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C.B. - Teen Spy

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Claudia Berkley leads a seemingly average life, but there's a side of her no one has seen except for her closest friends.

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Author's Note - So this is a story I based off of a friend back in 6th grade.

Claudia Berkley (AKA C.B.) is a spy for T.O.S.A., also known as the Teen Organizaion of Special Agents. Only a select few know about T.O.S.A. and Claudia has been having problems of balancing her real life and spy life as of late...

*2nd Note - The A.L.P.H.A. 5 is a group of popular girls that consider anyone below their social status a freak or loser. throws them off a cliff*

Characters -

Claudia Berkley, AKA C.B. - Teen Spy
Hillary Hansen - C.B.’s Best Friend
Blake Cantrell - C.B.’s Crush and Teen Spy
Liam Bennett - Hillary’s Crush
Angel Kuric - Member of the A.L.P.H.A. 5
Lyn Chillani - Member of the A.L.P.H.A. 5
Paisley Sharon - Member of the A.L.P.H.A. 5
Hailey Drayton - Member of the A.L.P.H.A. 5
Ally Hall - Member of the A.L.P.H.A. 5
Carli Kaplan - C.B.’s Trainer
Gina Davidson - C.B.’s Spy Friend
Adrian Moreno - C.B.’s Spy Friend
Deidra Talley - C.B.’s Spy Friend


Chapter One

Instinct told her to run, but her body refused. She knew she had to get away, but the blinding lights and the snarling dogs were making the seemingly easy task harder. After all, she only had to apprehend a killer and save a hostage who might have only seconds to live…
Okay, maybe this wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Her hazel eyes scanned the two guards in front of her. Why did they have to be so burly and tall?
C.B. fell into a fighting stance, persuading them to come and attack. The first guard made his move and he threw a punch; the equally-trained girl blocked and the second guard released one of the dogs. She kicked the growling Rottweiler hard in the stomach and the dog ran yelping into the night. For such a tough looking dog, who knew it would be that weak and frightened? The second guard made an attempt to sweep kick her feet before falling to the ground himself. The first guard had been knocked out and both of the dogs were gone. C.B. stood up, smoothing out her black spy outfit and pushing her dark brown hair back into a single plait with a red hair tie. Then she headed towards the warehouse up ahead.

The fifteen-year-old girl hung back in the shadows as two men passed by. One was carrying a large crate and the other was talking to him. Although the conversation was inaudible, C.B. managed to hear one very important fact. “… Yep, the boss has got her tied up in the top floor. You know, in Aiken’s Office… ?” The other man nodded. That was all she needed to know before scaling the wall of the warehouse with a grappling hook in hand.
On the roof was a large metal vent, no doubt used for air conditioning in this late spring weather. It was just large enough for her to climb into and soon she found herself crawling through various corridors, twisting and turning tunnels, searching for a place to climb out and begin her search for the hostage. This better be worth all of this trouble, she silently mused, before arriving at an air vent. C.B. pressed her face up against the dusty cover to see what was going on below.
Three men were standing around something in the center of the room. C.B. craned her neck to see what exactly it was, soon finding it to be the hostage. She was strapped to a chair with a gag placed in her mouth to muffle her hopeless screams. One of the men pulled a knife and began walking towards her, ever so slowly as if to increase the suspense. The woman’s green eyes grew as wide as saucers and were filled with furious tears.
Suddenly another henchman poked his head in the door, causing the man with the knife to stop and look over. They exchanged a few words before the first man flicked the knife closed and all three went out of the room. The hostage breathed a sigh of relief and C.B. decided now was the time to get her out of there. With a swift kick, the vent came crashing down, scaring the woman again. But this time it was her savior. C.B. dropped to the ground and hurried over, wanting to escape before the men came back. With a flick of her wrist, she flicked out a small dagger and cut through the ropes restraining the woman. The teen spy removed the gag and helped the woman to her feet.
“Oh, thank the Heavens above! I thought it was all over… thank you for saving me…”
“We’re not saved yet,” came C.B.’s rushed reply. “We still need to get you out of here.” She locked the door of the room, but she knew it wouldn’t help if the men carried guns… C.B. flicked out her communicator and called the headquarters. “T.O.S.A. - this is Agent Berkley requesting assistance in the hostage situation.” She waited patiently for the crackly reply from the other end.
Hello, C.B. Where are you at the given moment?
“I’m at the old warehouse on 3833 Warner Street. I’ve retrieved the hostage, but I’m not sure if I can handle the men.”
Okay, we’ll send reinforcements right away. Just get out of there if you can and we will take care of the rest.
“Thanks. C.B. out.” She clicked the communicator closed and placed it back at her side. “Let’s go.” C.B. helped the woman into the air vent before climbing in herself. Then she placed the covering back over the gap in the wall.

Before they had even reached the end of the warehouse property, C.B. and the woman found three helicopters circling above them. A limo was parked nearby and C.B. climbed in as the woman was reunited with her family near the blockade of police cars. The criminals were taken out of the warehouse in chains. It had been another successful mission. The brunette-haired girl had just leaned back against the seat of the copter and closed her eyes when a familiar voice spoke. “So… looks like everything went well?”
Opening her eyes to look in front of her, she smiled slightly. “Of course,” C.B. replied, giving Gina Davidson a hug. “I’m really glad you’re back from Fiji. How’d that mission go?”
“I’m glad to be back. And the mission - wonderful. Captured a group of murderers,” Gina grinned, green eyes sparkling.
“Single-handedly?” The pair of hazel eyes belonging to C.B. widened.
“No. Unfortunately I’m not that skilled yet. Carli came along at the last minute and of course she brought reinforcement. About fifty men, I’d say.”
“Just like Carli. Well, I’m happy to hear that you’ve still got your head connected to your shoulders. As for me, I’m absolutely exhausted.”
“Did you study for the science test?” Gina inquired, pushing a strand of red hair behind her ear. C.B.’s joyful expression quickly turned to one of horror as she remembered the exam being given tomorrow. Gina laughed. “I guess that’s a no?”
“What am I going to do? Tonight is Sunday and it’s already nine thirty!”
“Classic Claudia. Always forgetting our assessments, aren’t we?” Gina laughed. “You’d better pray for a miracle.”
“Not helping,” C.B. groaned, head in her hands. Gina only laughed harder.

When Claudia opened the door to her house, she found the same old scene - her older brother was hogging the living room trying to reach level forty of a videogame. The screen depicting a car chase was suddenly frozen as he glanced up at her. “Another late night, Claude?”
“Don’t call me that, Dan,” Claudia replied, trudging by the living room and ascending the stairs. She poked her head onto the first room on the left where a middle-aged man was sitting at a cherry-wood desk. Papers of all sizes and colors were scattered around him but he didn’t seem to notice. He kept working, punching numbers onto a calculator and looking befuddled.
Claudia knocked gently on the frame of the door and the dark-haired man glanced up. “Hey, Claudia. How did the mission go?”
“It was fine. We got the captive out safely. What’re you doing?”
“Taxes.” A yawn escaped his mouth and he leaned back in the office chair. “I think I’m going to call it a night. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow with this business presentation. I think I’m going to knock their socks off.”
“Good luck with that, dad.” Smiling, Claudia continued on her way down the hall until she came to her baby brother’s room. Her mother was cradling the newborn who was fast asleep in her arms. A finger placed to her mother’s lips was a sign that Claudia should be quiet and a smile was a greeting home.
With a wave she passed by the room and headed down the corridor, pushing the door of her room open. After pulling out her chemistry book and studying for all of fifteen minutes, Claudia felt her eyelids beginning to grow heavy. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, sleep was able to overcome her and she fell asleep spread across her bed with Fall Out Boy blaring from her CD player.
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