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Glad Promise

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This is an old FF7 of mine. It's Sephiroth's apology to Cloud. Clearly OOC(IMO), but it's a poem I'm not too ashamed of. Enjoy! Shounen-Ai.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters:  Sephiroth, Cloud Strife - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-05-10 - Updated: 2005-05-10 - 237 words - Complete

"There will never be enough sorries."
He said as he painted the wind with
his thigh length silvery white hair.
He held his hand to his heart and lifted
his head as the wind carassed
his perfect face.
His delicate, perfect face.
"I've done too much, my boy,
my baby boy.
I destroyed everything you loved
because my mind flew from me.
My baby boy.
I want you in my arms, but you
hate me baby boy."
"Who is the boy you are speaking of,
O Great One?" The wind whispered.
"Who is he?"
Sephiroth sighed and answered, "I am speaking
of a love I lost so long ago."
The wind fell silent as Sephiroth collapsed to his side
on the cool, damp ground.
A single tear fell from his aquamarine eyes
as he stared at the clouds
at the sun rays
that reminded him of the spiked hair he once ran
his gloved hands through.
"My boy, my baby boy. I swear to you that I will
hold you and protect you with all I have.
I swear that I will be strong, so I will never hurt
you again.
I swear that I will pierce the heart of treachory
and I will return to
the hero you admired,
the Soldier you respected,
the man you loved.
This is my
glad promise
to you.
My baby boy...
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