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They meet another friend or foe

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A few minutes later they were over the small hill and approaching the beginning of the huts that lined the dirt road that they were now traveling.

“So, what are we looking for?” Alex questioned, running a hand over his golden hair.

Joe clenched his eyes and brought his hands to his temples, trying to remember his dream. “Uhh… plans, I think. There was someone I saw that I didn’t recognize. He might have some information, but I have a feeling he won’t give it easily.”

“Yay, more danger,” Dilton sarcastically muttered.

“Weapons out,” Jake commanded.

Everyone obliged. They stood silent for a second until Dilton quietly asked, “Should I do a scan?”

He didn’t have to because just then they heard a crack as if a twig had broken. A dark man stepped around one of the huts, but when he saw the group he ran off away from them.

Zora was on him in seconds. She jumped and performed a small flip over his head so that she was standing in front of him. Swiftly she kicked out his legs so that he fell to the ground on his back, flipped him over and twisted his arm behind his back. The man was pinned to the ground before he realized what was happening.

The man dressed in a black uniform with red detailing whimpered and struggled under Zora’s weight. She pressed harder on his arm.

“Ahh, you’re going to break my arm!” he growled. Zora didn’t let up.

The rest of the group ran over to the two people on the ground.

Jake crouched in front of the man so that he was in his line of sight. Seeing the pained look on the man’s face Jake sternly asked, “Do you promise not to fight or run?”

The man winced as Zora pushed down harder then silently nodded.

“Zora, honey, ease up a little. But keep an eye on him,” Jake softly told Zora.

When Zora let go of the man he rubbed his arm, rolled his shoulder and grumbled, “What, are you two dating?”

Jake laughed. “You better watch what ya say. She’s spring loaded, eh?” He put a hand on Zora’s shoulder and added, “No, I’m her guardian. I adopted her as soon as I was old enough.”

Alex walked up to the man and interrogated, “Who are you, where are you from and who do you work for?”

“I’m Richard. Richard Girard. I come from Spart, over in the east and I’m a Raint. Most people can tell that from the uniform but you’re not from around here are you?” he replied.

The group shook their heads and Alex continued to question, “Raints?”

“It’s an army that I’m trying to escape. I’m not sure if I should say any more.”

Jake nodded toward the ninja girl and said, “Zora?”

Richard glanced at her and immediately held up his hands and quickly said, “Okay, okay! Just don’t hurt me! It’s an army made up of ‘pure’ descendants out to wipe out all the ‘impure’ people. They’re sweeping the land looking for them. The Raints even have a weapon disguised as a bird so the people don’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late.”

Joe raised an eyebrow. “So I was right. That means these nightmares are true. Although I don’t really want them to be.”

“Umm… okay. Anyway, you guys better get out of here. They’re coming this way soon. I’m getting as far away as possible myself.” Richard said, turning to leave.

“Wait!” Dilton called, running up to him. Giving Richard a small cell phone he said, “You’ve been great help and we may need you again. Or you may need us. Take this.” When Richard gave him a blank stare he continued, “If you open it up there are buttons you can press. If you press the one with the number one on it you can get a hold of us. If you hear it ring then open it and we can talk to you. You’ll catch on quickly.” He showed him what to do as he gave the directions then, waving good bye, they parted.
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