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Rated for mild SLASH. Fic originaly for a LinkSheik contest on LJ. Just a small fluffy scene.

Category: Zelda - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Link, Sheik - Published: 2006-01-30 - Updated: 2006-01-31 - 293 words - Complete

Title: Interloper
Author: Aurora-Kayd
Beta: the loverly Point_EaredPain
Disclaimer: If only I owned them. Oh the things I would do. Yes, there is slash. Yes, I know that canon states that Sheik is Zelda. But who needs canon? Honestly. ^-^
Word count: 251

Link emerged from the temple gripping his left arm, trying to keep the deepest of the gashes closed. Though he had been mostly healed after his fight with his shadow by one of his captured faeries, it had left him with only one for his fight with Morpha and towards the end of the battle he had run out. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that one particularly strong attack had reopened recent injuries and added new ones.

Link was still contemplating his situation and how to make it to the nearest faerie fountain when Sheik materialized at his side. He jumped slightly, still not accustomed to the sudden arrivals.

Sheik took a brief moment to look him over before reaching up and deftly unraveling his turban-esque head wrap. Silently, he began bandaging the worst of Link's injuries, paying particular attention to the large laceration that was continuing to bleed profusely. Link stood still, a small raise of the eyebrows in response to the other's speed and skill the only unprompted movement.

Having finished the bandaging, Sheik hesitated, a look of concentration crossing his darker features. After a beat or two he removed his face scarf and folded it into a sling, placing it around Link's neck and positioned it so it cradled his left arm.

Finally satisfied, Sheik stepped away from his patient. After a few experimental moves to make sure nothing was too tight, Link leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on Sheik's normally hidden lips.

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