceful darkness as their lips met halfway across the board. The touch sparked and ignited a flame of passion that bathed both of them in its loving warmth. The two of them just sat there, embracing the feelings radiating off each other.

“And if he feels the love tonight,
In the way I do.”

The two of them slowly pulled apart and gazed into each others soul. No words were spoken. None needed to be. They closed the gap between them, again, this time with more enthusiasms. Their chess game was quickly forgotten by the embrace of their partner. They broke away only when air became a necessity, and even then it was grudgingly. Grabbing his hand, Ginny led them up to Harry’s dorm room. The relationship was still too young to do what their friend and brother were doing in the bed next to them, yet tonight, that was farthest from their mind. Tonight, the boy who had been a warrior all his life finally was able to rest in peace. The morning would find a raven haired boy and an auburn haired girl, curled up next to each other. Both sleeping soundly and undisturbed. The raven haired boy, for the first time in years, truly felt at peace.

“It's enough for this restless wanderer,
Just to be with you.”
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