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Harry maked a birthday wish. Dumbles gets spanked and forms a plot. Harry works out,meets a hero, worries some purebloods, gets a cool toy, and gets his wish. Dumbles fumbles.

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Harry Potter and The Invincible TechnoMage

Chapter Six - Wishes.

July 20 1985:
Stark International Corporate Day Care
NYC New York.

"Come On Harry, Grab your things."

"Hi Pepper! Just a sec." Pepper Hogan watched the boy say good bye to his playmates, put away the truck he had been playing with, and rushed over to the square shelf labeled with his name before running to meet her.

"How was your day Harry? Learn anything new?"

"Miss Allison says I'm ready for school in September. We spent about an hour learning to write our names in joined together writing. Little r's are hard. See?" He handed her several pieces of paper.

"I remember that. I was lucky; I only had one r in my name. You've got three." She regarded the pages like they were vitally important, which of course they were. "This is quite good Harry. Are you looking forward to school?"

"Oh yes. I'm tired of being a little boy. I want to be big."

They arrived at the executive elevator. Pepper waited while Harry pushed the call button. This was a routine they had worked out over the last few of weeks; Harry was in charge of the elevator buttons. The elevator arrived and they entered together. Harry stretched on his tip toes but he couldn't quite reach the button for the 84th floor. Pepper lifted him up, one hand under each arm so that he could reach.

"I seem to recall someone has a birthday coming up." Pepper said as the elevator began its rise to Tony's office level. "Any ideas for what I might get a certain young man?"

"Whose? Is it /Franklin/'s birthday?"

The question was pure Harry, completely honest. He had no idea when his birthday was. "Yours silly. You're going to be five. So, what would you like for your birthday?"

"I've got everything I've ever wanted Pepper. There is only one thing I'm wishing for, but if I tell what it is, the wish won't come true."

"Sometimes wishes need a little help Harry. You can tell me what you're wishing for. I'll try to help."

Harry stood staring at the numbers flashing above the sliding door of the elevator, his little mouth set in a line as he reached a decision. He would trust her. "If I could have anything, I wish I could call Tony Daddy."

The door slid open and Harry exited the elevator. Pepper just watched as he left unable to move, silent tears running down her cheeks. The door started to close, but she pressed the open door button and rushed to the Ladies washroom to repair her face. It took almost a quarter hour to calm down enough to return to her desk. Harry was at the table he used to read and play at while waiting for Tony to be ready to go home. Pepper ruffled his hair as she walked by and entered the executive office of Tony Stark.

Tony was at his desk, facing him was his long time friend and former pilot James "Rhodey" Rhodes. Tony looked up from the conversation and noticed Pepper had come into the room.

"How's our boy?" The billionaire asked.

"More than ready to start school. Miss Allison was teaching him to write his name in cursive. He tells me that the small r's are hard."She handed over the evidence of the difficulty of cursive lowercase r's.

"Bet he did it perfectly because it was hard." Tony Stark, multibillionaire, international industrialist, superhero wondered for the moment what file this paper would end up in, Harry's Achievements or Harry's Artwork. He had started both files a week after Harry had come to live with him, never imagining just how important the contents would become to him. "God I love that kid." He said to himself more than to anyone in the room.

Rhodey leaned back in his chair and laughed. "I never thought I'd live to see the day that the worlds number one most eligible bachelor Tony Stark, old Love 'em and Leave 'em himself would fall for a kid."

"Says the man who put the Lear's controls into the hands of a four year old."

"Hey!" the tall black man said. "I've always liked kids; it's only you that all this is new for." He was still laughing at his friend. "By the way, did you ever figure out why the cockpit electronics crashed?"

Stark shook his head. That was still a mystery. Almost as soon as Harry laid hands on the controls, every single system crashed... Just like when his shield bubble was flaring and Hank's instruments were frying... Was it an effect of Harry's magic? Have to look at that.

"Tony, on the way up I asked Harry what he would like for his birthday. He didn't know when his birthday was."

"Yet another thing the Dursleys are going to pay for in Hell I guess. Did you find out what he wants?"

"He wants to call you Daddy."

The two men in the room were shocked into silence. "Are you serious?"

"God yes Tony. When he told me it was all I could do not to burst into tears in front of him. That is quite literally all he wants for his birthday."

"Tony, I swear to god, if you don't hurry up and adopt that kid, I'm going to truss your ass up, break both your legs, and drop you right back in that Guatemalan jungle I found you in. "Again a smile creased the big man's face. "Seriously, you're good for him, and you NEED him. The last two months with him has you being more human than you've been in years."

"Pepper, get me Stewart, Myers, and Stuben on the phone. I think it's time they lit a fire under someone's ass over this."


The morning after his unwanted guests had left the castle, Albus Dumbledore was in a foul mood. He had never imagined that the Dursley's going on a business trip would have such an effect on his carefully laid plans. The sudden unwanted appearance of the elder Stark had demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dumbledore had nowhere near the amount of influence over young Harry that his plans required. The sheer power the boy had locked inside of his body was truly amazing. Surely this was a power the Dark Lord knew not, but was it enough? The confirmation that night that Voldemort was indeed still alive only made matters worse.

It was the arrogance of the Muggle that so irked the ancient wizard. The man came to Dumbledore's school and made demands? The man was lucky he wasn't now experiencing life as an invertebrate.

Of course the things had only gotten worse. An appearance at the lunch that same day by Amelia Bones.

Dumbledore looked up from his meal, to find the broad, square-jawed witch staring at him, her monocle magnifying her left eye in a most intimidating manner.

"We need to speak." She said.

"Amelia, lovely to see you. Could I offer you some lunch."

The witch leaned across the staff table until she was practically nose to nose with him. "Albus, unless you would like a loud discussion with an absolute likelihood of your staff and students hearing me call you a bloody fool here in front of the entire school, we should go to your office. Right now."

Two minutes later the pair were in the Headmasters office.

"What is this about Amelia?"

"Why did I have to wait until I got an owl from my niece to find out that you had a troll attack a student INSIDE the castle?"

"I'm not sure how that would come under your brief Amelia; I assure you that Hogwarts is the safest place in..."

"Safest place is it? I must have missed the rash of Troll attacks that occurred all over the country that would allow you to make that claim. As for how your incident comes under my brief, the attack was INSIDE your bloody castle Albus. The only sign of damage to the castle walls is where young Mr. Stark blew a hole in the wall on the fourth floor. I had my Aurors do a complete sweep of the castle. What does this mean? It means someone let the troll in. That is a crime."

"Amelia, I..."

"Now I hear that your Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor is dead, and that witnesses saw you fighting his animated corpse until of all people in the universe Agatha Harkness herself banished the possessing spirit. How is it that none of this was reported to me Albus? At very least that someone DIED. How did he die Albus? Who or what possessed him? What was someone under a lifetime banishment order doing here in your school?"

The bloody woman wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. "Amelia, you don't understand..."

"Now I hear that you have announced to the school that there is something on the third floor that will kill them. What dangerous thing do you have on the third floor Albus? Why isn't something dangerous enough to need a warning on my list of things to be aware of? What is something that dangerous doing in the school my niece attends? You and I are going to have a conversation now, and you are going to answer each and every one of my questions, without your normal evasions. If when we are done, if I'm still not satisfied, then you and I will be returning to Auror Headquarters for an official interview."

It had taken almost three hours to satisfy all of her questions; even then Amelia had threatened frequent and unannounced visits to check up on things. All of this disruption could be laid at the feet of Harry Potter being a free agent. The boy needed guidance. He needed to be controlled.

Dumbledore had to exert control over the boy, plain and simple. A good first step might be to accelerate the acclimation to the Wizarding world. If the boy could be convinced to spend his Christmas Holiday at a trustworthy pureblood family... The Weasley's perhaps, he would start to feel the proper 'obligation' toward Wizarding culture... Perhaps the beginning of a romantic relationship with the youngest Weasley? He was well aware of the crush the girl had for the boy who lived... Perhaps...

Dumbledore crossed to his offices fireplace and threw a pinch of powder into the hearth. "Molly Weasley!"


Harry leaned against the exterior wall of the castle, unable to catch his breath. The potions and charms that Madam Pomfrey had used to rebuild his body had regenerated the muscles and ligaments, strengthened the bones and generally knitted him back together from the damage he had done himself, but the restored flesh had no tone. It had taken most of a day to learn to walk again, and now a week later he was still weak as a kitten.

"Harry? What are you doing to yourself?"

"I'm just out of shape Padma. Same as I told Hermione yesterday."

"But why are you driving yourself so hard Harry?"

"Christmas is coming. I can't go home for Christmas in this kind of shape. The man who trained me will be there, and he'll be... I don't know, disappointed in me."

"Harry, be sensible. You almost died. You're going to hurt yourself if you keep this up."

"It was only a mile Padma." He was getting his wind back. "When Steve gets hold of me this would be a vacation. I've just got to get myself back into condition."

She stroked the hair out of his eyes. "Harry, please, just take it easier alright? If you kill yourself, who would Hermione and I feel superior too? We need you."


July 25 1985:
Avengers Mansion
NYC New York.

Harry wandered aimlessly throughout the mansion. Jarvis had needed to come and take care of a few things at this house, and had allowed Harry to come along. Jarvis had told Harry to stay out of any room that looked like it might be a lab or had weapons in it. Harry always tried to mind.

This room didn't look like a lab, and it didn't look like a place for weapons. It looked kind of cool, with soft mats on the floor, mirrors on the walls and things that looked like the tires on a heavy axle, only metal. There was a tall blond man picking up the metal wheels by their axle. It was obviously very heavy; Harry could see the muscles stand out from his massive arms as he hefted the odd thing. He would lift it off the ground until he was standing upright, and then lift them from waist level to his chest several times.

Suddenly Harry remembered what a room like this was called. It was a gym. A place where people got stronger. He didn't think that the big blond man could get much stronger. When he lifted the big wheel things, the axle actually bent. Those wheels must be real heavy.

"Hello there. You must be Harry."

The big man had noticed him. "Yes Sir. I didn't mean to bother you."

"You're not bothering me Harry, I'm just doing my morning workout. My name's Steve by the way." He put the big wheel things down; they made a 'clank' sound that Harry thought was funny. Steve was dressed in a white undershirt with no sleeves, and green pants that had many pockets, both where pockets normally were, and pouches on the legs as well. Harry thought that pants like that would be very handy for keeping interesting things in. Steve also wore a pair of laced up boots that went to about his mid calf. Those boots were black and very shiny. Harry thought that he might even be able to see his face in them if he got close enough.

"Do you work out Harry?"

"No sir. I think that Mr. Stark has a room like this, but it's a grownup place."

"He does, I set it up for him. I think he spends too much time in his office and using tools that don't let him use his muscles as much as he should. A young man like you doesn't need a lot of things like this." He gestured to the room. "But learning to keep yourself in good shape would probably be good for you."

"Could you show me Sir?"

"Well, we'd have to check with Tony first, but I think I could come by a couple times a week to help you out. Keeping up with an active young man like you would probably be good for me as well." He knelt to put himself eye level with the boy. "You might keep me young."

6a.m.the next morning Steve Rogers introduced Harry to his first lesson in physical education. An hour of Tai Chi followed by a quarter mile run before breakfast. /Rogers/ never intended this lesson to last more than a month. He never understood how important the time he spent with Harry was to him until the boy left for his school in Scotland six years later.


On November 12th Harry was finally healthy enough to rejoin the all house study group that met in the Great Hall following the evening meal most nights. Of course the first order of business was to explain what had happened to every student's satisfaction, and far more importantly, (at least to the older male students) and explanation of whom the hot redhead who spent so much time in the hospital wing was, and who the blonde woman who arrived with his father was. Harry explained as best he could, assuring more than one boy that, no they were not blood relations and that it was unlikely that they would be visiting again.

The Hufflepuffs were very interested in his relationship with Mistress Harkness, and if he had a way to communicate with her. He tried explaining that Mistress Harkness was an exceedingly private person and he could not just 'send her an owl' (a concept he still did not truly believe), but he would take any letters they cared to send home with him on the Christmas holiday and do what he could to see that she got them.

Then there were the Muggle raised and Muggle born who had made the association of Harry Stark and Stark International after seeing his father in the Great Hall when he was yelling at Dumbledore (Harry made a note to find out why his father had done that.) and when the elder Stark had taken a meal at the Ravenclaw table with Padma and Hermione. Suddenly many more people understood why his electronics worked here and he was bombarded with requests for the availability of commercial versions.

It took most of an hour for the group to actually get around to studying together. Harry was plowing through his transfiguration essay when Draco Malfoy settled into the seat next to him.


"Evening Draco. How are things in Slytherin house?"

"Quiet now that your excitement has settled down. What the hell did you do to that Troll?"

"I was accidentally shown how Chaos magic works. Before anyone knew I was doing it, I learned how to access the Chaos. It does a number on me, but it's effective."

"And that Redhead was your teacher?"

"Sorta kinda. She was learning to use it, and I watched. Like a little idiot, I emulated what she was doing, and boom, I almost killed myself. Since then she's been helping me with exercises to try to develop a little control without killing myself. Not working too well so far, but there you go."

"See? If you were a pureblood you wouldn't have that problem." The platinum haired boy looked pleased with himself.

"Actually if I was about 12 years older I wouldn't have that problem. Draco, seriously, not one of the 18 or so who qualify as masters of Chaos magic would fit in your definition of 'pure blood'. Hell, I think I'm the only actual wizard on the path to that mastery."

"The Redhead isn't?"

"Wanda is a witch, but not our kind. Her magic comes from education and talent, not biology. Her original power set is that of a mutant. The magic came later."


"Draco, seriously, you've go to let go of all this bigotry. Who your father is doesn't matter a tinkers dam, it's who you are. It's fine to be proud of your father, I love mine so much I can't describe it, but his accomplishments aren't mine, they're his. Someday I may inherit his holdings, but I will never be half the man Tony Stark is, not in my wildest dreams."

Realizing that he wasn't going to get anymore work done, Harry packed his things away. "Just like I'll never be Tony Stark or James Potter since you're so hung up on biological lines, you will never be your father. At most you will imitate him, but you won't be him. But if you spend so much time trying to be your father, when will you be you? Who will your son look up to?"

As usual, Harry and Draco's discussions were gathering a crowd.

"You just don't understand."

"Oh, I fully acknowledge that. I have a problem wrapping my mind around your side. I suspect that you don't understand my position either. But that doesn't really matter, maybe we're not supposed to understand each other, maybe the whole purpose of our discussions is for each of us to express our positions so that others can hear what we have to say and form their own opinions."

"But the culture of the British Wizards is important! We have led the world in so many ways, diluting that culture with outsiders is weakening it."

"Culture IS important; you haven't heard and won't hear me say otherwise. But Draco, have you considered what would happen to your culture without those you call 'outsiders'?"

"What do you mean?" The blond boy was confused.

"Ok, think about it. How many siblings do you have?"


Harry smiled. "Exactly. Susan. You're a pureblood right? Any brothers or sisters?"

The Hufflepuff shook her head.

"Ok, of the purebloods here Weasley's excluded, how many of you have siblings?" Four hands went up.

"Hey!" Ron Weasley asked from the end of the table. "Why are Weasley's excluded?"

"Because we all knew you had siblings and you would throw the average off." Harry explained. "No offense intended. I should also exclude any twins from the sample. What that leaves is an entire generation of British Wizarding Purebloods that are only children. When you look further up your family trees do you have lots of Aunts and Uncles? If said Aunts and Uncles didn't have kids, they don't count. For what ever reason my research in the library showed me that for about 6 generations pureblood families have, by and large, had single children. The Mundane Aristocracy calls their versions of it having 'An Heir and a Spare', but you pure bloods by and large aren't bothering with the spare. In order to maintain a population level, a family needs to have two children, but they haven't been doing that. Without 'outsiders' like the First Generations magic users and immigrants like the Patils, the Purebloods with likely be extinct in seven or eight more generations."


July 31 1985:
Stark Estate
New York, New York

"Harry!" Franklin Richards ran into the room with a large gift wrapped in his arms.

"Hi /Franklin/. Glad you could come." He took the gift that /Franklin/ handed him. "Thanks. Are your uncles coming?"

"Unca Ben wanted to, but Mom said that he would hog all the cake." The Blond boy laughed. "He said that he would only eat half the cake, and then teach us to play a card game named 'poker'."

"I wish he had come, he is so cool."

Harry led /Franklin/ to the dining room.

"Hey! There are girls in there."

"Yeah, Pepper said I could invite everyone from my class at Stark Day Care. All seven of them came."

"I don't like girls."

"/Franklin/, they're fun. Besides, more people here means more people to play with."

"But Harry, they're girls!"

"Yeah, but they came. This is my first party. I was worried that no one would come."

Franklinboggled at the idea of not having a birthday party before. He followed Harry into the party and found himself having fun. After several games and a water balloon fight on the lawn (won by the three girls in attendance because they banded together and ganged up on the boys who were all acting as individuals)it was time for presents.

Harry got books from all his class mates, because when he was asked in class what he wanted, he answered the first thing that popped into his mind. His first gifts were things he could actually use. As Jarvis had told him once, a young man could never have too many books.

From Franklin and his uncles got a robot fighting game, only instead of the red and blue robots, Franklin's father Reed had modified the toy to look like Franklin's Uncle Ben and a big green man. The little robots spoke, the 'Ben' said things like "It's Clobbering Time" and "I'm the Idol of Millions" and the Green Man said things like "Hulk Smash" and "Hulk is the strongest there is". It bored the girls but the boys all thought that it was the coolest toy ever."

Harry looked up from watching Franklin playing one of the other boys at the game and saw that Tony had come in. He ran over.

"Thank you. This is the most fun I've ever had."

"Glad you're having fun kiddo. Looks like you missed one present." The man handed the boy a small flat box. Harry opened it and withdrew a sheaf of papers. The papers were filled with big words he didn't understand, but he saw his name a few times on the top page. He looked up questioningly.

"I tried Harry, I really tried, but it takes a while to have an adoption go through. Those papers say that I can't officially adopt you until next May. That's ten months away."

"I understand. Thank you for trying. Where do I go now?"

"You don't understand Harry. You aren't going anywhere. We are a family, you and me; it just won't be official until May. For now, you stay here, and I'm your court appointed guardian until May."

"I... I... I'm staying?"

"Yes you are. You're going to be my son, just not until May. Until then, could you do me a favor?"

"Yes, yes, anything."

"I was hoping that you might find it in your heart to call me Dad so we could practice for May. Could you do that for me Harry?"

The boy launched himself onto the man's lap and wrapped his arms around the man's neck. "I love you Daddy!" and he began to cry into the man's neck.


"You wanted to speak with me Headmaster?"

"Yes Mr. Stark, please come in, have a seat."

Harry took a seat in front of the Headmasters desk. In the back of the room behind Dumbledore stood a pair of adults he didn't know. Both were redheads, and both seemed to look at him with some kind of reverence. This was more than a little disturbing. Who were these people, and why did they look at him like that?

Seeing Harry's gaze fall on his guests, Dumbledore continued. "Harry, this is Arthur and Molly Weasley, the parents of Ron and Percy Weasley."

Harry nodded his greeting, still wondering why these people were here. Part of him wondered if Dumbledore had ever just gotten to the point in a discussion in his entire life.

Arthur Weasley stepped forward. "Harry, I would like to extend an invitation to spend the Christmas holiday with us at our home."

Harry blinked. Twice. "I thank you for the offer Mr. Weasley, but I'm confused by it. I barely know your son Ron, and have said about ten words to Percy. I have no idea why you would ask me to spend the Christmas Holidays with you. I have a father and home to go to, I'm not in need of a place to go."

"Professor Dumbledore suggested we ask you, it would give you a chance to reacquaint yourself with the traditions of your heritage. For us the honor of having Harry Potter spend Christmas with us cannot be exaggerated." Molly Weasley said. "Besides our daughter has had a crush on you since she first heard the story of the Boy Who Lived."

Harry sat back in the chair. Were these people for real? "Mrs. Weasley, my name is Harry Stark, and it has been since I was 5 years old. Truthfully I don't really care that much about my heritage. I love my father and fully intend to spend Christmas with him. I thank you for your offer, but no thank you."

"Mr. Potter," Dumbledore interrupted. "I really must insist that you consider this offer. You need to connect to your lost heritage. How can you expect to be prepared for your destiny if you are unaware of who you are?"

"Headmaster, you've got to be kidding. You come to me a week before the beginning of the holidays and want me to contact my father and tell him, 'Sorry dad, but some complete strangers offered to let me stay at their home for Christmas, so I decided to accept. Don't forget to write Dad.' Why would I even want to do that? And as far as knowing who I am, I am Harry Stark. The son of Tony Stark."

"Adopted Son."

"Which means infinitely more than being born to him. He consciously chose to love me, to accept me, and to give me his name and his home. Do not try and tell me who my father is Headmaster. Was there anything else?"

"No Mr. Stark, you rudeness will be noted however."

"I think perhaps we have differing ideas about what is rude Headmaster." Harry had never been so angry. "Mr., Mrs. Weasley, my apologies for all of this."


A/N: There have been many requests for explanations and profiles of the Marvel Universe characters mentioned and appearing in this story, so from here on out at the end of each chapter I will have a profile for each character from the Marvel Universe that is used. For the record, I am using the Marvel Comics Universe as of 1992, not any movies or animated appearances they may have. The following is a listing of the characters I have used so far since chapter 1.

Character profiles:

Chapter 1.

In order of appearance

Tony Stark, Billionaire industrialist, Genius level IQ, if it can be made, he's got 2. If it can't be made, he's only got the prototype. Secretly (at the time of the story) Ironman. The Ironman Armor is form fitting Mech, with flight capabilities (ground to orbit with auxiliary boosters) near infinite defensive capabilities, many many offensive capabilities.

Stephen - Steven Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. The single most powerful mortal magic user alive. Capabilities: astral projection (basically sending his ghost where he doesn't want to send his body. Flight with his levitation cloak, many other mystical 'tools'. Most specifically NOT a wizard.

Steve - Steve Rogers also know as Captain America. Most specifically someone you do NOT want to get in a fight with. Powers: None. He is the ultimate Soldier, created in the Early Years of WWII by exposure to the Super Soldier Formula and exposure to an unspecified radiation.

Clint - Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye. A master Archer, with gimmick arrows, but not as silly as the DC Universe's Green Arrow's Boxing gloves arrows.

Wanda - Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. A mutant with the ability to affect probabilities. By the time of this story she had mastered Chaos magic.

Mistress Harkness - Agatha Harkness, survivor of the Salem Witch trials, and for the purposes of this story, alum of Hogwarts. Hufflepuff 1680. The single most powerful Witch in the world.

Jarvis - Edwin Jarvis, Stark family Butler. Hails from Brooklyn, but affects a British dialect.

Pepper - Pepper Hogan nee Potts. Tony Starks Personal Assistant. Don't call her a secretary. Unpleasant things happen to people who call her a secretary. She isn't Stark International's highest paid employee for no reason.

Happy - Happy Hogan. Tony Stark's Driver and Personal Assistant. Call your doctor, and then start trouble.

Rhodey - James Rhodes. At one time he was Tony Stark's pilot. At the time of the Story he is the Hero War Machine. A far less fuzzy and cuddly variant of the Ironman armor. The War Machine armor isn't for rescuing kittens from trees, it is for destroying entire armies.

Julie Power - Lightspeed (at the time) of the Power Pack. Capabilities: High speed Flight

Reed - Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Arguably the smartest man on the planet. Can lick the small of his own back. Victor VonDoom is likely to be the only one arguing.

Ben - Ben Grim, the Thing of the Fantastic Four. Orange Rock like epidermis, very strong. The 3rd or 4thstrongest person on Earth depending on who's doing the estimating.

Namor - Namor King of Atlantis. The son of a human sea captain and of a princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Namor possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities of the "Homo mermanus" race.

Thor - Thor Odinson, Norse God of Thunder. Immortal, very strong, speaks for no adequately explained reason in Shakespearian Prose. Carries the enchanted battle mallet Mjolnir always returns to his hand when thrown. No one not worthy to be Thor can lift Mjolnir.

Hank Pym - Hank Pym has had several code names over the years. Ant man, Giant man, Yellowjacket, and others (including oddly enough Hank Pym) through the uses of Pym Particles he can change size from the size of an ant to 30 feet tall. At the time of the story he was Yellowjacket, (who usually shrunk, but occasionally got tall.)

Chapter 2.

Agatha, Wanda and Stephen Strange, see above.

T'Challa - King of Wakanda, also know as the hero Black Panther. Near Captain America level physical fighter.

Chapter 3

Tony, Happy, Pepper, Stephen Strange, See above

Chapter 4

Hank - Hank McCoy PhD. Biochemistry. PhD Genetics. PhD Physics. M. D. Large man, covered with Blue fur, his feet are as dexterous as his hands, very strong, very agile, very fast. Most commonly associated with the X-men using his imaginative codename "Beast" He spent several years with the Avengers/./

Jarvis, Stephen Strange, Agatha Harkness, Wanda Maximoff, see above.

Chapter 5

Blond man - Brian Braddock, also known as Captain Britain. Super strong, capable of flight, entrusted with the power of Merlyn in this reality.

Barefoot woman - Megan. Also known as Megan. An earth spirit, or possibly an environmental empath. She has earth powers.

Both Brian and Megan are members of the British Supergroup Excalibur.

Large Orange Rock man - Ben Grim. See above

Franklin - Franklin Richards Son of Reed Richards and Susan Richards nee Storm. Cosmic level Psi, currently damped down by his fathers technology to prevent the young boy from destroying the world, and possibly universe. When running with the Power Pack he had the single most unfortunate hero code name in the history of comics, even worse than 'The Whizzer' (who inexplicably wore a yellow uniform). Franklin was known as "Tattletale" when he ran with the Pack.

Unca Johnny - Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four. Controls flame and heat, can burst into flame and fly, though the mechanism for this is never explained. His favorite hobby, abusing Ben Grim.

Chapter 6

Pepper, Tony, Rhodey, Agatha Harkness, Wanda, Jarvis, Steve, Franklin, Ben, et al. see above.

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