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HPTeenTitans xover. Batman and WW, with a few JL cameos. Summary: Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived. Robin, Boy Wonder.These two have more in common than press nicknames. Only Batman knows,and he is read...

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Teen Titans. Suing me is useless because I already have people howling for my blood...err money. I'm just playing in JKR and DC Comics' sandbox. I promise not to break them.

Time line: Post-OotP for Harry and Co. I don't know episode names for the Titans, but after their fight with Slade and Terra.

The Divided Soul: Prologue(s)

Hogwarts Express

Sitting by the window and appearing to watch the scenery go by, Harry James Potter only saw his Godfather, Sirius Black fall again and again through the Veil. He hadn't slept more than an hour at a time since it happened three days ago. 'Along with that cheery vision', he thought sullenly, 'I had to go and get my closest friends nearly killed and definitely injured.' Knocked out, broken ankle, attacked by brains, busted nose and Cruciatius exposure, and last, but not least, an almost fatal flaming cutter. 'Short of catching an AK, that's quite a list. Of course, possession by the Dark Arse was no fun, but Pain and I are old acquaintances.', Harry thought sarcastically.

The three days Ron and Hermione laid in the Hospital Wing gave Harry plenty of time to berate himself on all of his mistakes. The Room of Requirement took quite a beating after Dumbledore's cheerful confession with the Prophecy. Kill or be killed. Well after the MoM fiasco and Sirius' death, he didn't think he'd have a hard time choosing between him and Moldy Voldy. 'Hmmm. Might put Bella on that list too....and Peter. Better not make the list too long. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, etc. If I manage to live through it, I do NOT want to be tossed in Azkaban afterwards.'

While Harry was staring off into the distance, the rest of the Ministry crew were watching him, some discreetly, some..not so much. Hermione was next to him with Ginny across from Harry, and next to Luna. Neville sat by her, with Ron across from him and nearest to the door.

When the door opened, there stood Draco Malfoy, with Crabbe and Goyle, wearing an extremely smug look on his face. "Well, Potty, do you have anymore family members you want to throw in front of the Dark Lord before he finally kills you? Or have you finally run out?"

Ginny growls,"At least his father wasn't some convict rotting in Azkaban, unlike some people I know. Now, piss off before we hex you into bubotuber pus."

Draco, mottled red with anger, snarls,"Look here, you little tramp-!"

That was as far as he got before Harry pulled his wand, and with a wordless roar, blasted Malfoy. Crabbe, and Goyle clear out of the compartment and hard into the wall on the other side of the hall. Harry stormed out of the compartment with the most furious look on his face that his friends had ever seen. He leaned over and slapped Malfoy awake, then proceeded to put his wand right between his eyes, an angry red ball of energy at the tip, making Draco look at it cross-eyed.

"Listen up, ferret, as I'm only going to say this once. If you ever, EVER, insult, belittle, or scoff at any of my friends or family again, you'd better pray I never find you. Because, if I do, they'll need a mop to clean up what's left of you. Now, get out of my sight. Move!!"

Draco got up and ran as fast as he could down the hall, jumped into a compartment and locked the door, leaving Crabbe and Goyle knocked out on the floor. As Harry watched him run, he noticed all the students sticking their heads out to watch what happened. As they met eyes with Harry, he saw sympathy and approval. Harry called out to Colin Creevey, who was for once without his camera. "Hey Colin, get these two lumps out of the hall, would you? I'm too tempted to just toss them off the train."

No one, including his friends were sure if he was serious or not. "Sure Harry. I'll toss'em in the prefects cabin in front. That ok?", asked Colin.

"Fine. Thanks.", said Harry. Harry straightened back up from his squatted position, and walked back into the compartment.

Neville questioned, "You all right, Harry? I loved the hexing and all, don't get me wrong, but the threat was new. Justified, but new."

Harry gave a weary smile, "I'm as good as can be expected. I was just blowing off steam. Malfoy made himself the target. The threat was just and only that. A threat. I'm not quite in homicide mode, yet. Malfoy's such a coward that he didn't notice the spell was just a stunner."

Luna in a slightly sarcastic, yet dreamy voice, "Yes, but a stunner also has the look of a blood boiling hex too. What a 'unusual' coincidence. Draco does know enough about the Dark Arts for that. He's not a total idiot."

Smiling weakly, Harry asks, "So, what are your plans for this summer everyone? I'm stuck at Durzkaban, so I have to live vicariously through you."

Lightly teasing, Hermione says,"Vicariously? Big word there, Harry. Swallow a dictionary recently?"

Harry mock indignantly, "Hey! I'm not that bad. Just don't have cause to use big words much, except in three foot essays, then the bigger the better."

With a amused glare, Hermione answers,"My folks are taking me to France again this year for a 'non-magic' holiday. Last time, I'm afraid I pestered them into spending a lot of time in the magical section of Paris. I think this is their version of payback. It could be worse. They could have forbidden bringing books." Hermione shudders theatrically.

Ginny giggles,"Perish the thought. Us Weasleys are heading to the Burrow, then we're going to France as well. Nice, in fact, where Fleur's family lives. She works at Gringotts, and her and Bill have been dating enough that they want the families to meet. Just for a week, but it'll be nice to go to the beach."

Hermione adds,"We'll be in the Alps. My parents like hiking and it's gorgeous there in summer."

"Wow. Sounds like you'll have a great time. I'm just staying home with Gran. Professor Sprout gave me some extra cuttings of plants we worked on this year to put in my greenhouse. I'm building a new greenhouse as well, so I won't get to take off on vacation.", said Neville.

"Daddy and I are not going to Sweden this year. The addition of Rita Skeeter and the upsurge in popularity of The Quibbler makes it necessary to stay near the office this summer.", interjected Luna.

"I'm really sorry you don't get to go on your trip." said Harry morosely.

"Don't worry, Harry. My Dad and I love working at the office. Usually, in the summer, with all the children home, most people put a hold on their subscriptions until school starts again. People buy The Quibbler for entertainment purposes for their kids, while getting a chuckle or two for themselves. This year," she says smugly,"they are taking it a lot more seriously. There are a few people who enjoy our Snorcack hunts, and those who ask get a special issue at the end of the summer, describing the trip in full. We're printing an apology to them in our next issue. I enjoy the trip, but not roughing it this year is hardly a hardship" Luna giggles at the alliteration.

"It sounds like you all are going to have a great holiday. I am not ashamed to say I envy all of you. Oh well, at least I'm not gonna starve this year.", said Harry in satisfaction.

"Your relatives are going to feed you properly? I don't believe that, mate.", snorts Ron.

Harry scoffs,"Not hardly. Dobby is brining me food this year. I hired him for the summer."

"Harry!! You better be paying him properly. It's a good idea to have him bring food directly to you, but I don't want you taking advantage of him.", scolded Hermione.

Chuckling softly, Harry says, "He's the world's highest paid elf. A fact that he's not proud of, but I am. I figured out how to negotiate with him. Instead of the employer trying to lower the salary, I raised it. Before Dobby figured me out I got him on a Galleon a day, two days off a month, and a uniform."

"That's not very much Harry. Only two days off?", asked Hermione.

"Considering Dumbledore only paid him a Galleon a month with one day off a year, I thought I did pretty well.", Harry mock pouted. Then, stuck his tongue out. "Meanie."

Hermione stuck her tongue out at him while everyone else laughed. They managed to keep the conversation light all the way to London, pulling into King's Cross. On the outside, Harry enjoyed the talking, but inside a fire was growing. A mix of anger and determination. Somehow, someway, he swore to himself he was going to prepare for the fight of and for his life and woe to anyone who tries to stop him. 'That means you too Dumbledore.', he thought fiercely.

Getting off the train was pretty easy because they held back from the initial rush out. Harry, because he was in no hurry to meet 'Uncle' Vernon, and the others because they weren't leaving Harry alone until they must.

The Weasleys were, as always, clumped together in a sea of red hair, with Neville's Gran, Luna's Dad, and the Grangers. Molly about did the Death Nibblers jobs for them by almost suffocating Ginny, Ron, and Harry didn't escape either. While the twins were talking to Ron about their new jackets, and Molly talking to the Grangers with Ginny and Hermione, Arthur took Harry to the side to speak with him privately.

"Are you ready to go back to your Uncle's?", asked Arthur. "Albus won't explain to us why you must go to them, but I tell you Molly was about blow his beard off with her demands to know why." As they both smiled at the image of a beardless Headmaster, he continued, "Some of us in the Order want to have a word with Vernon before you leave, so we'll escort you out to the muggle side."

Harry didn't think this was a good idea, but knew that his objection would go unfulfilled. Truly, he was touched that some people cared enough to tell Vernon off for him. 'Too bad Dumbledore wasn't one of them. 'Then he snorted to himself, 'Hell, Snape would probably shake his hand and tell him to keep up the good work. Probably the only advice Vernon would take from a 'freak''

Before parting with Arthur, Hermione, Luna, and Ginny hugged him hard. Ginny and Hermione even kissed him on the cheek, causing blushes all around and catcalls from the peanut gallery (Fred, George, and surprisingly Neville). Saying goodbye to everyone, Harry and Arthur passed into Muggle London.

With the threat from Remus, Tonks, Kingsley, and not to mention Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody fresh in his head, Vernon did not so much as glance at Harry the entire drive back to Surrey. Harry noted, with mild amusement and a little concern for his own safety, that Vernon was an unhealthy shade of red the entire time. As they pulled in the drive, Vernon finally spoke.

"Boy, is what they said true? Are they going to watch us?"

"Yes. They think I need protection from some terrorists in our world. As long as I'm here, the 'm-word' protects us all. But, it didn't protect my parents, so they're taking extra precautions. They know how I'm treated here too, and they are not thrilled with that, either."

"What lies did you tell them?", ground out Vernon.

"Me? I didn't say anything. They take one look at me at the end of each summer and figure it out for themselves. I'm the only student there that comes back smaller than when I left.", said Harry with clenched teeth. "Fortunately for you, I've made arrangements to fix that problem."

"What do you mean?"

"A friend of mine is going to be bringing me food for as long as I'm here. You won't see him, nor will anyone else. You can't stop him either."

Vernon snarled,"No one comes in my house without my say so, you understand? I'll not have your freaky friend traipsing in my house."

"He's already been here. Remember the pudding incident a few years back? That was him. You never saw him and I wouldn't have either, if he didn't want me to. I repeat you can't stop him. You can try. He'll go around you...or through you.", Harry said with a eager glint in his eye.

Vernon paled at that. "If we don't see him, he wasn't there, right?"


"Then make sure we don't."



Dragging his trunk into the house, Harry thinks to himself, 'This is gonna be a long summer.'

Titans Tower, Jump City, USA

Robin was nervous. There was no major crisis. The fight with Slade and Terra has been over for a few days, and Beast Boy and Cyborg were heading out to see the Watchtower, and do some training with other Justice League rookies. Starfire and Raven were at the mall, doing what they call 'cultural studies'. Robin called it 'shopping', but as long as it made them happy...and they didn't get his credit cards again. No, he was worried for a far more simple reason.

Batman was coming tomorrow. Said it was about 'family business'.

The way he stressed family meant only one thing: it was about his biological family. That made him nervous because there were a lot of unknowns in that. Not because he didn't ask, but because Batman wouldn't tell him. Robin tried searching on his own, but got nowhere. While he would look on his own every once in awhile, he'd pretty much resigned himself into waiting for Batman to finally spill the beans. Knowing how patient the Dark Knight could be, Robin wasn't holding his breath.

And to him, Batman and the Bat-clan were his family now. Bruce Wayne was his legal guardian, with Alfred like a wise grandfather, and Barbara and Dick as fun older siblings. Hell, even Commissioner Gordon was like a gruff, but kind uncle. He worked so desperately not only for himself, but for their approval, with Batman's the most precious of all. He knew Batman cared, even if he showed it in very subtle ways.

Snorting,'Like I'm any better. Starfire must think I'm a cold fish, and Raven....well, she probably gets it and is waiting.' He had noticed Starfire very early on. A kiss in a battle will do that. Raven had been more subtle, but just as irresistible. He could honestly admit in his mind at least, that he was attracted to both of them. It seemed the feeling was mutual, which was the problem. If one wasn't interested there was no need for him to choose. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't working out like that. Either one would be a wonderful girlfriend, but choosing would hurt one, and that was something he couldn't bear to do. So, he didn't. He knew that, eventually, their patience would run out, and one would push the issue. Personally, Robin bet it would be Starfire. All that enthusiasm and impulse would rocket its way to the surface and like one of her star bolts, explode. He needed to talk with them both, together and separately, soon. Add this bit of drama to tomorrow's arrival of the Dark Knight, and you have one very tense young man thinking, 'Man, it's going to be a long summer.'

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