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Almost Easy

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This doesn't really have anything to do with good charlotte... it's an a7x story, but who knows. maybe i'll put the gc guys in it somewhere. so enjoy.

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~okay... well this is something i've been meaning to put out. i just never found time to... so here you go and hope you enjoy. reviews will be appreciated.=)~ nancie

Almost Easy
Name: Adrienne Rucci
Age: 23
Status: Single
Job: Photographer//Waitress
Looks: Black and purple hair, hazel eyes (They change with her mood. Sometimes they’ll be green, or brown, or a really dark brown, or a light green, or a honey color. And only when she’s is really angry, will they turn grey, or black.), 5’4”, not skinny but not fat either.
Piercing && Tattoo’s: snake bites, left eyebrow pierced, “Axl” on the inside of left wrist, “rejected” written across knuckles, heart gram on neck, “I Believe I’ll find peace in Afterlife” written down the middle of her back, gothic angel wings starting on shoulder blade and ending on lower back (The wings are framing the words going down her back). Will get another tattoo as story continues. (Any ideas?)
Background: grew up with the A7X guys, got pregnant at 17 when the guys were18 and left to tour. Lost touch with the guys, and moved on. Gave birth to Axel Syn Haner (I wonder who the father is…? wink, wink), who is about to turn five, and is a Lil’ Rock and Rolla. .:lol:. Lives in a condo type apartment in Huntington Beach with Axel, and her roommate, Renee. Has an extremely maternal instinct due to the fact that she is one, but loosens up when her son isn’t around. Has a temper whenever someone swears in front of Axel, and will get violent if provoked.

Name: Renee Smith
Age: 24
Status: Off again//On again relationship
Job: Hairstylist//Waitress
Looks: Mid back length Platinum blonde with bright red and electric blue streaks, blue eyes, 5’5”, skinny, but curvy.
Piercing && Tattoo’s: right side of lip, septum, and right eyebrow pierced 2x, heart gram on wrists, “Axel” on neck, the words *“Love is pain and sorrow… but in the end there is tomorrow” across her upper back, Jack && Sally engulfed in a heart in the middle of back.
Background: met Adrienne at a photo shoot doing hair, and have been friends since then. Is Axel’s Godmother. Shares an apartment with Adrienne and Axel in Huntington Beach. Loves to party, drink, and the occasional smoke. Has a wild personality, but has a motherly instinct around Axel.
The last words in her grandparents wedding vows.

Chapter One //.:Almost Easy:.//Chapter One

‘The question asked in order. To save her life or take it.’
‘The answer ‘no’ to avoid death. The answer ‘yes’ would make it. Make it.’
“Damn it!! Where is that effing phone?!”
‘Do you believe in God? written on the bullet. Say ‘yes’ to pull the trigger.’
“Renee!! Do you know where my-”
“Under your dresser!! Now shut up!! Axel is still sleeping!!”
‘Do you believe in God? Written on the bullet. And Cassie pulled the trigger.’

“Got it! Thanks!” I said flipping it open. “Hello?” “Adrienne Rucci?” “This is she.” “Good morning Adrienne. I’m Valary DiBenedetto, the tour manager for a band that had a photo shoot tomorrow, but the photographer called in sick. But he gave me your card and said something about you being able to do it.”
“Oh, um. Yes, that’s me, and Renee, my hairstylist. So let me guess? You want me, and Renee to do the shoot?” I sighed. “If you can, yes.” She said with hope in her voice. “Okay. Well, Valary can you hold on real quick while I ask Renee?” “Of course.” “Kay thanks.”
I walked into the kitchen where Renee was sitting down on a stool at the bar, sipping coffee. “Hey Rae?” “Yeah?” “Wanna do this photo shoot tomorrow for a band?” “Uhh… Okay.” “Kay thanks.” “Yup.”
I walked back into my room and put the phone back to my ear.
“Valary?” “Yes?” “We’ll do it.” “Oh. Thank you so much. And sorry for the short notice.” She apologized, relieved. “It’s fine. Just tell me where and what time, and we’ll be there.”

I sighed as I walked into the kitchen to see Axel, my four year old, eating cereal.
“Hi Mommy.” He said, scooping up more cereal in his spoon.
“Hey baby. Hurry up so I can you get you dressed and ready for day care.” I said, kissing his forehead. He wiped his head where I kissed him, and said, “Ewww!! Mommy, NO!! You have cooties!!” I laughed. “Baby how do you know what cooties are?” “Chris told me that girls have cooties and that if they touch you, you get poisoned.” Axel said dramatically.
“Yeah, well Chris doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Now come on. Let’s get you dressed, so we can go.” I said, picking him up, and taking him to his room.

“Hey mommy..?” “Yes Axel?” I asked looking thru his drawer for a shirt. “H-How come- How come Chris has a daddy, a-and I don’t?” he asked shyly. I sighed, knowing one day he was going to ask. I turned to him with some jeans, and a H.I.M. shirt, and said “Baby… You do have a daddy. It’s just-” he cut me off. “Then how come he’s not here? Chris’ daddy lives with him and his mommy.” “Axel, your father isn’t here because he travels a lot. And well-” I sighed as I pulled his shirt over his head. “D-Does daddy love me, mommy?” he asked quietly, putting his jeans on. “Of course. Of course your daddy loves you, and so does Auntie Renee, and me.” I said, hugging him, and almost saying ‘If hew knew you existed.’ “Well, I-I want to meet my daddy. Mommy can you please take me to meet my daddy?” he asked with tears threatening to spill from his beautiful brown eyes, just like his fathers. “Well… okay.” I can’t say no to him whenever he uses those damn eyes.
His father used them all the time.
NO! I won’t think of that lying bastard. Even though his son wants to meet him. God. Why did Axel have to look exactly like him? The dark hair and eyes, and his smile. Damn it. I can’t believe it. I was brought back out of my thoughts by Axel.

“Mommy..? I’m ready.” “Okay lets go.” I said grabbing me and Axel’s hoodies, and keys, and walking out the door with Axel holding my hand.
While going along my afternoon routine (which consisted of checking my cameras, getting extra film, drinking Starbucks, etc.), my mind wandered back to Axel’s father… Brian Haner Jr., a.k.a. Synyster Gates, of the band Avenged Sevenfold. This reminded me of how I felt when I found out that they were going on tour. I could’ve gone on tour with them, if I had found out sooner that I was pregnant with the lead guitarist’s kid. But then again I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway seeing that he cheated on me with some chick after he knocked me up. The day I found out, was the day I was going to tell him about me being 5 weeks pregnant, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was too hurt. What made it worse was that he claimed our “relationship” was just some drunken, idiotic, lust filled mistake, that wasn’t supposed to happen. I wasn’t going to tell him after he said that, no fucking way in hell would I tell him that I was pregnant with his “drunken, idiotic, lust filled mistake, that wasn’t supposed to happen” child.
Oh well, he missed out. His loss, I guess. He could be enjoying life with a beautiful son, and possibly have an awesome wife, but no. He decided to cheat. He decided that our six month relationship was just lust, and nothing more, nothing less. Well, news flash. He missed out on five fucking years of pure joy. He should be sorry that he missed out on so much. The next time I see that asshole, I’m gonna make him pay. I’ll show off my son, who I raised with the help of Renee. With no support. My parents practically disowned me when I told them I was pregnant. Until the day came that I actually did give birth to Axel did they show some support. I heard that they’ll be coming to town soon for a show in a couple of days. I could go there and possibly run into him and tell him about Axel. Not say anything about who his father is, more like leave a hint. Maybe show a picture or two of him.
I was brought out of my plan for revenge, when my phone rang. It was Axel’s day care. I sighed as I answered it. “Hello?” “Ms. Rucci? This is Huntington Day Care, calling about your son Alex.” “It’s pronounced AXEL.” “Right. Well, we’re calling about your son’s misbehavior during play time.” “What did my son do, exactly?” “He got in a fight with another child.” “HE WHAT?! WHY?! Is he okay?!” “He’s just fine. But, the child he got in a fight with… isn’t.” “How so?” “Broken nose, busted lip, and he has a black eye. Now, you know that this isn’t his first offense.” “I know. I’ll talk to him. Will you like me to pick him up, or..?” “Well, Ms. Rucci… We actually want you to take him for good. We no longer want to have a child of that nature here in our facilities.” “WHAT?! You can’t kick my son out just because of one little fight!” “On the contrary, we can, and we will. Because as you know this isn’t his first offense. He has sweared to one of his fellow play mates, drawn repulsive drawings of dark creatures-” “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Just because my son expresses his creativity differently from everyone else doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” “We think you should let your child see a shrink-” “A Shrink!? You’re insane. No way in hell am I sending my child to a shrink. You’ve got to have serious shitty problems if you believe my son needs to see a fucking shrink!” “Why, Ms. Rucci?” “Save it. I’m going to collect Axl from your shitty ass Day Care and transfer him to another one. Preferably, one for ‘creative’ students. Good bye.” I hung up on the old bitch.
Who does she think she is? How dare she suggest that I send Axel to see a shrink? Like I would ever send my baby to a shrink. That place has serious mental issues. What ever. The sooner Axel is out of that God forsaken place, the better. After of course, some major disciplining. Wow, a broken nose, busted lip, and a black eye. Who knew Axel could fight?
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