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Chapter Two.

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Jon wakes up. What the hell's going on?!

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Hey, it's been a while. I guess I should update more often. Please don't hate me. (T_T)
I hope you enjoy the rest to this. (^_^)

Jon groaned looking around, finally coming into consciousness.

"Jon, are you okay?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know", Jon replied dully. He sat up. "Where the hell are we?"

"That's just it. Brendon said it was hell, but I mean, how can we be in hell?", Ryan was confused.

"Well are we dead? But wait, there's only three cells." Jon looked over into the other cell. "Why's Brendon not in a cell?" Jon looked over at Ryan.

"He told me he was the devil." Ryan was now sitting on the ground.

"But that's..." Jon was cut off by Brendon.

"Impossible?" Brendon smirked standing in the middle of all three cells. They were arranged in a sort of circle, more of a small triangle. Brendon looked up, looking much like a demon. He seemed to have a red tint to him, like everything else that was there. He had sharp looking teeth, too. His eyes were black pits of death. He was dressed in some sort of old fashion suit. He looked just plain creepy and demonic.

Jon looked up at him disbelieving. "Um yeah."

"Brendon come on what the fuck is going on?" Ryan asked.

Brendon smirked, "Oh no. I'm not the Brendon you know anymore."

"Yeah, yeah we know. You're the devil. Just get us out of here!", Jon half yelled.

Brendon's smirk instantly disappeared, it was replaced by a frown. "Watch your mouth. It might cost you." Brendon narrowed his eyes at Jon before disappearing.

Jon shook his head and there was silence for a while. Jon broke it. "Ryan you're bleeding."

Ryan looked up. "Huh? Oh... yeah I know. The weird thing is that it doesn't hurt much. Well, I still have a headache but that's about it."

Jon was still staring, "But Ryan..."

Ryan looked confused. "What?"

"You can see the bone."

Sorry it's been cut short! I hope you enjoy. (^_^)
Are they dead? Or are they alive? Or is this some drug induced dream?!
Find out in the next chapter! (^_^) Or at least, I think. It might be a few chapters away.
But yeahhh..
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