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What Do I Do When Lightening Strikes Me?

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Frikey fluff...oneshot

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Mikey Way had a secret to which no-one knew except for his brother. Mikey Way was shit scared of thunderstorms. So scared that he’d often find his way into someone else’s bunk. Normally it would be Gerard’s or Ray’s as they don’t ask questions and are very protective of him; but lately he’s been finding his way into Frank’s.
Of course, Frank Iero doesn’t mind this, because he is subconsciously slightly scared of storms and finds comfort with Mikey; holding onto his shaking body until they’ve both fallen asleep. Now this is nothing odd to happen in My Chemical Romance; often members would share a bunk, or cuddle close, hold hands or even share a kiss – they were a close band; nobody minded.
But on the morning after an especially bad storm, when Gerard had to wake Frank and Mikey up, they were in a position too cute for words.
Mikey’s head was on Frank’s chest, mouth slightly open and glasses askew, his left arm underneath the younger man, his right arm over Frank’s chest, cupping his left cheek. Frank’s head was resting lightly on Mikey’s, his right arm around Mikey’s curled up body, hand resting on the taller boy’s waist, his left arm running beside his own body, and resting lightly on Mikey’s that was on his cheek. Mikey’s legs were lying over Frank’s waist; Frank’s perfectly straight, running down the length of the bunk.
Gerard quickly ran and got the band’s digi-cam, and snapped a photo of the boys; the flash waking them up. They unconsciously untangled themselves and stretched, and asked Gerard what he took a photo of.

“The two of you, looking all adorable and curled up together,” he replied, showing them the product on the view screen. Frank giggled at how they were tangled together, as Mikey handed the camera back to his brother.

‘We almost look like a couple,” the younger Way commented.

“We do, don’t we?” Frank replied, kissing Mikey’s temple.

“I’m gonna show this to Ray and Bob!” Gerard announced, heading to the lounge part of the bus.

“Over my dead body!” Frank yelled, before chasing after the singer.
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