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what a strange message... hmm...

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Inside a large wooden desk sat a young man with thick brown hair and a defined jowl. With statuesque stillness he gazed at the door, expecting it to open.
A mousy looking woman wearing thick black framed glasses opened the door and slid inside the office. It was more like a hearth room than an office. The walls were built with deep red wood. An ebony colored couch sat across from fireplace on the far wall, which was bordered by dark granite. A black bear’s head rested on a plaque above it. On the opposing wall was the head of a bull moose, which wore an expression of prudent calculation. The rack of antlers on its head made the moose look subtly intimidating. Glowing in the eyes of the bull moose and the teeth of the bear was the fireplace flame’s reflection, which danced and glowed on every wall like a dim echo.
The most striking object in the room was the grand piano. Black and glowing with the fireplace’s reflected flame, it sat in the center of the room, angled so that the player would be facing the door. Two ferns, one on each side of the piano, were placed for decoration.
The woman glanced fleetingly at the bear, which rested in a perpetual yawn, or growl, depending on the looker.
“My lord,” she uttered, careful not to look directly at the man in the desk, “I have a letter for you,” carefully she placed on the desk a butter colored envelope. He glanced up from the letter and met her eyes for the split moment that she held his gaze. Then he nodded and she turned to leave.
“Oh, Claudia,” he called before she could reach the door. She turned back to him. “How long, do you know by chance, will the fog last?” She jumped a little at this.
“I, I don’t know, sir, my lord,” she stammered at the floor, “I can’t, I,”
“Thank you,” he nodded curtly. With swift steps Claudia fled the room.
The young man felt the envelope gently, searching for a breach in the sealing. When he found none, he slid open a desk drawer, took out a small knife, and slit it open. Inside was a letter with the same off white butter color, tied with a red ribbon. In black calligraphy were the initials “G.R.”. The young man slid the ribbon off the letter and opened it gingerly.

Lord Florian Weildbonner,

To make an unexpected guest expected is the purpose of this letter, and so I have sent it to inform you that my acquaintance, Rune Adela, will be visiting you within a week of your reception of this note.

P.S. The fog will last for two more days.
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