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What is it?

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Blob girl wakes up, and the Princess and her guards make observations. (rated for mild language)

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the following fanfiction, except for Eddy. Pretty much it's all property of Laurell K. Hamilton and I am simply entertaining my own fantasies(in the mildest sense). I also apologize for any OOC's, for I am merely an LKH fan and not LKH herself.


Chapter Three

A bright light.


The faint tint of skin filled her vision as she came to. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't much in the mood to open them in such bright lighting. She began to shift around to turn off what she thought was her bedside lamp, but then realized she couldn't. Her eyes snapped open and, with a gasp in her throat, she saw that she was bound with rope to a dining chair.

Her instinct was to fight until she was free of the bindings, but as she looked up, she saw the intense gaze of three sidhe, and one that just looked curious. The latter was the shortest of them, even to her. He had black curls down to his shoulders and big blue eyes with slits for pupils. He almost didn't seem like a sidhe, but she couldn't really judge.

The other three were the Princess herself, the black man she had seen in the tabloid photo, and the one with the eye patch. She stared for a moment, then looked away and closed her eyes. The light filled her head with an unimaginable headache, making her cry out in pain. She waited for it to subside, and then listened to the voices that surrounded her.

"What is she?"said the little one.

"She's a human. Just a human," said a much deeper voice.

"She's not human, Doyle. Humans can't turn into vapor," said a feminine voice, most definitely the princess.

A different voice spoke. "Let's see: pale skin, sensitivity to light, can turn into vapor and-"she suddenly felt fingers pushing up a corner of her mouth- "fangs. I'm willing to put money on this one."

"You mean-"

The deepest voice interrupted her. "Vampyre. It is adistortion of humanity. An imitation of immortality."

She blinked her eyes open, squinting up at the dark man.

"Fuck... you..."she managed to wheeze before everything faded to black.
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