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Rated for SLASH content. [Ocarina of Time] A silly, fluffy little thing. Takes place at the end of the Ice Cavern. Rating for slash content. Link/Sheik.

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Title: Intermission
Author: Arora_Kayd
Beta: the ever loverly and talented Point_EaredPain. Whom I lufs muchly.
Rating: Pg-13 (for slash)
Disclaimer: I'm sure you can guess the changes I would make if I owned the game or characters. But I don't. Le sigh.
Summary: A silly, fluffy little thing. Takes place at the end of the Ice Cavern. I horked Sheik's first line (and one of his last) directly from the game so any bad grammar is the translator's fault. Please forgive the horrid dialog as I suck at it. Mkay. Enjoy Oh, and YES I know that in the game Sheik is supposed to be Zelda, but that doesn't stop me from denying it! ^.^
Word count: 386

Link had made his way through the Ice Cavern into the last room, beaten the White Wolfos and retrieved the Iron Boots. Turning around, he had been mildly surprised to see Sheik standing by the roomÕs entrance. The Sheikah had explained the problems of Zoras to Link, then pulled out his harp inciting Link to pull out his Ocarina.

"Now listen to the Serenade of Water to reflect upon

When the song had successfully been taught, both men packed away their respective instruments. A moment of silence passed.

Throwing down his hat, Link strode quickly over the short distance to Sheik. As one hand deftly removed the facemask, Link's other hand snaked around Sheik's head, pulling him into a fervent kiss. Sheik's hands moved up automatically untying the strip of cloth holding back Link's hair and tangling themselves in the shoulder length strands. Link pulled back after a moment, panting slightly. He was beaming.

"Hi. I missed you."

"I can tell." Sheik replied, amused, but still a little
breathless. "I take it things are going well?"

"Yeah," Link grinned, "I got a horse. Her name is Epona. An old friend at Lon Lon Ranch gave her to me for helping out. No more trudging on foot across Hyrule for me! I get to ride in style now. "

"Ah. You're getting along well then."

"Actually, she's a bit temperamental. If I'm not careful she's liable to buck me off. Kind of like a second Navi."

Both laughed at Sheik pulled the slightly taller Hero into another kiss, this one more relaxed. It was his turn to break the kiss, stepping back with a small sigh.

"You really should get back to your quest." At the disappointed look on Link's face Sheik added, "I'll see you again. In fact I'll be waiting for you when you get out of the Temple."

"Promise?" a cheerful smile gracing the Hero's features once more.


And with that the two parted. Link moved towards the large chest that had contained the Iron Boots, while behind him Sheik once again replaced his mask and disappeared in a flash of light. Picking up his discarded hat and shoving his hair haphazardly inside, Link put on his new boots and jumped into the small pool, eager to be done with the Temple.
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