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this is my first fan fiction so be nice! i think it will be okay. it set in HIGH SCHOOL! basically its about a girl who moves to las vegas. before she moves she hasbeen friends with this guy on a c...

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CHAPTER 1: and so it begins…

“Another day, another hell” I know pretty pessimist thought for just getting up, but that's me. Yet another day telling mum “I'm okay! Don't worry” she seems to think that staying in your room and on your computer for a long time rather strange. Well let me tell you about my ordinary self:

red hair, nearly to my waist very curly and frizzy

slight tan, nothing abnormal or too pale

normal height and weight not a stick

black heads because I'm NORMAL (hear the preppy girls scream)

Well that pretty much it I mean I don't stand out in a crowd.

“GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE FOR BREACKFAST!” I guess mum is fed up again…probably because I am being snappy to her as wouldn'tyou get fed up of “are you okay?” again and again?!

“COMING MUM. Sheesh don't get your knickers in a twist! sigh bat”

“I'm telling mum!” And yet 17 years and my brother hasn't matured.


I decide to find a chat room as my friends aren't online on msn. Usually I'm all about the news saying she got abducted because she told this guy, who turned out to be 60 and a perv, where she lives. I don't have the intentions to get a boyfriend I mean I am 16 and bored but a boyfriend isn't going to fill my spare time. I remember my friend telling about this chat room she uses it's called something like friends on web or friends online or something. I'll ring her.

“hiya! Is lulu lollipop there?”

“ha, yes I'll just get her crackle LULU GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW YOUR STUPID FRIEND IS HERE! Here she is…” it was her brother obviously you see me and Chanel both have 17 year old bitches for brothers who hate us. I guess your wondering Chanel to lulu lollipop well basically I found out that she had her name Chanel when she was 2 as her parents decided Lauren didn't suit her anymore and well. I agree. As her best friend I know these things…

“heya! What do you want?” yup she is still her normal self.

“whats that name of that chat room you go on?” I said


“ kay thanks I will be going now..Can you kick your brothers ass for calling me stupid?”

“I was already planning on to”

“bye!!!!” and with that I hung up.

I typed in the address she told me and decided to join music. I searched through names and decided this guy looked interesting : nightmare,tearcatcher.

Ixypixy: hey

nightmare,tearcatcher: hey how are you?

Ixypixy: fine yourself?

nightmare,tearcatcher: not bad. Bit stressed.

Ixypixy: so what music do you like?

nightmare,tearcatcher: SMARTIES!!!!!!!


nightmare,tearcatcher.:sorry that was ryan my friend who thinks it okay to but into peoples conversation evil glare

Ixypixy:hi ryan!waves

nightmare,tearcatcher.: hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nightmare,tearcatcher.: okay I like blink 182 um counting crows, mcr all that along those lines

Ixypixy: Me too.

nightmare,tearcatcher:something bothering you?

Ixypixy: yeah…

nightmare,tearcatcher: tell me then! I guarantee you will feel better.

Ixypixy: but you're a stranger…

nightmare,tearcatcher:all the more reason to. You wil never see me so it wont be uncomfortable or anything.

Ixypixy: Well my mum informed me this morning that we will be moving to America as she recently broke up from my dad (her husband) and they got divorced. She says she needs a change and it will make me take it better aswell as her. See dad cheated on her with this fake model blonde whore. Now I basically live in my room.

nightmare,tearcatcher: wow…you okay?

Ixypixy: yeah…

nightmare,tearcatcher: I live in las vegas im guessing you live in..

Ixypixy:England moving to las vegas so hi!

nightmare,tearcatcher: well I guess ill se you wen you come…

Ixypixy: next month

nightmare,tearcatcher: im brendon by the way and you are

Ixypixy: If I told you I would have to kill you. I've gtg

nightmare,tearcatcher: okay. Keep in touch.

Ixypixy:will do. Night Brendon and Ryan! x
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