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Don't Let Go

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cute little fee/gee oneshot =]

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[[AN]] okay. my goal this weekend is to empty out my notebook of all its good stuff and throw it away.i'm jut getting a head start tonight, but there's ALOT of frerard in there, so be ready!!!

Gee's POV
Frankie didn't notice, but I followed him as he walked to the beach. I watched him as he walked down the dock. He sat down on the edge as he stared into the sunset, setting atop the ocean.His legs were dangling over the edge.He looked so cute sitting there, I almost didn't want to disturb him, but I wanted to be with him more. I walked along the dock and sat next to him.
He wrapped his arms around my neck. I giggled.
"Hey Frankie"
I wrapped my arms around his middle. We embraced each other for a few moments.
I kissed his hair.
I inhaled his scent. It was intoxicating. It smelled of...Frankie.
He pulled back and pressed his lips briefly to mine.
" Watcha doin down here Gee Gee?"
Just thought I'd follow ya."
"Stalker" he laughed
"What? A guy can't stalk his boyfriend every once in a while...because he loves him so dearly?"
"Well there can be a few exceptions."
We smiled at each other.I slipped my arm around his waist and he leaned his head against my shoulder. I kissed his hair again.
"Wanna get in?"
"Wanna get in the water?"
"No! It'll be freezing!"
"Come on.I'll be there. don't worry."
I cut him off by placing my lips against his.
"Come on"I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and pulled at the sleeve of his hoodie.
"Dammit you're cute"he mumbled.
I grabbed his hand and we ran down the dock. We soon ended up on the edge of the water. We kicked off our shoes and our jeans and hooodies, left in only our boxers and shirts.
"God I'm gonna freeze."
"No you won't."
I took him by the hand and we stepped in.
"See? It's not that bad."
He smiled.
We walked a little farther. He was now in waist deep and the water was about to touch his stomach.
"OK! This is where I draw the line! I'm freezing!"
"Come here."
"I wanna hold you."
He smiled and walked towards me. He wrapped his arms around my neck and clung his short, thin legs around my waist. I secured my arms around his waist. I walked in a little deeper so that I was a little more than waist deep. He rested his head against my shoulder , nuzzling against my neck and pressed his lips against the cold flesh. I shifted my weight, loosening my grip slightly.
He then squeezed his legs around me tighter and pulled his arms around my neck tighter.
"Don't let go."he whispered.
"Never"I tightened my grip. "I'll never let you go."
I felt him smile into my neck.
"I love you Gee.So so much."
"I love you too babe. More than life"
"You don't know how right it feels with you holding me in your arms."
"You don't know how right it feels holding you in my arms."
He looked me in the eyes. He tilted his head and pressed his warm lips to mine. He moved his lips against mine slowly. I moved mine along with his.He put a hand on the back of my neck. I opened my mouth and he tilted his head slightly,slipping that delicious tongue between my lips.I lightly swirled my tongue around his.It felt and tasted so good. I wouldn't give up this very moment for all the money in the world.
He lightly massaged my tongue with his.I loved the feeling. I loved the taste. I loved this love.
We pulled away, with that smacking sound of tongues and lips parting. He leaned his forehead to mine and smiled.
He was so beautiful.
He pecked my lips once more.
"God I love you Gee."
"Love you too.So much it almost hurts a little..."
"I know how you feel...MAN! You've been holding me up for forever!...sorry"
"No.No I don't mind. I'd hold you like this forever if I could..."
"You're arms don't hurt?"
I shook my head with a thoughtful smile.
"Not at all? well...okay. Wanna go back anyways? It's getting kinda late"
I carried him back to land.
After a lot of struggling, falling and laughing, we finally got our jeans and hoodies back on.
I then, unexpectedly picked him up, with my arms behind his back and his knees.
"Whoa! Aren't you tired of holding me?"
"I told you. I never wanna let you go."
He smiled that dazzling smile.
"I don't want you to either."
okay. this was short and kinda sucked.
i'll be posting more tomorrow. if you review and tell me what kinda fee/gee oneshot you want, i'll put it up. I have alot of random stuff and im piecing the good stuff together into little oneshots. idk. like sad or cute or smutty or fluffy or a first-date type thing...i've written about every kind there is. lol. just say so and i'll post it!!
-lindsey lachrymosa
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