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Soul Slayer

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During the mission to Wave Naruto awakens the Uzumaki bloodline. This leaves him with a companion that changes his entire shinobi style and helps on his journey to Hokage.

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TITLE: Soul Slayer

SERIES: Naruto

AUTHOR: ObsidianEsper

EMAIL: obsidianesper at yahoo dot com

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SUMMARY: During the mission to Wave Naruto awakens the Uzumaki bloodline. This leaves him with a companion that changes his entire shinobi style and helps on his journey to Hokage.

SPOILERS: Probably a whole lot, but if you've not at least known what's gone on up to Naruto's big itachi hunting squad then you're way behind. Anyways yeah, there will be spoilers to those who are new to naruto. Sorry but thems the ways it is.

CONTENT/WARNINGS: Violence. Language. I think that's about it

RATING: T I suppose...I don't think it will be too graphic.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto. The concepts of the Soul Slayer bloodline has influences from both BLEACH and Mai Hime. So whatever ideas I use from them belong to the makers of those stories.

NOTE: This is my jump back into Naruto fanfiction. I'd like to think I'm better at writing now, So I'm hoping this goes well. Please remember to leave reviews and let me know what ya think and any improvements you might suggest and any other suggestions you want to give. Oh and also go ahead and suggest a pairing. I'm not sure who I want to pair him with. Any female is up for the spot so go ahead and throw them suggestions out there. But just so you know, everyone who was a guy in the show is a guy In my story, everyone who was a girl will remain so. This wont be yaoi, as in naruto will not be gay. There may be gay or lesbian characters but they will be OC's who show up in the later parts of this story. This'll be long chronicling from the wave mission to naruto's ascension to Hokage which wont happen in a matter of years, it'll be a tough long journey filled with battles and enemies.

Chapter 1: Waking Yvonne.

Zabuza chuckled as he watched the genin quiver in fear. He was holding their sensei captive and had a mizu bunshin fighting them. Konoha shinobi were truly weak in his eyes. He scoffed and sent a mental order to his bunshin.

“Too bad Kakashi, but your students are done for.” Zabuza said as he watched his Bunshin move.


Naruto had frozen at the killing intent sent off by Zabuza. He'd never felt such an intense intent to kill. His eyes widened when the Zabuza clone lifted it's sword and faced him.

'Call me Naruto. Call me out!'

Naruto's eyes widened at the voice and his eyes shifted around. The voice was feminine and had an odd lisp. His attention was retaken by the Clone when it began to speak.

“You're first Blondie. I'll send you to the other side real slow. Pathetic Konoha shinobi like you shouldn't be aloud to exist.” Zabuza stated as he rushed the blond.

'Call me now! Call me out!' the feminine voice shouted in a hurry.

Naruto frowned as he heard it, 'How do I call you?' he thought once he figured out the voice was inside him.

'Say the phrase Shu-to Dzuki Kiru Yvonne.' the voice stated.

Naruto swallowed hard as he looked up. The Zabuza clone was in front of him with the sword above his head. He was quickly bringing it down and the blond knew it was now or never and closed his eyes.

“Shu-to Dzuki Kiru Yvonne.”

Naruto felt his chakra flare and something fill his hand in front of him. He heard the clink of metal on metal and opened his eyes. They widened to match the wide eyes of everyone there. In his left hand was an odd looking bow. The head of a lion wrapped around his hand with the open mouth facing away from Naruto. An eighteen inch bar went down from the bottom of the lion head and curved inward towards Naruto while two branched off above the lions head for another eighteen inches. This formed a Y shape with strings attaching seven inches behind the lion head. It was silver in color with dark green at the tips of the three bars. It was a weird weapon, but the clones' sword was stuck between the two bars atop the lions head.

“What kind of weapon is that?” The clone asked as he pulled the sword back and retreated several feet.

'Good. This is my first form Naruto. Take a hold of the strings where they meet and focus your chakra. Then pull back on the string, aim so your target is between the two upper bars and release the strings. It'll come naturally.' Yvonne instructed.

Naruto swallowed and lifted up the bow. He focused the clone between the two bars and grabbed the meeting point of the strings between his first two fingers and focused his chakra and pulled back. His eyes widened in surprise as his chakra formed into a thick arrow of sparking blue chakra. The eyes of the lion glowed and crackling blue chakra filled the mouth of the lion. Naruto grinned and then narrowed his eyes when he looked at the clone.

“Say hello to Yvonne. She'll take your breath away, believe it!” Naruto said as he released the string.

Everyone blinked in surprise as there was a quick flash of blue. Everyone watched saw a wide hole appear in the chest of the clone who gasped in surprise before bursting apart.

“No way!” Sakura shouted in surprise.

Sasuke glared at the blond and his new weapon with eyes full of contempt.

“Whoa! That was awesome!” Naruto shouted as he looked at the bow.

'It's unbecoming of a shinobi to be so loud Naruto!' Yvonne scolded

Naruto chuckled but then gasped as he noticed his clothes.

“What the heck?” Naruto questioned as he looked at himself, drawing everyone's attention to his clothing for the first time.

A dark green cloak surrounded his body with a lowered hood on his upper back. He had a black sleeveless shirt on underneath with black loose fitting pants that fell to mid-shin with black sandals. Black fingerless gloves covered his hands to finish off his new apparel.

'This is the proper attire for a warrior of the forest.' Yvonne informed him.

“Awesome.” Naruto breathed out.

He knew he'd never be able to afford clothing like this back in his village. It was an awesome outfit.

“Ha! I'm stronger than ever now! Believe it! I'll save you sensei!” Naruto shouted as he aimed the bow again and pulled the strings.

'I told you not to shout!' Yvonne scolded again.

'Shut up!' Naruto thought as he released the string.

Zabuza's eyes widened. He could follow the arrow this time but it was still coming too fast. He pulled his arm out of the water prison and leaped away while Kakashi fell to the ground.

Zabuza gasped as another arrow blasted by his head. He spun and ducked low as another clipped his shoulder.

“Damn. What's with that weapon? The blasts are so fast.” Zabuza ground out.

Kakashi had similar thoughts. He'd never seen a weapon like that before, and he had no idea where Naruto got it from. He'd have some questions for the blond later. Kakashi's eyes widened when a blast nailed Zabuza in the shoulder and blasted clean through leaving a small hole that quickly spilled out blood.

“Ahhh Damn!” Zabuza yelled out in surprise.

“Score! I got him!” Naruto shouted again completely ignoring Yvonne's scolding.

Any further comments were cut off when a senbon needle stabbed into Zabuza's neck.

“What the?” Naruto asked as he stared in surprise as the sword wielding man collapsed.

“Thank you for your help. I've been hunting Zabuza for a while now.” A ninja said as he jumped down from a tree. He wore dark green and blue robes and had a solid white mask covering his face.

“Hunter nin.” Kakashi stated as he glanced at the ninja.

“Indeed. I thank you for your help again. I'm going to take Zabuza's body and dispose of it. Good day.” The hunter nin said as he lifted Zabuza and the sword and leaped away.

“What the heck!” Naruto shouted as he ran forward with narrowed eyes.

“That was my hit! I'm the one who stopped him!”

“That you were Naruto. You did good.” Kakashi said with a hidden smile and crinkled eye.

Naruto stopped and smiled at the praise. It was the first time his sensei had really complimented him.

“You need work that's for sure, but you did a really good job with that weapon. But that was a hunter nin from the village hidden in the mist. It's his job to hunt down missing ninja from his village and that's what Zabuza was.

“Besides, it's not our mission to kill Zabuza. It's our mission to protect Tazuna. Now lets continue on.” Kakashi said as he patted Naruto's head.

“Oh yeah! That's right! Come on old man, lets go!” Naruto shouted with a grin and turned to run.

He let out a gasp and collapsed to the ground with his eyes closed. His dark clothes vanished to reveal his orange outfit and the bow faded away.

Kakashi's eye widened as he watched the weapon and outfit vanish. He couldn't figure out what it was.

'Could it be a strange bloodline? Uzumaki is a foreign name. It could be undocumented. There are quite a few undocumented and unknown bloodlines out there.' the gray haired man thought as he glanced at his student. 'Well I'll find out later.' Kakashi bent down and picked up the slumbering blond and held him over his shoulder as his other two students and their client approached.

“Is he OK sensei? And what was that bow and outfit?” Sakura asked looked at the blond with surprising concern.

“He's OK. I think that weapon spent a lot of chakra and he wasn't prepared for it. I'm not sure what it was though. Naruto's surname, Uzumaki, Is a foreign name. It may be some sort of strange manifestation bloodline. There are a lot of undocumented and unknown bloodlines outside of Konoha. We'll have to get more details when we return to Konoha, I'm not sure Naruto will really know much himself.” Kakashi stated as the group continued on towards Tazuna's home.


Naruto opened his eyes and immediately had to shut them again. The sun just happened to be in its noon time position and shining right down on his face. He let out a groan as he rubbed his eyes and sat up. He shook his head a few times and opened his eyes again. His eyes widened when he saw he was in the outfit from before, but the bow was gone. He then looked at his surroundings and frowned.

“Where the heck am I?” he questioned as he craned his neck around.

He was sitting in a small clearing in the middle of a dense forest. It was unnervingly quiet and had only a light breeze blowing through.

“Welcome to the manifestation of your soul's ideal place to live. I'm Yvonne, the manifestation of your soul's desire to survive.” Yvonne said as she stepped out of the dense forest, seemingly appearing out of nowhere as her dark clothes blended with the dense forest.

“So you're the voice that told me what to do before?” Naruto asked as he looked at the woman.

She was tall, about the same height as Kakashi. She was dressed in the same outfit Naruto was, but it was cut for a female body instead of a male. She had a lithe build to her body and seemed to glide across the grass. Her skin was a light brown color, her eyes were yellow and slitted like a cats. Her two upper k-9 teeth protruded over her bottom lip like fangs and her fingernails were sharp like claws. Her hood was up but he could see a dark red color hidden within the hood.

“Yes, that was me. This is my true form, what I look like in the confines of your soul. On the outside world I have many forms, the first of which was the Bow you manifested.” Yvonne explained as she held her hand out and manifested the bow.

“What are you?” Naruto asked with a blank face as he rested his arms on his knees.

“I'm the product of a bloodline from one of your parent's lines. Not sure which one, as I only have the knowledge you do, and the knowledge given to me by the bloodline aspects. I can explain this bloodline to you, and how I'm going to train you. I don't know anymore about the outside world than you do.” Yvonne said as she set the bow aside and sat down across from Naruto.

“Alright..well explain it all then.” Naruto said with a bit of excitement leaking into his voice.

Yvonne smiled and crossed her legs and lowered her hood to reveal long dark red hair that fell to her shoulders in ringlets.

“The bloodline doesn't really have a name, not that I know of. You can name it yourself if you'd like. The bloodline works in a lot of really complicated and odd ways, but I'll explain it simply.

“Every member of the line holding this bloodline has a specific type of soul. Some have souls that seek to do battle, some have souls that seek to protect, others seek to heal and some seek to survive. The souls manifest in forms that give the wielder greater advantages in achieving what they seek.

“If a person had a soul that seeked battle then the soul would manifest in a way that would aide them greatly in battle. If a person had a soul that seeked to heal, the soul would manifest in a form that aided them in healing others.

“Your soul Naruto, is a soul that seeks to survive. I'm the manifestation of that desire to survive. I took the form of a bow because bows are distance weapons. You're better protected when you fight from a distance and from the shadows. This is a huge change from what you taught yourself, so that is why I'll be training you to fight in a new way.

“Your soul also acts as a place for you to meet and talk with your soul's manifestation. I'm a sentient being as much as you are. Think of me as a second soul inhabiting your body. We work together as a team, and therefore need to know each other and be able to work together perfectly. Your soul takes the form of a place most suited for your manifestation. For me, that is a dense forest that allows me to blend into the surroundings.

Naruto nodded as he listened intently. It was out of character, but he was learning about part of his heritage and that was something he took seriously.

“This bloodline has three stages. This means I can manifest into three forms. I'm not sure what they are yet as you haven't unlocked them. My first stage is this bow. It has several attacks to it. The first is simply firing a single arrow. The second attack involves a spray of fifty arrows firing out from the lion's mouth. The third attack is a large laser like blast that is of great size and continues to fire from the lion's mouth for close to ten seconds before it lets out. Now the reason you exhausted yourself so easily this time was because you had just unlocked me from my dormant state, and that you have horrible control over your chakra. With practice in training your chakra control and with using me you'll be able to last longer and fire more blasts. You have a huge amount of potential because of the amount of chakra you hold within you.

“The second stage of this bloodline will take on a form that will be more advanced than the bow and allow you even more abilities in your souls desire to survive. This means it will most like have to do with distance fighting, evading attacks, or some sort of defense. I'm not sure as I wont know till you do.
The only way you can unlock the second level is through increasing your power and experience. Your soul's desire is to survive. The way you fight now is the opposite so you're at odds with your soul. The better you become at a style befitting your soul the more unified you and I will become and the more powers you'll be able to unlock.

“The third stage will hold immense power when you unlock it and My guess is that it takes many years to attain. You will truly be a master of survival tactics and fighting when you unlock this stage.

“That's pretty much the gist of this bloodline. Now When you get the chance in the real world I want you to find a place where you can train without being around a lot of people and then sit down and focus on coming to this meeting place. I'll then explain what I want you to do to train in using me.

“Remember this, your soul is a survival type. You're going to have to find ninjutsu that aids you in distance fighting and you're going to need to either find or develop a taijutsu style that fits the survival tactics you'll be learning. If you don't do this then you will never reach the second stage of this bloodline.

“Now it's time for you to return to the real world. I'll see you again soon.” Yvonne finished of her explanation.

With a smile and a wave she disappeared into the dense forest without making a sound.

“I've got to learn to do that.” Naruto muttered at the soundless retreat.

Naruto closed his eyes and laid back. He had a lot to do when he woke. He was going to have to completely rework his style, but he didn't have a clue how to do that.

“I'll worry about it later.” He muttered as he felt himself fall out of his soul's woods and begin waking in the real world.



Shu-to Dzuki Kiru= Shoot to Kill.
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