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obliteration of akatski

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one of my dreams

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Gaara,Hinata,Ino,Itachi,Naruto,Temari - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008-01-28 - Updated: 2008-01-29 - 183 words

Me and temari are living togther in kanoha. We have a two bedroom house.
I usually sleep on the couch and she sleeps in one of the beds. one night after coming back from a long hard mission, we went to bed togther.
Nothing happened! Then I heard someone running around the house.
I woke up Temari and told her what I heard.
Then I called everyone.
First I called Gaara who was in kanoha on buisness and wa staying at the hokage's tower.
After that I called everyone else.
they came as fast as they could.
We started searching the outside.
There he was Itachi.
What the hell do you want assclown.
then he ran.
we followed him to the forest.
There were the rest of the Akatski.
I followed Itachi.
We faught to the death.
I finaly took him out.
When I got back I saw that the rest of the akatski were dead.
They did it.
Naruto,Hinata,Ino,Gaara,and Jeremy did it.
Iwas so woried Temari said.
I thought you got killed.
I'm fine.

then thats the end
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