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On the Seventh Day of Christmas Part I

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The last day! (Well, morning) ... Who invented laundrettes anyway?

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the artists, music, people, places, anything really apart form the storyline. That also goes for the other chapters where I’ve forgotten to put this. Sorry.

The problem with sharing a room with Brian is that mess is a complete no. The natural build up of – well, there’s no other word that describes it better – stuff- that is always present in a room where someone has been living is forbidden, and God help you if you leave your underwear lying around.
They say ‘tidy room, tidy mind’, and Brian’s mind must have never had so much as a brain cell out of place. His room was spotless, and it scared Bob. Some things just aren’t right, and a completely clean bedroom is one of them.
Brian insisted on it though. To him, his room was his sanctuary. So when he knocked on the door to Mikey and Gerard’s room and Gerard opened it, he was stunned.
“What?” Gerard mumbled, bleary eyed. Brian looked him up and down, taking in his messy bed hair, Spiderman pyjamas and lack of will to keep his eyes open as he leaned against the doorframe, and sighed. Then he looked past Gerard into his room.
“Shit, Gerard.” He said, somewhat in awe of the mess and clutter that was resting on every available surface. For the most part there were dirty clothes, but there were some cds, and a few notebooks and art books lying around with pages falling everywhere.
“Gerard, you’ve been in this room for one week and you haven’t even spent that much time in it. How can two men make so much mess? And where is Mikey anyway?”
“Bathroom.” Gerard replied, running a hand through his hair as he walked over to his bed and sat down.
“It stinks in here too.” Brian said, walking in after him and straightening the covers on Mikey’s bed before sitting down. “You have been washing, right? I mean you have a shower in this room and everything.
“Of course!” Gerard looked quite offended.
“Well, I'm just checking, I wouldn’t put it past you. It must be all these clothes then. When was the last time they got washed?”
Gerard paused to think before answering.
“A long time ago.” He replied, his smile a tiny bit embarrassed.
Brian shook his head in resignation.
“I think it must just be you Ways that are so untidy. I bet Ray and Frank’s room isn’t anything near as bad as this.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Gerard smirked. “Why don’t you have a look?”
“Why not indeed?” Brian replied, doing half a turn so he was facing the guitarists’ room directly opposite. He knocked at the door, and receiving a distracted ‘Yeah?”, pushed it open to reveal Frank and Ray both sat cross legged on the sofa, engaged in a rather heated thumb war.
Gerard felt a smile break out on his face, despite his half conscious state, and his sleepy mind couldn’t help thinking how cute they were. Neither he nor Brian wanted to interrupt, so they just watched until eventually, after a tense moment or two, Ray won, causing frank to scowl and pout.
“He only one ‘cause his hands are bigger than mine.” He sulked. “Anyway, what do you want?”
“Oh yeah!” said Brian, remembering the reason why he had knocked in the first place. “Gerard and I wanted to see if your room is as messy as his and Mikey’s…. and apparently, it is.”
Ray and Frank looked round their room as if seeing the mess for the first time. Then they looked past Brian and Gerard to see how the vocalist and his brother’s room compared.
“They’re pretty similar actually.” Shrugged Ray.
“Yeah, at least it’s not worse.” Frank added.
Brian shook his head in disbelief.
“Don’t you care in the slightest that your room looks like a bomb site? And do you ever clean?”
“No.” Gerard laughed from behind him. “Why bother? And see, it’s not that just me and Mikey are really messy, it’s them too.”
“At least they’re dressed.” Said Brian, with a pointed look at Gerard pyjamas. “It’s 11 Gerard, and you’re still not dressed. In fact, you’ve only just woken up, haven’t you?”
“I was tired!” Gerard defended himself.
“Yeah, whatever. Well anyway, since they want us out if here in an hour, I suggest that you get dressed and that you all stick your dirty clothes in some bags and pack your stuff up, and then get it to the coach. Alright?”
“An hour?” asked Ray. “Why do you never give us more than more than an hours notice when something’s about to happen?”
“I find that it actually gets some action from you.” Brian replied. “Now move!”
He closed their door, and with a smile at Gerard, went back into his and Bob’s room. Gerard made a small grumble of protest and shut the door to his own room.
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to function properly until he had either a shower or a coffee. Choosing the latter, he made himself a drink using the machine that he and Mikey had spent a couple of days persuading Brian to get installed in their room when they had realised they couldn’t live without one.
After drinking it he decided that he was going to need a shower too. However, Mikey was still in the bathroom, so he decided to make a start on gathering up all the dirty clothes lying around the room.
Surprisingly it only took him a few minutes, and he had soon dumped every item in need of a wash on his bed. He had just taken off his pyjama top and added it to the pile when Mikey came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.
“Hey Gee. Sorry, were you waiting?” he said. He paused, looking at the clothe pile on Gerard’s bed. “Wow, you’re tidying.”
“Don’t have much of a choice. We’ve gotta be out of here by twelve.” Gerard spoke, walking over to Mikey ad leaned his head against his brother’s bare shoulder. “And I want to go back to sleep.”
“Twelve?” repeated Mikey, shocked. “Why do we always end up knowing this are going to happen hardly any time in advance? You’d better get on and wash, I’ll finish the packing. Besides, your hair tickles.
“Aww.” Gerard complained, reluctant to move from using Mikey as a pillow. “But you smell good.”
“That’s because I’ve just had a shower, which you now need to do.”
Gerard made another noise of complaint, but he pulled his head buck up off Mikey’s shoulder and looked him up and down.
“Actually, you look pretty good too.” He added.
“You shouldn’t be looking at me like that, you have Jared.” Mikey said, subtly trying to nudge Gerard in the direction of the bathroom.
“I love Jared, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how hot you are.” smirked Gerard, not getting the hint. Mikey sighed, realising that being subtle with his brother wasn’t going to work this morning.
“You’ve very hot too.” He said, kissing Gerard on the cheek and then pushing him towards the bathroom door. “Now shower!”


The combined laundry of the members of My Chemical Romance took up almost all of the floor space in their coach, with just enough room left to have a thin strip of walkway down the middle. It was made up of several bags worth of dirty clothes that had been building up for a very long time, but no one had ever got round to cleaning. Brian embraced them as a challenge.
“Right!” he addressed the band. “I’ll drive us into the city, to near the laundrette. I’ve got to meet up with someone, so I'll be buggering off and leaving you to it. You have your stuff packed up now, so I'm assuming you have money close to hand. You guys can handle a laundrette, right?”
“Course we can.” Ray assured him. “Shall we go now?”
“Wait! I’ve left my phone in our room! Hang on a sec, I’ll be right back!” cried Frank, running back off toward the motel.
“Now I really feel confident about sending you off on your own.” Brian muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
“Aww, we’re trustworthy really. Don’t worry, we’ll look after him.” Mikey grinned.
Gerard slowly tuned out of the conversation, focusing instead on a figure returning from the same direction that Frank had just disappeared in. Wondering if their rhythm guitarist had superhuman powers of speed or something of the like, Gerard headed over to see who it was.
When the figure came to a distance where Gerard could recognise them, he saw that it was Jared. He smiled to himself and sped up a little so that they met halfway.
“Well hello,” Jared smiled. “Fancy bumping into you here.”
“What are the chances of that?” Gerard grinned. “So what brings you here today?”
“I’ve come to get one of my guitars from our coach.” Said Jared, taking Gerard’s hand in his. “How about you?”
“Well, at about eleven we got told that we had an hour out get our asses out of the motel, so we’ve done some quick packing and now Brian’s sending us off to the laundrette.
Jared laughed and they began to walk back towards the coach park.
“I'm guessing you’re already packed?”
“Yeah, I packed last night.” Jared replied.
“How are you so organised?” Gerard asked pouting just ever so slightly. “I'm starting to get jealous.”
“Don’t be. It’ll only happen when you get old.”
Gerard laughed as they approached Mikey, Bob, Ray and Brian who were all clearly looking when they though the couple couldn’t see. Stopping a few meters away from them, Jared gave them a smile and a nod of greeting and then turned his attention back to Gerard.
“How old are you anyway?” Gerard asked. “Because I'm getting on a bit now too.”
“Thirty five.” Answered Jared. “And yourself?”
“Twenty nine.”
“Ah, you’ve still got a long time then”
“Yeah, I'm not an old man like you.” Gerard teased.
“Watch your mouth, Mr Way.” Jared warned. “Or do I have to shut it for you?”
“As much as it pains me to use this awful line, maybe you will,” smirked Gerard.
Jared rolled his eyes and kissed the vocalist, who happily kissed back, seemingly oblivious of his friend’s ‘awws’ as they watched.
A few minutes later Frank returned, red in the face and out of breath but with his mobile, and so Jared left to get his guitar, and the members of My Chemical Romance squeezed into the coach with their laundry and set off into the city.


‘Soap Suds – For All Your Cleaning Needs’ was the sign on the front of the laundrette, and as Mikey, Bob, Gerard, Ray and Frank entered they realised it was a very suiting name since the place smelled very strongly of soap, the kind that they had been forced to use when they had first started school.
They were somewhat hesitant as none of them had ever been in a laundrette before. Of course they had all done their own washing, but Mikey was a bit nervous – and rightly so- that somehow they would manage to mess this up and embarrass themselves.
So he took charge. Since Ray was fairly sensible and good at understanding things, Mikey took him too, and they went to read the instructions printed on the side of one of the many washing machines
“Set machine to temperature, blah, blah, blah…put in washing liquid, blah, blah, blah…insert money, blah, blah, blah… collect washing one hour later… it sounds simple enough.” Mikey read as he skimmed over them.
“Yeah, we have our washing and Brain gave me some soap stuff, do you have any change?” asked Ray.
“About five dollars worth, and I’ve got some notes if we need to change them.” Mikey answered, pulling his wallet out of his pocket and flipping through it.
“Cool.” Said Ray, reading over the instructions again. “Dude, you realise we’re gonna have to colour sort all these.”
Mikey looked at the bin bags in alarm.
“Oh shit… hang on, I'm sure we don’t have that many light clothes. We can just put it all in a dark wash and hope for the best.”
“I dunno… I have a few white tee shorts that I really don’t fancy going grey.” Ray’s voice was slightly apologetic.
Mikey sighed.
“Alright, I guess we have to. We’ll do all that in a minute.”
Ray nodded and continued to read the instructions.
“And also we’re gong to be stuck here for at least an hour while it’s washing, plus time for drying. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t see that being good.”
“Yeah, you’re right; we do have problems with staying still for any amount of time.” Said Mikey. “And it’s not like we can leave our stuff and come back, or someone might take it. It’s unlikely though.”
“I hope you realise that our Black Parade outfits are in there.” Gerard said, appearing over Mikey’s shoulder. “No fucking way are we taking even the slightest chance that they might get stolen.”
“You know,” Mikey sighed, “I think we should admit defeat and ask the people who work here if they can do it. It’ll only cost a bit more and then we won’t have to worry about sorting or leaving it.”
“Brilliant idea!” cheered Ray and Gerard; who both thought that this laundrette was way more trouble than it was worth.
Mikey disappeared off talk to one of the staff, and after a short conversation he paid them and they brought some of their co workers to pick up all the bags and carry them off.
“Right, that’s sorted. They’re going to sort them, wash them, dry them, fold them and bag them again. We need to come back in two hours and get them” Mikey informed Ray and Gerard, coming back to stand with them.
“Sweet dude.” Said Ray. “Okay, what shall we do now?”
“McDonalds!” suggested Frank, who had noticed the gathering and decided to join in. “There’s one just round the corner, I saw it on the way in. And I'm hungry.”
“What do you think, guys?” Mikey asked Gerard, Bob and Ray, seeing as he was hungry and could see no preferable options.
They all nodded their confirmation.
“Alrighty. McDonalds it is.”


If the poor people who worked in this particular branch of McDonalds had known what was coming, they would have run screaming. However they didn’t, and My Chemical Romance completed step one: get inside McDonalds, with little difficulty. Steps two and three: order food and find a table, went easily. Step four: eat food in relative peace, was the problem. Because as they sat down and began to eat, a teenager glanced round the room and spotted them (and let’s face it, they’re not exactly hard to recognise)
It just so happened that this teenager had black hair with a big fringe, a lip piercing, skinny jeans, several wristbands and three friends who all looked very similar to him. And all four of them were obsessed with My Chemical Romance.
Gerard, Bob, Frank, Ray and Mikey couldn’t say they were shocked out of their minds to be approached by fans, nor that they didn’t love it really. Just over the week they had grown used to being with people as famous as them, and so not being treated any differently to them, just being normal. Despite that, they were always happy to meet people who liked their music, and so they gave friendly smiles to the four teenage boys as they approached them.
“Hi.” They boy who had first seen them said, somewhat nervously. “Are you My Chemical Romance?”
“That we are.” Mikey nodded. “What are your names?”
This is where Gerard started to panic. He wasn’t too good with names, and with the four boys almost looking like clones, life was going to be made a lot harder. As they introduced themselves as Cullen, Sam, Patch and Jamie, he realised he was going to need something to help him remember who was whom.
Thinking quickly, he decoded to make up nicknames for them. Cullen was the one who had lead the others over and spoken first, so he became Confident Cullen. Sam stood out because he had two lip piercings instead of one, so he was Snakebite Sam. Patch was wearing a cadet cap, and whilst it wasn’t the baseball cap that Patrick Stump wore, it was close enough. Hat Patch it was. Jamie was the one who fidgeted – even when he was standing still he was drumming his fingers against his leg or shifting from foot to foot – so Gerard named him Jittery Jamie. Not brilliant, but hey, he was thinking under pressure.
With name problems out of the way, Gerard could now return to actually communicating with the boys, suddenly struck by a good idea, he left the others to invite Cullen, Sam, Patch and Jamie to sit down and chat while he unfolded his Happy Meal box (yes, Gerard way still ate Happy Meals - and so did the rest of my Chemical Romance) so it was a flat piece of card, pulled a pen out of his pocket (he had put it there earlier because he couldn’t be bothered to pack it up) and began to draw.
When he was done, four cartoon figures covered the card – a cartoon of each of the boys with their Gerard-given nicknames written underneath. He signed below each one and carefully ripped the card into four so that the cartoons were all on separate pieces of card. Then he gave them to the teenagers.
“Snakebite Sam… that’s so cool! Thanks!” Sam laughed, grinning. The other tree all expressed their delight at the drawings, and then the conversation turned back to how My Chemical Romance were their idols.
Neither the band members nor the fans noticed another group of teens entering the building a minute later. It was at that moment the staff should have either evicted the members of My Chemical Romance, the group of boys who they were talking to, or the new arrivals. But in their lack of knowledge of the future they made no move to do such a thing, and this particular event was not prevented.
It was five teens who had just come through the door – a short skinny blonde girl and a short skinny brunette girl, two blonde guys who were very heavily built, and one other shockingly handsome male with dark hair. The girls were both dressed in mini skirts and short tops and were draped over the blond boys. The dark haired boy, who was wearing a football top, didn’t have a girlfriend with him, but he clearly knew Sam, Cullen, Jamie and Patch.
“Hey Cullen, what are you emos doing here?” he called across the room, leading his friends over to them.
Cullen, who had seemed like a perfectly nice guy when the My Chemical Romance members were talking to him, transformed right before their eyes.
“Dan. I would ask you the same thing, but you aren’t worth the time.” Contempt was clear in his voice.
“Oh wait, what’s that you’ve got there?” Dan sneered, seeing the drawings Gerard had given them. “Aww, pretty pictures? Of you? Are you gonna sleep with them tonight instead or each other, faggots?”
“They’re good though, right?” Gerard, who up until this point had been too shocked by the change in Cullen’s attitude to say anything, piped up.
Dan looked at Gerard in disgust, and then looked away again, completely ignoring him.
“At least we don’t fuck teachers.” Cullen spat back at Dan.
“I have never fucked a teacher you little cunt! Ed, Henry, get that fucker.”
Ed and Henry (the two blond boys), let go of their girlfriends and moved to grab Cullen, who reacted quickly and punched Dan in the face. Dan, looking furious, clutched his face and punched Cullen back. Patch, Jamie and Sam all joined in to try and keep Ed and Henry off Cullen with a familiarity that suggested they had been through this many times before, and before the band members realised it, a full scale fight had broken out.
“Run?” Frank suggested as members of staff quickly arrived on the scene. Gerard nodded and they all power walked out of the building, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.
“Well, he’s a violent one, huh?” said Bob once they were all safely back on the coach.
“You hypocrite, you would’ve done the same.” Mikey laughed. Bob opened his mouth, realised there was no point protesting because it was the truth, and shut it again.
“Mind you, he was getting it pretty hard.” Ray joined in. “Then again, he gave as good as he got.”
“What was it he said?” Frank asked. “Cullen said that what’s-his-name…Dan…that he screwed a teacher. That’s just rough.”
“I dunno.” Said Gerard, a crooked grin creeping up his face, giving Mikey the feeling that his brother was about to say something sick. “If the teacher’s young and attractive and he’s legal – which I'm assuming he is – then why not?”
Mikey rolled his eyes; he had been right. He, Bob, Ray and Frank stared at Gerard in something very similar to disgust.
“Why does everyone keep looking at me like that today?” the singer questioned. “First that Dan guy, now you lot… I'm going to start getting offended soon.”
“Gerard, your mind is even more wrong than I though.” Said Frank, with a small smile to let Gerard know that he was only joking.
The conversation heated up into a mini debate about teacher/pupil relationships. Primarily it was Gerard for and the other four against, but by the time Mikey remembered the laundry and they went of to get it, most of them had changed opinions.
When they returned from the laundrette with their bags of clothes, Brian was waiting inside the coach. They all got in, somehow managed to fill their bags in, and headed back to the Acoustic Christmas site, because as Brian reminded them, they ‘Needed to pack their stuff up from the dressing room. Soon.’
For the majority of the journey the conversation continued to be about paedophilia, teachers dating students, and other similar topics. Eventually Bob grew just a little freaked out by how engrossed his bandmates had become, and so for his own sanity he changed the subject.
“Hey guys, I know this is completely different to what you’re talking about, but do you realise we’ve only got a few hours of this left?”
“Wow… that’s depressing.” said Ray.
“Yeah, we’re not going to see Panic! at The Disco or 30 Seconds to Mars for ages after this.” Gerard looked really quite unhappy at this prospect.
Frank gasped overdramatically, his hand flying to his mouth.
“How are your and Mikey’s poor hearts ever going to cope?” he teased.
“Frank? Shut it.” Mikey warned. “Though it does suck. Unless anyone had any objections, I think I’ll go and find Ryan when we get back.
“Same here, but with Jared.” said Gerard. “I’m not looking forward to not seeing him again for ages.
“Sure, you guys go ahead and do that. Bob, I don’t think you have quite the same problem with Jess, but if you want to meet up with her you should.” Said Ray.
As he spoke, the coach entered the coach park and they felt the wheels slowing to a halt.
“Well, how’s that for timing?” grinned Gerard. “Right, I think I’ll be off now.”
“Bare in mind we’ll probably call you back in a while so all of us – Panic! At The Disco and 30 Seconds To Mars too – can say a proper goodbye. I’ll see what Brian can do.” Ray called.
Gerard nodded, and he and Mikey left the coach to find their other halves.

Alrighty, next update! Okay, so I wasn’t planning for this chapter to be in two parts, but I wanted to update and I'm stuck for ideas, so I though I’d give you what I have so far. Hopefully I will be inspired very soon as I'm going to see 30 Seconds To Mars tomorrow (wow fuck wow amazing excited!!). Anyway, sorry this one took so long, and thanks to everyone for the reviews they sent. Enjoy!
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