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It has been years since Kira had touched a gundam, now he has a family with Lacus and 2 kids. But on his daughter's 7th birthday she disappeared and was never seen again.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor,Romance - Characters: Athrun Zala,Cagalli Yula Athha,Kira Yamato,Lacus Clyne - Published: 2008-01-27 - Updated: 2008-01-27 - 435 words

............CHAPTER ONE............

"Rei? Are you still on the computer?"
asked a man around 29 with dark brown hair slightly covering his striking purple eyes.
"Uh! I was on the computer about a few seconds ago but now I'm not because I can't be on the computer if I'm not touching the mouse!"
A little girl about 6 quickly explained with her hands up in the air. The man chuckled softly and shook his head at his daughter.
"Rei, go to bed it's 10:48 and even Levi's asleep."
He said nodding his head towards a lump in the bed sheets. Rei, the little girl, pouted andcrossed her hands while looking up at her dad with identical deep purple eyes.
"But Levi's a big wuss!! And besides he likes to sleep early!"
Shouted Levi as he peeked out from the sheets and frowned at Rei.
"Just because I have pink hair doesn't mean I'm a wuss!"
Rei rolled her eyes and snorted.
"No one said anything about your pink hair!"
Levi blinked and then blushed the same shade of pink as his hair.
"Oh, eh, I'll be sleeping now."
Then he ducked under the covers embarrased. The man just smiled amused and then lifted Rei up in the air.
"Come on Rei! Go to bed. Do you want me to tell ur mom not to make desert tomorrow?"
Rei's eyes widen and she started squirming.
Then Levi popped his head out of the covers ago and started screaming.
A sweat drop appeared on the man's head as he tried desperatly to calm down his kids.
"Kira? Aren't Rei and Levi suppose to be asleep?"
a melodic voice said from the door. The man, Kira, and Rei turned their heads towards the door and grinned identically.
"Uhh, hi mom."
Rei said as Kira lightly put her down. Rei's mom then walked over to Levi and lightly patted his head while smiling sweetly.
"It's ok. shhhh. Quiet down now, don't worry you'll have desert tomorrow."
Levi blinked curiously and shrugged.
Then he plopped back under the covers as Rei started twitching.
"If that's all you had to say then don't start screaming like an idiot."
Rei muttered as she slipped in the covers next to Levi and stuck her tounge out at him. Kira chuckled again and glanced at his wife.
"So what are you planning to do for tomorrow Lacus?"
Lacus just smiled again and put her index finger on her lips.
"Something special for Rei's 7th birthday."
end of chapter one
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