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My secret love

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Sequal to Yuya, in which Bankotsu takes his relationship a little further with Jakotsu. This won second place over at DA's yaoiinuyashayuri club. (I was the only fic up against some awesome artwork.)

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My secret love...
By kira

Author's note: The following was written for a fanfic contest featuring a yaoi couple and well...yaoi! (winks) The theme was "secret love" in honor of Valentine's Day! I decided to go with Jakotsu and Bankotsu for the pairing and it's the second in a series of fics I'm planning on writing, tracing the "history" of the Shichinin-tai.

"Mine-chan, would you please do me a big favor?" Bankotsu said to the innkeeper's daughter. He and Jakotsu had made their way north in search of work when word came that there was a job for him. Unfortunately he now had someone else to think about and not for the first time did he entertain some doubts as to the wisdom of getting involved with Jakotsu. And yet, all Jakotsu had to do was send a smile his way or say something silly and those same doubts would vanish like dew on a hot summer morning, hence his problem of what to do with the boy when duty called.

Mineko sighed and cast a quick glance over her shoulder at Jakotsu who was busy teasing some kittens with a long blade of grass. They could hear his child-like giggles as the kittens pounced and Mineko shook her head sadly at her would be lover. "What is it?" she said softly, her eyes downcast as she refused to look at him.

Bankotsu gently took her hands in his. "I need to go away for several days and I can't take him with me-" he started to explain when she cut him off.

"And you want to know if he can stay here. I'm not the one you should be asking, Ban-chan," she said softly, hoping the use of her nickname for him would rekindle the romance that had started last time he was there. However, when she did look up at him she could see her hopes would be dashed, and quickly turning away, she prayed he would not see her tears.

Bankotsu laughed. "I already made arrangements for that with your father," he said as he reached out and gently cupped her cheek, forcing her to look at him. Frowning he asked, "Mine-chan, are you crying? I promise I won't get myself killed." He smiled and she laughed.

"Iie. I just have something in my eye," she lied. Hastily rubbing her tears away, Mineko sent him a silent "thanks" when he let the matter drop. "What is it you need me to do, Ban-chan?" she asked and this time her heart felt a bit lighter when she called him that.

"I need you to be my go-between, but not your usual go-between. I, ummm..." he trailed off and looked over at Jakotsu. "Well I want you to give him a couple of presents I have. One a day so that he won't-"

"So that he won't miss you so much," she finished softly. "Hai, I'll do it for you... and for him." She smiled. "He's very, ummm, amusing. I can see why he's captured your heart, Ban-chan."

"Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Mine-chan." Bankotsu took her left hand and kissed it.

"Douitashimashite," she said with a smile. "So how am I to do this?"

"Well, I was thinking it might be fun if he thinks someone else likes him...I'll send him letters, not that he can read them, but he'll know they're from me, but the gifts...?"

Mineko nodded. "What if I say that someone left them outside with a note saying to give them to him?" She giggled. "I think this will fun. Although, I do hope he won't be angry when he finds out they're really from you."

"Iie, I don't think he will." Bankotsu laughed. "I'll need you to come to our room so that I can show you them as I think once you see them, you'll know why."


Bankotsu turned and she followed him up the two steps leading to the wide covered veranda that surrounded the inn. Jakotsu happened to look up at that moment and when he saw them leaving together, his heart skipped a beat.

"Aniki-chan, where you going?" he called out to them.

"I need to help Mine-chan with something; we'll be right back. You stay there and play."

"Hai..." Jakotsu said as a petulant frown creased his forehead. When it looked like the young mercenary was not going to invite him along, he folded his arms across his chest and pouted like a small child.

"Behave yourself!" Bankotsu called over his shoulder before he entered the inn with Mineko. He laughed when heard Jakotsu complain loudly to the kittens about it and like the kittens he completely ignored him.

As they walked to his room, Bankotsu explained exactly what he wanted her to do. He told her he had seven gifts, one for each day he would be gone as he figured it would not take him much longer than that to get the job done. He also told her that she was to be sure to give him the small bottle of love oil on the last day. Since he could not be sure exactly what day he would be home, he would send word ahead of his arrival as he felt there was a chance he would be back earlier than expected. He also wanted her to be sure get him any little gifts she needed for him if he was to be late and most importantly, even if she had given Jakotsu a gift that morning, she was to give him the love oil when it looked as though he would be returning later that day.

Mineko nodded as she listened to the instructions and she gave her approval to all the little gifts he had waiting for Jakotsu except for the love oil. "Ban-chan, what exactly is it? And why is it so important I wait for the last day?"

Bankotsu closed his eyes as he tried to figure out how to tell her. He was given a moment's reprieve when they entered his room and she asked to see all the gifts. Judging by Mineko's response, he could see he had bought all the right things.

"Mine-chan, this is the love oil," he held up a small earthenware flask that was around the same size as a container used to heat sake in. "I, ummm...I," Bankotsu frowned as he felt his cheeks heating up.

"Hai...I'll be sure to save that for the last day," Mineko said helpfully.

"Arigatou...Ummm, you know I got this from a brothel, ne?" he said ruefully.

"Hai...I do have a young nephew I've helped take of and I do know that boys are ummm... different. Please, Ban-chan," she said as she held up a delicate little hand, "do not explain any further." Mineko felt as if her cheeks were as red as his. "Ban-chan, please, let's bring these to my room, before my father starts looking for me. I wouldn't want him to get his hopes up..." she trailed off softly.



The afternoon passed quickly into nightfall. It had taken most of the day for Bankotsu to work up his courage to tell Jakotsu he would not be leaving with him in the morning. He waited until they had arrived back at their room before their bath to tell him.

"Sweetness," Bankotsu said softly as he pulled him close.

"Hai..." Jakotsu whispered into the young mercenary's chest.

"You know that I love you..."

"Hai..." he said breathlessly.

"But...I can't take you with me tomorrow. You have to stay here."

"Nani?! Why can't I go with you, Aniki-chan? I thought you loved me!" Jakotsu pushed away from him and stood there, crying softly. He felt hurt and angry and most of all puzzled as to why Bankotsu would abandon him like that.

Bankotsu sighed as he came up behind the younger boy, snaking his arms around his waist. "Of course I love you; it's just that I have to go away for a few days. I'm needed to help some petty daimyo get back some land some other idiot daimyo stole from him. And we haven't gotten very far with your lessons in swordsmanship and I don't want to see you get hurt..." he buried his face in Jakotsu's hair. "Or worse..." he said softly. "Besides, you don't even have a sword yet, let alone armor. So it's best if you stay behind, where I won't have to worry about you. You like Mime-chan, ne?"

"Hai...?" Jakotsu said, puzzled by the change of subject.

"Well, she could use a lot of help around here, and I thought you could help her out as a favor to me."

"Will you give me my heart's desire if I do?" Jakotsu asked impishly and Bankotsu chuckled.


"Good, then I promise I'll behave and help her and her father too. Teishu-san has been very nice to me and I like him too."

"Nani? Could it be you like him better than me?" Bankotsu teased.

Jakotsu turned in Bankotsu's embrace and looked up at him, "Iie, it's you I like best, Aniki-chan."

"Thought so..." Bankotsu said as he leaned in and kissed him. Breaking the kiss he added huskily, "Too bad I'm going away in the morning, or I'd talk you into forgetting about that bath..."

"No problem; besides, I know what to do in the bath..." he giggled.

"I bet you do. So what are we waiting for?"

"Dunno, let's go, Aniki-chan. The sooner we bathe the sooner we'll be back and I can snuggle with you one last time..." Jakotsu said sadly.

"You make it sound as though I'm going to die," Bankotsu said as he moved out his embrace.

"Iie! I didn't mean that at all, Aniki-chan! I swear it!!"

"I know you didn't," Bankotsu said as they made their way to the bathhouse.


In a move that echoed the first time they met, Bankotsu sat soaking in the tub; Jakotsu happily ensconced in his lap. The young mercenary really wanted to finally take their relationship one step further, but found he could not do it. The physical desire was there, but a little voice in his head kept telling him to wait until the time was right. Whenever he had asked the little voice exactly when that was supposed to be, it would always annoyingly reply, "You'll know it when you see it." Instead, he spent the time getting to know the boy better, and much to his chagrin, falling more deeply in love with him with every passing moment. Besides, he found the affectionate cuddling to be every bit as satisfying as he knew the eventual bedding of him would be, so he waited.

When he noticed Jakotsu was becoming drowsy, they left warm damp confines of the bathhouse and headed back to their room. They strolled together, Bankotsu's arm around Jakotsu's shoulder, while he held Bankotsu tightly at the waist, pausing every so often to gaze at the fireflies that danced in the gardens surrounding the inn.

Once in side their room, Bankotsu was surprised to see their futon spread out on the tatami mats, an old quilt folded carefully at one end. Sighing softly, Bankotsu said as he loosened his heko obi, "Sweetness, I think it's time we get some sleep as I have to be up early tomorrow."

"Hai..." Jakotsu said softly as he walked over to the futon. Sighing sadly, he knelt on the floor beside it, before crawling onto it and curling up on his side.

"That's not how I want to sleep..." Bankotsu said softly as he dropped his yukata on the floor.

Jakotsu rolled over onto his back. "Nani?"

"Take your yukata off, I want to feel your skin against mine as we sleep."

"Oh...Of course, how silly of me, Aniki-chan," he said softly and Bankotsu was happy to see his smile returning. "Umm...Aniki-chan, can you help me?" he asked impishly as he sat up.

"Hai." Bankotsu crawled over to him and kneeling behind Jakotsu, he deftly untied the light green heko obi that held the boy's yukata closed. When he had finished he gently placed his hands on Jakotsu's shoulders and leaned closer, deeply inhaling the faint scent of the bath oils that the boy had insisted on smoothing over his skin before getting dressed. In the faint light of the single candle, Jakotsu's neck glowed pale and smooth like the neck of the finest oiran and Bankotsu wondered if the time was finally right until that annoying little voice said otherwise. So Bankotsu contented himself with nuzzling the back of boy's neck as he slid the yukata off Jakotsu's shoulders. Nuzzle, kiss, nuzzle; he developed a gentle rhythm that soon had Jakotsu purring like a cat. As he worked his way up and over to Jakotsu's jaw line, Bankotsu reached out and gently eased him onto his lap, what he had not expected was the ache in his own loins was really a painfully hard arousal. His sharp intake of breath threatened to shatter the moment until Jakotsu noticed the reason for it.

"Aniki-chan," he said breathlessly. "Gomen nasai...please, allow me to take care of that for you." He took Bankotsu's face between his hands and kissed him, before carefully sliding off his lap and positioning himself so that he knelt in front of the young mercenary. Jakotsu then leaned forward until he gently sheathed Bankotsu in his mouth. Groaning softly, Bankotsu closed his eyes as the boy gently went to work on his arousal. He grabbed Jakotsu's shoulders and hung on as the boy's head bobbed up and down; pausing occasionally to flick his tongue across the top of Bankotsu's swollen manhood. Jakotsu continued, his rhythm gathering speed, as he felt the young mercenary heading towards his release. Minutes later, Bankotsu spent his lust inside the warm confines of Jakotsu's mouth, shuddering as his body reacted to the waves of pleasure that washed over him.

"Sweet Kami-sama!" Bankotsu swore; his voice still thick with lust. "Never before..." Words failed him as he shook his head at the boy.

Jakotsu smiled and as Bankotsu looked around while he tried to recover himself, he noticed Jakotsu trying to hide his own burgeoning arousal. Taking Jakotsu's hands in his, he said softly, "Let me help you now, Sweetness."

"Iie!" Jakotsu cried, "You mustn't; I can take care of it myself." He softened his look of distress into a smile. "Please, Aniki-chan. Let's lie together and I will show you how I do it..." He leaned in and kissed Bankotsu on the mouth and he tried to pull away when Bankotsu deepened it.

Bankotsu broke the kiss and licked his lips. "Hmmmm....You taste even sweeter than before," Bankotsu teased as he pulled the boy down onto the futon. They lay there, facing each other as Jakotsu reached down and began to stroke himself. Bankotsu, feeling the movement between them, also reached down and gently covered the boy's hand with his. Kissing each other as they stroked together as one, Jakotsu soon climaxed as well. The young mercenary removed his hand and brought it to lips, carefully licking his fingers clean. "Even your pearls of love and joy are sweet like you," he teased.


"Hai. You can taste it for yourself if you don't believe me..." Bankotsu chuckled when Jakotsu did so.

Making a face, he cried, "Ewww...I taste horrible! You are definitely better tasting than me, Aniki-chan!" His giggle soon turned into full laughter. "Stop it, Aniki-chan! You're tickling me!" He laughed as Bankotsu bent over to lick the boy's belly clean. "Please, Aniki-chan! I beg of you, stop it!!"

Bankotsu choosing to ignore him, soon had them both clean. Sighing, he said softly as he flopped back down on his back, "Sweetness, unfortunately as much as I would love to pillow with you all night, I need to get some sleep. Gomen, but I have to leave very early tomorrow."

"Hai..." Jakotsu said sadly as he choked back his tears. Snuggling close, he slept soundly that night wrapped in his lover's arms.


Jakotsu woke up the next morning and rolled over, fully expecting to see his lover's face when he opened his eyes. Instead, there was nothing there except the rumbled bedding and Bankotsu's yukata. "Aniki-chan? Where are you?" he said softly as he sat up and stretched. Then it hit him exactly where his lover was; off somewhere, possibly several ri away and in Kami-sama alone knew what direction. Jakotsu was stuck at the inn by himself until Bankotsu returned, if he returned and the thought frightened him. He reached over and drew the discarded yukata closer to him. Burying his face in it, he cried his heart out and it was several minutes before he realized someone just outside his room was trying to get his attention.

"Who's there?" he called out as his sobbing breaths settled down into hiccups.

"It's me, Mine-chan. Koko-chan?" Mineko called him by her nickname for him. "Koko-chan, may I please come in? I have something for you."

"Hai..." Jakotsu quickly shrugged into Bankotsu's yukata, barely managing to wrap it around himself when she entered, carrying a small silken package. "What's that?" he asked, his sorrow momentarily forgotten as his curiosity got the better of him.

"I don't know. I found it this morning and my father said it's addressed to you."


"Hai! Remember Ban-chan said this," she pointed to writing on the small scrap of paper that was tucked into the silken folds of the package, "was how you write your name?"

"Hai...?" Jakotsu said, although he was not sure if he should believe her or not as he was just as illiterate as she was.

"Well, my father said it says, 'To Jakotsu with love from your secret love.' Isn't that exciting?"

Jakotsu made a face as he thought it over. He was overjoyed at the notion that someone liked him enough to send him a little gift, and yet there was a part of him that was wary about the whole thing. He was afraid that if Bankotsu found out he would leave him for more than just a few days; he would leave him for good. As far as Jakotsu was concerned that was too great a risk than seeing what gift was. "I dunno, what if Aniki-chan finds out and gets mad at me?" he bravely voiced his concern.

"I don't think he'd mind. I think he would be happy someone's trying to help you not miss him so much." Mineko said with a smile. "Aren't you going to open it?" She placed the package gently in his hands and waited.

Jakotsu looked at it for several minutes as if it were going to bite him, before he finally opened it. Much to his surprise, he found inside the silken folds of the wrap, a small wooden disk covered in thin silk gauze. As he carefully held it up for Mineko to see a smile broke over his face. "Look, Mine-chan! It's a firefly lantern! Whoever sent it to me must have seen me and Aniki looking at them in the marketplace! OOH! I can't wait for nightfall so that we can catch some! You will catch some with me, ne?"

"Hai! That sounds like fun! But first we have a whole day's worth of chores to get through. So up and get dressed and meet me in the kitchen. We'll have breakfast and then you can help me with the laundry."

"Hai..." Jakotsu grumbled as a petulant frown creased his brow. Mineko leaned over and kissed his cheek before she was gone, leaving him alone with his thoughts.


Even though the day passed rather quickly in a flurry of activity, to Jakotsu it seemed to take forever before night fell. Once it had, he ran to his room and carefully took the firefly lantern from where he left it. He carried it outside to the large garden out back where he hung it in the cherry tree. Soon a little flash of light caught his eye and he was busy chasing fireflies when Mineko arrived. She made herself comfortable on the veranda and watched.

"Oi, Mine-chan! Come here and catch fireflies with me!" Jakotsu called out.

"Iie," she said softly as he came over to her. "I'd much rather watch you as I'm tired from the day's work." She yawned. "Gomen. You see," she said. "I told you I was tired. I'm only going to watch for a little more as I really need to go to sleep and I think you should too, as we both need to be up early tomorrow."

"Hai..." he grumbled in agreement. "Do you want to see my lantern? I'll go get it for you!" Without waiting for her reply he spun on his heel and dashed across the garden to the cherry tree. After carefully removing it from the tree's lower branches, he walked more sedately back to her.

Mineko smiled as he held it up. Jakotsu hand managed to collect a lot of fireflies in the short amount of time he had been in the garden and the lantern had a beautiful glow.

"It's beautiful, Koko-chan! But I think you should let them go on their way now and go to sleep." She got up to leave. "Please, Koko-chan, if you don't let them go, they'll be sad and in the morning all of them will have died from their grief."


"Hai. We can always come back here tomorrow night and catch more if you want."

"Hai! Ummm...Mine-chan, will you hold this while I get them out?"


Mineko held the lantern as Jakotsu stuck his hand through the opening in the side and gently removed a couple of fireflies. "Quick! Make a wish!" he said as he opened his hand and blew the insects off his palm. Both of them closed their eyes and wished before he stuck his hand in and got out a few more. Several minutes passed before the lantern was empty.

"Konbanwa, Mine-chan!" Jakotsu said as he watched her get up to leave.

"Konbanwa, Koko-chan!" Mineko replied, and bowed slightly before she turned and walked away in the direction of her room.


Jakotsu found that sleeping alone was not easy, especially when sleeping with Bankotsu made him feel safe and secure. He tossed and turned and finally cried himself to sleep. When Mineko arrived the next morning with the latest gift from his secret love, she had a hard time waking him up.

Bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, Jakotsu blinked at her for several minutes before his eyes came to rest on the long silken bundle she held in her hands.

"Ohayou, Koko-chan." She said; her voice pulling him back into wakefulness.

"Ohayou, Mine-chan..." Jakotsu trailed off into a yawn.

"Sleep well?" she asked, concern written all over her face, for he looked terrible in the soft morning light.

"Gomen, I didn't sleep much at all..." He yawned again. "I had a hard time falling asleep without Aniki-chan next to me..." he said sadly.

"I am so sorry to hear that..." She reached out and gently patted his arm. "Ummm, there was another gift left for you by the main entrance. It's from your Secret Love. Here." She handed him the gift and he slowly opened it.

As the ends of the silk fell away revealing the gift, a smile danced across his lips. "Look! Isn't it beautiful?" Jakotsu said, his exhaustion momentarily forgotten as he held up a fan. It had had a beautiful ivory frame and when opened, it was covered with silk which had a small painting of a landscape.

"Hai!" Mineko said with a smile. Wagging her finger at him, she continued, "Gomen nasai, Koko-chan, but you can't play with it now; I need help airing out the rooms. Hurry up and get dressed. I'll meet you in the kitchen and we'll have breakfast before we get to work." She smiled sweetly as she excused herself and left the room. Jakotsu played with the fan for a few minutes, fluttering it up against himself like the way he had seen oiran do it in the brothels, before closing it. He stood up and placed it on the small table in his room next to the firefly lantern before getting dressed and leaving to start his day.


The week flew by for Jakotsu as he began to look forward to his gifts. He had amassed quite a treasure trove of small trinkets, the lantern, a fan, a carved obi clasp, some cosmetics, a couple of hair ornaments with the latest being a pretty silk kimono. It was by far the most expensive of the gifts and while Jakotsu adored it and longed to show it off to his lover, he was afraid that when he did, Bankotsu would be angry with him. So it came as quite a surprise when Mineko returned after dinner with another gift as well as a request that he dress himself in the kimono.

"What did you get this time, Koko-chan?" she asked as she tried to catch a glimpse of the gift.

"Ummm...nothing," Jakotsu replied evasively. He found his latest present somewhat embarrassing and he was worried that he had now inadvertently given his secret love the wrong idea. "Mine-chan, I need to get dressed now." When she got up to leave, Jakotsu asked, "Is my secret love here?"

"I'm not sure, Koko-chan," she said softly, hating herself for lying to him since she knew Bankotsu had just arrived at the inn and was busy washing away the dirt and grim of traveling. "Well if you don't mind, I'll leave you to get dressed and I'll be back later."

"Hai...konbanwa, Mine-chan."

"Konbanwa, Koko-chan," she said softly as she left. When he could no longer hear her retreating footsteps, Jakotsu got up and went over to where his new kimono hung. It was made of the finest silk and Jakotsu thought it looked beautiful with its pattern of pine trees in soft pastel hues. He picked it up and held in his hands. He stared at it and as he did so, it slowly dawned on him that this was a wedding kimono. A tiny stab of fear pierced his heart and he reconsidered his decision to wear it. He worried his lower lip as he imagined an angry Bankotsu demanding to know who it was who sent it to him, and did it mean he was leaving him to marry someone else, before the imaginary Bankotsu left him standing there, all alone in their room, never to return.

Jakotsu stood there holding the kimono, before he burst into tears. /I can't do this...As beautiful as this kimono is, I feel like I'm betraying Aniki-chan by wearing it.../He sadly placed it over the kimono stand in the room, smoothing out the wrinkles with his hands, while occasionally pausing to wipe away his tears.


"Well?" Bankotsu asked as Mineko entered the room.

She shrugged and shook her head. "I don't know about this, Ban-chan. He was really happy in the beginning, but today, he seemed so sad. I have no idea why, except maybe he really misses you more than I thought." She went over to him and fluffed up his damp bangs. "You should go to him now, instead of making him wait. I'm sure he's dressed and sitting there waiting for you."

"He knows it's me?"

"Hai...I think so. He wasn't at first. But today when I gave him the love oil, he seemed like he did. In fact it was so cute how evasive he was." She giggled. "It was like I caught him writing in his pillow book."

Bankotsu laughed. "Since when can the two of you write? And what's this about a pillow book?"

Mineko laughed along with him. "Oh nothing. Besides, you know we can't, silly! Now go to him!!" She deftly moved around to stand behind him. Once there she playfully put her hands on his back and gave him a little shove towards the door. "Go, Ban-chan! Your secret love awaits you!" Giggling, she pushed him again towards the door.

"I'm going!!" Bankotsu said as he paused in the doorway and turned to face her.

"Good. Now hurry." She smiled sadly at him. "He's very lucky to have won your heart."

Bankotsu gently cupped her cheek. "Mine-chan, if things were different-"

"If things were different, Ban-chan, we'd be planning my wedding..." She sighed sadly. "But they're not. So go and make me happy by making him happy..."

He nodded. "Arigatou," he said softly, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

"Douitashimashite..." she said softly.

"You're a good woman, Mine-chan," he said as he turned and left.

/But not good enough.../she thought sadly.


Bankotsu walked quickly through the inn, nodding politely at the other guests he encountered along the way. He was in a hurry to get to his room and Jakotsu. Tonight was the night he was finally going to take that last step in their relationship and claim him as his own. Even though they knew that he could not publicly declare Jakotsu his bride, the very thought of it did bring a smile to the boy's face when Bankotsu had brought it up. And the one thing that seemed to fill Bankotsu's head lately was the thought of making the boy happy. If making a fuss and making believe they were really married before finally bedding him would do it, then so be it.

Another few steps brought Bankotsu to their room. He paused before entering as he thought he heard Jakotsu crying, and he was not sure if what he heard were happy tears or not. Listening some more before entering, he realized his love was crying from sorrow. Without giving it much thought, he slid the door open and entered the room.

"Gomen, Mine-chan, I just can't bring myself to wear it..." Jakotsu said as he turned around. "Aniki-chan!" he cried as he ran straight into his love's arm.

"Why not?" Bankotsu murmured softly as he held him close. "I thought you wanted to be my bride..."

"I do, I can't..." Jakotsu tried to get the words out but could not as he gave into his tears. "Secret...presents...lover" he choked out between sobs. "Gomen nasai...Aniki-chan....I think....something bad..."

"Shhh...Take a deep breath...that's it..." Bankotsu soothed. "Now don't tell me you didn't know that was me who sent you those gifts?"

"Aniki-chan, I didn't...I loved them and at first I started to wonder how my secret love knew what I liked, but they were such nice presents and Mine-chan thought so too...and, and..." He dissolved into tears again.

"Sweetness, stop being so silly, you fell in love with your secret love because your heart knew it was me..."

"Really...?" Jakotsu looked up at him and Bankotsu took his face in his hands and gently wiped away the tears with his thumbs.

"Hai...Now is my bride going to get dressed for his wedding...?"

"Hai...Will you help me, Aniki-chan?" Jakotsu said impishly.

"Iie. Don't be so lazy, Sweetness." Bankotsu chuckled. "Now hurry up and go get dressed before I change my mind..." he teased.

"Hai!" Jakotsu hurried over to the screen that separated their sleeping area from the rest of the room, grabbing the kimono.

Sitting back on his heels, Bankotsu listened to the soft rustle of clothing as Jakotsu changed from his yukata into the kimono. Closing his eyes, Bankotsu imagined he could see him dressing and the thought was a pleasant one.

"Aniki-chan...?" Jakotsu's voice cut through Bankotsu's reverie.


"What do you think?" Jakotsu said shyly as he emerged from the other side of the screen.

Bankotsu looked up from where he sat, his mouth open. Jakotsu had raised his eyebrows questioningly before the young mercenary could say anything. "Beautiful..." he whispered softly.

"Arigatou, Aniki-chan. I was wondering...ummm, could you help me with my obi?" Jakotsu stood before him, one hand holding his kimono modestly closed, the other outstretched; obi in hand. "Please?"

Bankotsu grinned at him. "You won't need that, Sweetness. Come're..." He beckoned the boy forward with his finger and Jakotsu eagerly moved closer.

"Aniki-chan!!" Jakotsu squealed when Bankotsu pulled him down onto his lap.

"Hush..." Bankotsu said softly. Taking Jakotsu's face in his hands, he brought it closer to his own and kissed him. "I missed you so much," he said, punctuating each word with a kiss.

"I missed you too, Aniki-chan," Jakotsu said as he broke the kiss. Sniffing back his tears, he laid his head on the young mercenary's shoulder and held him tight, moaning softly as Bankotsu let his hands wander under his kimono.

"I want to make you mine," Bankotsu murmured softly. "Every night when I went to sleep, I dreamt of you..."

"Me too..." Jakotsu sighed happily. "I'm glad you back now, Aniki-chan."

"I'm glad to be back." Bankotsu reached up and pulled the hair ornament from Jakotsu's hair, letting his hair fall around his shoulders. He loved how soft and baby fine the boy's hair was and how he looked like a high class oiran when he piled it up on the back of his head. Now it rested on his shoulders like a blanket of silk and Bankotsu gently moved it out of the way so that he could trail a line of little kisses along Jakotsu's neck. Jakotsu shifted slightly in his lap and as he did so the right side of his kimono fell down off his shoulder. Bankotsu, taking advantage of it, continued to plant kisses along the exposed skin until he heard a soft giggling.

"That tickles, Aniki-chan!" Jakotsu teased as Bankotsu looked up

"It's not supposed to..." Bankotsu leaned in and kissed the boy on his mouth, slowly worming his tongue past the other's teeth. Jakotsu playfully resisted as long as he could before giving in, and surprising the young mercenary with the force of his kiss. Bankotsu felt as though he was being devoured and the feelings of warmth in his belly melted into waves of pleasure. Breaking the kiss, he said huskily, his voice thick with lust, "Lean back, Sweetness, I want to pleasure you..." Bankotsu let his right hand wander down the length of Jakotsu's body where it came to rest in his lap. He gently took the boy's arousal in his hand, teasing the tip with a rough calloused thumb.

The feelings of pleasure that washed over him distracted Jakotsu and it was several minutes before he realized Bankotsu had eased him on his back and that the young mercenary had replaced his hand with his mouth. "Iie...please, Aniki-chan, stop..." he said breathlessly. "Please...Aniki-chan. It's, it's, it's not... seemly for you ..." he panted.

Bankotsu reluctantly stopped and looked up. "Why not? You did so for me..." he said; thoroughly puzzled by the boy's reaction.

Jakotsu laid there, eyes closed as he thought about it, before hiking himself up on his elbows. "Because it isn't; it's a, ummm..." he struggled to explain. "It just isn't," he said as if that explained everything and Bankotsu sighed.

"So?" he said; quirking an eyebrow at the boy.

"Please, Aniki-chan, there are other ways..."

"Hai..." Bankotsu grumbled as he sat up. "Come," he said softly, and holding out his arms, he waited for Jakotsu to fill his embrace.

Jakotsu hesitated. "You're not mad at me, are you, Aniki-chan?"

"Iie...Now come, I'm waiting."

Jakotsu smiled and giggled happily as he moved into his lover's arms. After a bit of careful maneuvering, he was sitting on Bankotsu's lap. The young mercenary was busy stroking the boy's manhood, bringing him closer and closer to his release. Jakotsu's soft panting and quiet moans, heightened Bankotsu's own arousal and he wished the boy would hurry up and climax. With a tight grip on his lover's thighs, Jakotsu spent his lust, his soft "gomen nasai" made Bankotsu chuckle softly in his ear. He shifted on his lover's lap and said, "Aniki-chan, let me clean this up..."

"Iie," Bankotsu whispered in his ear. "Stay put and enjoy the moment, Sweetness."

"Hai..." Jakotsu whispered as he moved so that could kiss Bankotsu. "I love you, Aniki-chan," he said softly.

"Me too..." Bankotsu said as he leaned in to kiss him.

"Aniki-chan...?" Jakotsu said as he pulled back from Bankotsu.


"Can I clean myself up? It feels cold and sticky..." He made a face at the young mercenary that was half pout, half look of disgust and Bankotsu laughed.

"Here, use this." Bankotsu reached out, and finding Jakotsu's discarded obi, he handed it to him. When the boy made another face at him, he said, "I'll get you another one, I promise. Now unless you want to remain cold and sticky I suggest you use it."

"Hai..." Jakotsu took the proffered obi. "Aniki-chan, let me clean you up too."

"Iie." Bankotsu licked the back of his hand. "Unless you want me to lick you clean, I'd suggest you hurry."

Jakotsu reluctantly did as he was told and tossing the dirty sash aside, he moved so that he could face his lover. He smiled shyly at him before leaning in to kiss him. They kissed as Jakotsu struggled to remove Bankotsu's kimono.

"Leave it," the young mercenary whispered as he broke their kiss. Gently easing the boy closer to him, Bankotsu let his hands wander down his lover's back until they rested on the soft contours of the boy's buttocks.

Jakotsu tensed, broke the kiss and pulled away from him. "What are you doing, Aniki-chan?" he asked and there was no mistaking the anxiety in his voice.

"Nothing, I just want to feel you all over..." Bankotsu said huskily as he planted little kisses in the hollow of the boy's throat.

"You're sure? You not going to fuck my ass, are you?"

Bankotsu looked up. "Where did my little bride learn such rough language?" he asked a touch of amusement in his voice.

"In the bath house. That's what some of the old men used to do to me there... and it hurt, Aniki-chan," he whimpered.

Bankotsu was momentarily taken aback by that and to cover up his discomfiture he held the whimpering boy close. "Shh, Sweetness, I promise I won't hurt you." He kissed the top of the boy's head and he gently rocked from side to side until Jakotsu's stopped crying. "Sweetness, you do know every bride feels some pain on her wedding night?"

"Hai, but..."

"But nothing. I give you my word; I'll do my best not to hurt you." Bankotsu tenderly held the boy close. "That's why I went and got you those love oils from the brothel. So stop worrying about it. "


"Why don't you go get them for me?"

Jakotsu nodded and went to get them. While he gone, Bankotsu opened his kimono and removed it. Tossing it aside, it landed in a soft heap.

"Aniki-chan! You're hurt!" Jakotsu rushed over to him.

"Hunh? You mean this? It's nothing; just a couple of bruised ribs, that are nearly healed." He took the earthenware bottle away from him. "Come, I want you to take that off," Bankotsu reached up and gently tugged on the boy's kimono, "before we ruin it."

"Hai," he said as he complied. He knelt with his back towards Bankotsu, listening to the soft sounds of the mercenary uncorking the bottle, and rubbing the oil on his hands, as he waited.

"Move you hair out of the way..." Bankotsu said he moved closer.

Jakotsu reached up with his right hand and titling his head to the side, he pulled his hair away from his back. He sighed as Bankotsu moved his rough hands over his back, gently easing the tension away as he went lower and lower.

"Put your ass up in the air."

"Nani?!" Jakotsu cried as he looked over his shoulder at his lover.

"You heard me. Besides, I thought my bride liked rough talk," Bankotsu chuckled and he was happy when Jakotsu added his own laughter to it as he leaned forward. "That's some view you got there, Sweetness."

"Arigatou..." He giggled when Bankotsu touched him.

"Douitashimashite." Bankotsu moved his hand closer to the cleft of the boy's buttocks as his fingers searched for the hidden prize. "Ssh...relax, Sweetness, it'll feel better if you do."

"Aniki-chan!" Jakotsu cried out when Bankotsu's finger entered him. "That hurt!"

"Ssh, Sweetness, relax...I won't go any further."

Bankotsu slowly eased his finger out when he felt the boy relax. Adding more oil to his fingers he entered him again using two fingers, only to repeat the process until he managed to somehow get four of his fingers inside. "You're ready now and it's time for me to take my bride..." Bankotsu said huskily as he quickly removed his hakama.


"Don't worry, Sweetness, it shouldn't hurt at all," Bankotsu said softly. He positioned himself behind the boy and after rubbing some of the love oil on his manhood, he grabbed Jakotsu's hips. Pulling him closer, Bankotsu gently eased himself inside. Feeling Jakotsu tensing, he whispered tender words of love to him until he relaxed.

"It still hurts, Aniki-chan."

"Gomen...It'll be over soon; I promise." Bankotsu found him to be tighter than a young maiden and as he developed his rhythm, the waves of pleasure were too much for him. He thrust inside his lover a few more times before he had to spend his lust. "Sweetness!" he cried as he felt himself spill his seed. Shuddering, he collapsed with Jakotsu in a tangled heap. "I love you, Sweetness," he said tenderly as he spooned in behind Jakotsu. Pulling him close, he smiled with relief when Jakotsu laughed.

"I love you, Aniki-chan, or should I call you 'my secret love?'"

"Whatever you want, my sweet, as long as it's me you're calling," he said playfully and he laughed when Jakotsu squirmed around in his embrace until they lay there, facing each other.

"Hai. Aniki-Secret-love-chan...?"

"Hai...?" Bankotsu laughed.

"Can we do it again?"

Bankotsu chuckled. "Hai, my insatiable little bride...But let's just savor the moment for now. As cute as you are, I can't just up and do it again so quickly." He kissed him. "You need to learn patience, Sweetness."

"Hai...Aniki-chan. You know, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.You were really gentle with me...and I liked it."

"I'm glad, now shut up and kiss me."

"Hai..." Jakotsu said as he captured Bankotsu's lips with his own...


Domo arigatou gozaimasu: thank you very much!

Douitashimashite: you're welcome.

Hai: yes.

Iie: no

Nani: what?

Aniki: older brother, adding the "chan" to the end makes it a term of endearment.

Ohayou: good morning.

Konbanwa: good night.

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