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Chapter One

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What would you do with six months?

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“Six months.” The two words echoed in her ears, her white knuckles tightening further on the steering wheel. Who would she tell? What would she do? Her fiancée would be waiting for her at the apartment. Her apartment, but if they separated, she would be the one moving out.

“How was your doctor’s appointment Car?” Kyle moved to kiss her, but she turned away. “What’s wrong?”

“I think it’s time we break up,” She admitted quietly.

“Wait, wait, wait. This is just coming out of nowhere Carson,” He reasoned.

“No, it’s not Kyle,” She sighed. “I haven’t been happy in a long time. I just needed one last push. I’m already packed.” She walked into the bedroom, opening her closet, and pulling out two big duffel bags, and a backpack. “I’m sorry.” She slid off the engagement ring, placing it carefully onto the dining table. She opened the door, carefully making her way down to the street.

Carson arrived at her best friend’s apartment complex minutes later. She was buzzed up, and she collapsed onto the couch.

“You actually left,” Gabrielle said. “I’m impressed.”

“Shut up, we have to get my piano out ASAP,” Carson replied. “And I need to find an apartment.”

“There’s one upstairs,” The other girl suggested.

“Sounds great,” Carson smiled slightly. “We’ll get the piano, I’ll leave the key, and then I’ll buy the apartment.”

“That’s the plan, but right now you need sleep,” Gabby suggested gently. She placed a hand on her best friends shoulder. “You look like you’re about to pass out.”

Carson shrugged off the hand and stood, wrapping her arms around her body, “I’m fine, but if it makes you feel better, I’ll lay down.” She pulled a blanket over her thin body as she laid down. “Just put on a good movie.”

“How did your doctor’s appointment go?” Gabby asked, sliding in the first movie she could find.

Carson stiffened, “It was fine. I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong.” She finally had a reason to thank her parents for those acting lessons.

“Well, tomorrow’s a big day,” Gabby teased. “Get a ton of sleep or you won’t get the surprise I’ve planned for you.”

The other girl sat up quickly, “Wait, what surprise?”

“You’ll see,” Gabby turned off the lights and walked into her bedroom, leaving Carson to wonder.

“You’re a bitch, you know that?” She called.

“I love you too,” Gabby replied. Carson started to get up, but was stopped by a quick yell, “And get your ass back on that couch!”
“C’mon, I know you are not that weak!” Carson ordered Gabby and her boyfriend, Brandon. “It’s just a Baby Grand Piano! C’mon!” They were pushing the piano into Carson’s new apartment.

“Why don’t you help up?” Gabby panted.

“You were the one who told me not to overexert myself,” Carson pointed out.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, “Brandon sighed.

“Ok, that’s a good place,” Carson decided.

“You know, you’re apartment is better than mine,” Gabby whined.

“Well it better be, for what I’m paying for it,” Carson decided. She surveyed the flat wood floored space. She had placed the piano near the big window that faced a better part of Los Angeles. She had already gone shopping, buying kitchenware, couches, armchairs, coffee tables, a bed, and anything else she could possibly need. “But it’s all too clean at this point.”

“You’ll have it up to your standards in a week,” Gabby grinned. “Now, for your surprise.” She took out a white envelope and handed it to Carson.

Carson opened it slowly peeking in, “Is it going to explode or something?” She laughed at her own joke, and pulled out to small slips of paper. “I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!” Carson jumped up and down, hugging Gabby. “Oh my God, we only have three hours, we have to get dressed!!!” She dragged Gabby into her room, pulling out the perfect dress, and then dragging her up into Gabby’s apartment. “Don’t wait up Brandon!”

“Do you think this is the right thing to wear?” Gabby asked, holding up a loose fitting, knee-length midnight blue dress.

“Yeah, since you have Brandon, it’s perfect. But what about this for me?” Carson said, holding up a strapless crimson mini-dress that went to mid-thigh.

“You need someone to replace Kyle, and that will attract more than you’ll even want,” Gabby said changing into her dress. “But it’s perfect.” Gabby pulled on her four-inch black high heels that made her teeter above Carson. The latter pulled on simple two-inch heels that matched her dress.

“How can you wear those things?” She asked her friend.

“It’s a gift,” Gabby laughed. She hooked arms with Carson, “Let’s get ‘em girl.” They stood in line waiting to get into the concert, when I security guard came through, checking tickets, and picking people out for the mosh pit. He pointed at the two girls.

“Let’s do it Gabs,” Carson urged.

“No! You’ve looked on the verge of death lately,” Gabby argued.

Carson cocked her head to the side and made a popping sound, “What if I get hit by a car tomorrow and row 25 is the closest I ever get to my favorite band of all time?”

Gabby sighed in resignation, “Fine, but if you feel nauseous, or dizzy, or anything you tell me and we’re out of there.” Carson hugged her and followed the guard. She was bouncing as well as you can in heels, and couldn’t stop smiling.

The opening band played and Carson felt the tension around her rise as they left the stage. The first member of the band emerged on the stage, the drummer. Everyone screamed as the lead singer, the main guitarist, and the bassist ran out.

The screaming was deafening, but Carson didn’t really feel it because she was one of the many screaming her lungs out. “How are you doing tonight L.A.?” More screams. “We’re ecstatic to be here, and as you may already know, we’re Fall Out Boy!” They struck up “Sugar We’re Going Down”, Carson and Gabby singing along to every song that they played.

By the end, Carson had determined that this was the best night of her life. They walked out of the concert with a feeling of elation. Carson had bought a Clandestine hoodie, though she already had four, but she was cold and Gabby would kill her if she got sick. Gabby had been smarter, and had actually brought a jacket.

“You hungry?” Gabby asked.

“Starving,” Carson sighed. “There’s that diner down the street. Let’s walk. It’s a beautiful night; I can see a whole number of three stars. A miracle in L.A.” They laughed and kept walking.

“Hey!” They turned and looked to see four shadows behind them. One was steadily approaching. “You going to get some food?”

“That depends,” Carson smiled. “Who are you?” The people stepped out of the shadows.

“I assume you know who we are,” The one in front grinned. “You were just at our concert.”

“How do you know we’re not some creepy stalker fan girls?” She replied cheekily.

“You haven’t screamed at the sight of us yet,” Another butted in.

“I’m Pete Wentz,” Pete said, sticking out his hand.

“I’m Carson, this is my friend Gabby,” Carson replied. “And you really didn’t have to introduce yourself, I knew who you were. And I know the others. C’mon, there’s a good diner down the street.” They walked again, the boys following behind them.

They opened the door and Gabby said, “It’s a good thing that it’s this late. This place gets pretty busy during the day. You’d have screaming creepy stalker fan girls all over you.” They all slid into a big corner booth, and a waitress came over.

“You’re Fall Out Boy,” She said dumbfounded.

“Yup, that’s us,” Joe answered.

“Can I get an autograph, and a picture?” She asked quickly. The boys started to stand up but the waitress stopped them, “No, no, you can sit down, I don’t need to be in the picture.” She whipped out a camera, but she quickly explained, “We get celebrities in here all the time. Squish together all of you!”

All the boys leaned in, and Pete wrapped his arm around Carson. The waitress snapped a picture, and then pulled out the standard notebook, “I’ll get the autographs later. What’ll you have?” They ordered, the waitress left.

“Are you single?” One of the boys asked randomly.

Gabby laughed, “I’m not, but she sure is.” Carson blushed, gently shoving her friend.

“I just broke up with someone,” Carson admitted. “But I haven’t really been emotionally attached to him in a long time. And I have to admit, this was possibly the best therapy.”

The food came and Gabby scowled at the amount that Carson had ordered, “C’mon, you have to eat more than that.”

“It’s a salad,” Carson argued. “It’s supposed to be small.”

Gabby cut her hamburger in half, placed one half on Carson’s plate, and half of the fries she’d gotten, “You better eat it all. I haven’t seen you eat all day.”

“I’m not that hungry,” Carson defended.

“Car, don’t make a scene,” Gabby said.

Carson shoved a few fries in her mouth and took a bite of the burger, chewing slowly, “Happy?”

Gabby smirked, “Very.”

“This hamburger is gross though,” Carson whined. Gabby shook her head exasperatedly, and the next thing they knew, four different kinds of dinner was piled onto Carson’s plate.

Gabby’s mouth hung open and Carson’s eyebrows furrowed, “What the hell?”

“You didn’t like the burger,” Patrick answered.

“Not a good explanation,” Carson complained. She eyed everything on her plate carefully, and carefully picked up half of a grilled chicken breast sandwich, and bit into it. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she chewed impossibly slow. “Yum.” Everyone laughed.

“So, where are you guys heading now that the tour is over?” Gabby asked.

“Just sticking around here,” Pete answered. “I just bought a house about a year ago, I haven’t really been able to check it out.”

“Oh really? I just bought a new apartment,” Carson said.


“Today,” She shrugged. “I went on a bit of a shopping spree today. The only piece of furniture I took from my old apartment was my piano.”

“You play?” Patrick questioned.

“Yeah, I play,” Carson said. “It’s the only thing that soothes me.” She glanced at her watch, “We better get going, Brandon’s going to get worried Gabs.”

“Wait!” Pete said suddenly. “Can I have your phone numbers?”

“Only if I can have yours,” Carson negotiated. She pulled out her cell phone, snapping a picture of him and saving it. He did the same, and they swapped numbers. Carson and Gabby walked to their car when Carson stopped, “You didn’t give him your number.”

“Girl, all he wanted was your number. He was just trying to make it less obvious,” Gabby laughed. Carson’s eyes widened, and she climbed into the car. When she walked into her apartment, she sat down at her piano. She started to play, just tapping out every beat that came into her head. It was always weird for people to listen to her play, because she could never focus on something for more than a moment or two, so when the music switched to another song in her head, she’d just start playing that song. You could hear classical music, blues, pop, and rock all in the time span of five minutes.

She heard a knock on the door, and Carson slowly gave up on her playing, hoping that if she took her time, the person would go away. She swung the door open, and she sighed.

“What are you doing here?”
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