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Chapter Eight.

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Brendon's still grounded, but can they sneak their way around that?

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Normal POV.

Later on I was lying in my bed. I refused to talk to my mom and I kept my door locked. It was raining, the noise soothed me. Yeah, I was scared of them, but it still soothed me. When I wasn’t stuck in the middle of one outside that is. Then I heard a soft tapping noise. Almost like knocking. I looked around my room. What the fuck was that? I got up carefully opening my door. Nothing, what the hell.

It was then I realized there was someone outside my window. I walked over to my window and opened the blinds. It was Ryan, getting soaked in the downpour. I opened the window, “What the fuck are you doing?” I wasn’t mad, I was concerned. I was also trying to be quiet. I talked to myself a lot, so maybe my mom wouldn’t be too suspecting.

He crawled through the window into my room, he was shivering slightly. “Ryro, what’s wrong?” He looked up, “I don’t feel like being alone.” I hugged him. “I’m sorry I’m grounded. My mom’s being a bitch. She doesn’t understand.” He was really shivering badly. “Ryan you’re freezing, how long were you outside?” “Ab-out t-ten minutes.” I felt a little bad, “Outside my window?” “N-no. I was on-only out-t there f-for a f-few minutes.” “You can borrow a set of my clothes, you need to get out of these wet ones.” He nodded.

Even after he changed he was still cold. I made sure my door was locked before covering him in my comforter. “Why are you so damn cold?” He wasn’t warming up, why?! “I d-don’t know.”

After a while we were lying next to each other. We were in each others arms, under my down comforter. (No, we hadn’t had sex, get your minds out of the gutter.) He was finally warmed up and we were enjoying each others company. That was when I heard my mom at the door.

“Brendon?” I sighed and instantly became annoyed. Ryan hugged me a little tighter. I ignored her, refusing to unlock the door. There was a pause, “Well, dinners ready for when you want it.” She sounded sad, I didn’t care though. If she would un-ground me maybe my attitude would be different. Why should I be punished for loving someone?

After a little bit I sat up, “I’m getting food okay? I’ll bring it up.” “Alright”, Ryan stifled a yawn. I looked at the clock. Jez, it was already nine. “Are you staying the night?”, I asked him. Ryan nodded, “Mom already knows.” I smiled, “Okay.”

I snuck downstairs after Ryan hid in the closet. I wasn’t taking any chances. I walked into the kitchen, seeing nobody. I looked at the stove, dinner was pizza. Take out pizza, mom hadn’t cooked. She must’ve been in one of her stupid ‘depressed’ moods.

I grabbed a plate and took four pieces. I grabbed two waters, I hoped I wouldn’t get caught on the stairs. I dashed out of the kitchen and back into my room. I shut the door and locked it again. I looked around before letting Ryan out of the closet. Like I said, I wasn’t taking ANY chances.

“Pizza?”, Ryan was a little confused. My mom always cooks an actual dinner. “I think she’s all in her ‘depressed’ mood”, I used air quotes. “Oh.”

Later that night...

I yawned. It was nearly midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I had the best teddy bear in my arms and STILL couldn’t sleep. Ryan was so angelic when he slept. I didn’t want to wake him, but I gave him a kiss on the cheek before settling down. He stirred some. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you”, I whispered. He disregarded that, “Love you.” I smiled, “Love you too.”

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