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"You're Doing Everything Right"

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yet another frerard oneshot. not smutty, but pretty fluffy =] reviews please!!!

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[[A/N]] okay i thought i would post alot today...but i didnt post anything, so heres another little oneshot =]
again, give me some ideas on what you want my next one to be frerard to be about =]
[and just so you know, it's raining]

"Yeah Frankie?What's wrong?"
"C-Can you come and g-get me?"
"Yeah baby. What happened?
"My d-dad hit me in the stomach really h-hard."
"I'll be right there babe. Just calm down. It'll all be fine."
"Love you."
"Love you."
I snapped my phone shut. I hugged my knees to my chest.My stomach was aching from the blow my father took to it. I sat on my bed, rocking back and forth, sobbing, and having to listen to the loud shouts of my mother and father just outside my door. I was lucky that my room was downstairs and my window was just above my bed. It made it easier when Gerard had to come get me.
My beautiful Gerard.
If I didn't have him, I don't know what I would do. He was so amazing and sweet and everything you could ever want in a boyfriend. I love everything about him.
I loved that crystal voice that would sing me to sleep anytime I wanted it to.
I loved his long, black hair that I would always run my fingers through.It was always so soft and always smelled of...Gerard.
I loved his lips. They were thin, pink, and cute. and when they pressed against my own, the whole world would fall around our feet and crumble away like leaves in the autumn.
And the thing I love about him the most were his eyes. I fell in love with those eyes. They were a beautiful hazel-green. They seemed to change colors with his emotions. They were gorgeous and they always had a certain sparkle when they looked at me.
I love him so much.
He was so good to me.
I heard a tapping sound.
My head shot up and saw beauty in human-form standing outside my window, holding himself, freezing and soaked in the pouring down rain.
I got on my knees on my bed and lifted the window.
"Come on babe."
I put my hands on the window sill and stuck my head out and then the rest of my upper body. My stomach lay against the window sill. It hurt really bad. He put his arms around me and pulled the rest of my body out of the window. He held me and then sat my feet gently on the ground.I was instantly soaked by the pouring rain.
He put his hands on my chest and pushed me gently to the wall of my house. His perfect lips smashed into mine.He rested his hands on my hips.My hands made their way up to his long, black hair.I grabbed it and smashed our lips harder together.We both opened our mouths and our tongues jetted towards the other's mouth ,but met viscously. Our tongues lapped at each other. His taste was so sweet with the rain falling from our faces to our mouths.He continued to kiss me passionately.
The kiss was passionate, romantic, straight from his heart, and just what I needed. It was wild and innocent at the same time. It came from our hearts and was very loving.We pulled away and he smiled at me, slipping his arms all the way around my waist into a gentle hug, avoiding too much pressure on my stomach. He pressed his lips to my neck.
"Sorry. I just really needed that."
"Don't be sorry.I needed it.I feel so much better.Whenever you kiss me like that, I know I must be doing something right."
He giggled into my hair.
I love his laugh.
"You're doing everything right. Now come on. It's freezing and you're not wearing a jacket."
He bent over slightly and slipped his arm under my knees and the other behind my back.He swept me off my feet and carried me to his car.He sat me in his car and made his way around to the driver's side.
We pulled up to his house.
"I'm back Mom!"
"Okay Gerard. Did you get Frankie?"
"Yeah he's right here!"
"Hello Frankie!"
His mom was in the kitchen. I loved his mom. She was so cool about me and Gerard. I wish my mom were like that.
"We'll be in my room!"
We made our way downstairs. He switched on the lights. We stepped in. He slid his hand around my waist and stole quick little kiss.
"Wanna take a shower?"
"Hang on then."
He stepped into the bathroom.
I heard the water start. I peeled off my shirt, revealing that ugly bruise on my stomach. I slid out of my wet skinny jeans. Than I slipped off my boxers. I was freezing, just standing there.
"Come on babe! It's ready!"
I walked towards the bathroom and stepped into the shower next to Gerard.He slipped his arms around my waist as the warm water slid down our bodies. His body was also beautiful. It was perfectly pale and was built and skinny in all the right places. His shoulders were broad, his torso was flat and toned and his legs were long and slim. He looked towards my bruise and ran his finger along it softly so it didn't hurt. His eyes flickered up my body to meet mine. He looked me in the eyes.
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay now that you're here." I smiled and he managed a smile. He looked at it once more and then wrapped his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder. He kissed my neck tenderly. I loved the feeling of his body against mine.I slipped my arms around him and held him closer. The warm water felt relaxing as we just stood there, embracing each other. He pulled his head up and looked into my eyes and pecked my lips once, twice, three times.The third time, his lips lingered on mine for a little longer.
We stepped out and dried each other off. We walked back into his room. He handed me a pair of boxers to sleep in. I watched him as he slid on a pair of his own and then put mine on.
He walked over to his bed and geld up the covers for me to get under.I took my place and felt his arms slip around me and pull me closer. My face buried into his bare chest and his chin rested on top of my head
"I love you Frankie.You are so beautiful, amazing, and perfect.You're everything anyone could ever ask for baby."
"I love you too Gerard. I can't explain how beautiful and amazing you are." I said truthfully. I kissed his chest.
"I can't believe you're mine."
"Me either."
I looked up at him and smiled.I pressed my lips to his. mmm.They were so warm.I pulled away. I could feel his breath on my face. Even his breath smelled good. Our bare legs were entangled and our bodies were so close. His arms tightened around me as he whispered
"I love you Frankie."
"I love you too"
He softly sang me a song as I drifted asleep, happy in the warm embraces of Gerard
alright. please r&r!
-Lindsey Lachrymosa
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