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Chapter 02

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Patrick frowned as he held Bailey close, rubbing her back with one hand, the other hand gently tangled in her hair as she shook from the thunder that rattled the glass door leading to the balcony. He could feel her silent tears seeping through his shirt, but he wasn’t upset by it, he just felt bad that she had to deal with one of her fears. He softly stroked her hair as she clung to him, trembling even more when a strike of lightning lit up to room as if he had turned on the light for a brief moment.

“Sh, it’s okay Bailey,” he whispered into her hair, tightening his arm around her, no longer rubbing, but trying to make her feel as safe as he could. He knew that until the storm eased up she wouldn’t calm down, but until then he could help her as best as he could.

Bailey wrapped her arm around him, hugging him close, while her other hand stayed at his stomach, fisting a handful of his shirt. She sniffled and closed her eyes tighter when another thunder rumble shook the glass door once more.

“Bay, I’m here, you’re not alone,” he whispered into her hair again. He bit his lip softly as he tried to think of something he could say or do to try and calm her. He smiled slightly when an idea came to mind. “Hey Bay, what was the name of that group?” He looked down at her when she sniffled and looked up at him, her brows furrowing in confusion. “You know, that group... They sang about a rolling stone?”

Bailey stared in confusion before she bit her lip. “You mean, /Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone/?” She sniffled as Patrick nodded. She opened her mouth to speak but tensed and cringed when another roll of thunder boomed outside of the hotel.

Patrick frowned. “But, who was the group who did it?”

Bailey looked up at him, a fresh batch of tears welling up in her eyes. “Th-The Temptations.”

Patrick brought his hand up and gently brushed away her tears with his thumb before he tucked her hair behind her ears. “Didn’t they do /My Girl/?”

Bailey nodded. “And they did a song with Diana Ross, /I’m Gonna Make You Love Me/. Wh-Why are you asking?”

Patrick smiled and shrugged. “I know you like old Motown music so I thought you might have known, since it was done in that time. I can’t say I blame you for liking the music from that time.”

“That’s because it was good music, pure music, not messed up by weird electronic noises, or muffled by different rappers on different microphones trying to rap at the same time,” she said slowly as she thought her words over. “It was what people still believed in, back when men weren’t ‘/Too Proud to Beg/’ to keep the women they loved, and they poured their hearts into their music. They didn’t just write some quick scribble to earn a couple grand. And people also truly believed that ‘/Beauty Is Only Skin Deep/’, and short skirts weren’t needed to attract attention to a girl.”

Patrick smiled a little more to see she hadn’t even noticed the couple of lightning flashes that had happened since she started talking. “I bet it would be nice to go back and see how things were in person.”

Bailey smiled, a wistful look in her eyes. “I wish I could. Especially if I could actually see The Temptations when they were hot on the lists.”

“Yeah these days no one even knows who did /My Girl/, unless they’re talking about the movie,” Patrick said as he went back to softly rubbing circles on her back, but it was subconsciously.

“At least some people still remember who Smokey Robinson is.”

“Yeah, but not many people know he wrote a shit load of songs for The Temps.”

Patrick kissed her forehead and she laid her head on his chest, relaxing against him with a soft sigh. “You wanna know something that’ll make you happy Bay?” When she yawned and nodded into his chest, Patrick smiled and took his glasses off, sliding them under his pillow. “The storm’s done,” he whispered.

Bailey yawned and smiled after. “You knew who it was all along, didn’t you Trick?”

Patrick chuckled and muttered a “Guilty” into her hair as they snuggled up to each other, her arm going back around him as he stopped rubbing and pulled her close. She lifted her head so he could slide his arm under her head and around her, fully holding her now.

Bailey smiled and laid her head down on his arm, closing her eyes. “Thank you Patrick, for helping me.”

“Anything for you Bays,” he muttered as he started slipping from consciousness. “Anything...for you...”

Bailey slowly fell asleep wrapped up in Patrick, listening to his soft snores.

- - - - -

When the sun finally rose, it woke up Patrick, who groggily reached under his pillow for his glasses. He yawned and put on his glasses, looking around to see Bailey wasn’t in the room. He frowned and sat up on the edge of the bed before he realized he could hear the shower running in the bathroom, a sign she was in the hotel room, but taking a shower. He got up and stretched, groaning when he came out of the much needed stretch, before he headed over to his suitcase, fishing out some clothes since he had fallen asleep in his T shirt and jeans from the night before.

In the bathroom, Bailey sighed softly as she stood under the water spray, crying her silent tears. Andy had come out of his closet, only to push her into one of her own, the one where she hid her feelings and put on fake smiles. She had become like Pete when he was put in front of cameras, flashing award-winning smiles, that faded when he was alone. The only time she had anymore was her showers since she always watched the shows, the music pounding through her body giving her a form of temporary release from her current situation.

Yes, she was hurt by Andy, but she knew he hadn’t meant to. And it wasn’t his fault he was gay, it was the way nature had made him; it wasn’t something he could fight. She still cared for him, but thankfully her mind was trying to talk sense into her heart, reminding it that he was gay, and that he could never love her the way she had loved him. So far it was working, because it made sense to let him go, especially since had someone who could give him what he wanted, what he needed.

She sniffled and wiped her tears from her eyes even though a fresh batch was right behind the wiped away ones. She could easily pull off that she slipped and bumped her elbow or something in the shower, to explain the red eyes if Patrick had woken up while she was in the shower. She already washed her body and her hair, now she was standing under the steady stream of water, putting her mind somewhere else, to a place where it was pouring rain on her. The rain always made her smile, yet she didn’t know why.

It never had any significant meaning to her, no one kissed her in it, no one asked her out in it, she had been dumped it in, but that would make her sad, not happy. So she never understood it, but it was one of the times she gave rare smiles, and she wasn’t going to argue true happiness.
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