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Chapter 8

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Ecstacy Ch 8

Later that night I was sitting in Ecstacy’s bus. I was in the back working on a song. We were on our way to New York City. We would have the day off there to do whatever we wanted. The only think I knew that was planned was that both bands were going to go to dinner together for my birthday,

“Hey stranger” Frank said
“When did you get on here?” I asked confused. When I last checked it was just us girls on the bus.
“Just now. We stopped so the drivers could piss. The girls all went to my bus so I came over here so they all would leave me alone” he said sitting next to me.
“Tell me about it. That’s all I’ve heard since we started getting along is when are you two getting together. Its getting rather annoying” I said as I set my notebook on the table
“I know the guys have been doing the same thing to me” he said
“It’s annoying. I mean come on. They should just be happy that we aren’t fighting anymore. Plus I don’t even know you all that well yet” I said
“Well lets get to know each other better. I mean we still have 5 months or so on the tour and by the looks of it we are gonna be spending a lot of time together since we both don’t want to watch any of them suck face. Oh I know we can play 20 questions, cept we can ask more than that” he said getting excited
“What are we in high school again” I said laughing
“Come on it will be fun” he said
“Ok ok. But first I am getting something to drink and some popcorn. Want anything?” I asked
“Mountain dew or coke will be fine” he said I nodded and went to the front lounge. I put the popcorn in the microwave. Once it finished I dumped it in a bowl, but the drinks in my hoodie pocket and walked to the back again
“Hold this quick” I said handing Frank the popcorn which he started eating. I set the drinks on the table and got comfortable. I was all curled up with a blanket. Frank sat directly across from me and sat the bowl between us.
“Ok I’ll go first” frank said. The questions ranged from really pointless things to really insightful ones. We got into the most random conversations. I looked at the clock noticing it was almost 4:30am.
“Ok last one then I am going to sleep” I said giggling. We were both out of it due to lack of sleep.
“Ok. Are you ticklish?” he asked
“No” I said trying to keep a straight face. Truth is I am EXTREMELY ticklish.
“Liar” he said pouncing on me. He started tickling me all over
“Frank…stop….cant…breathe” I said while laughing. He stopped tickling me and just stared into my eyes
“You’re beautiful you know that” he whispered
“I am not” I said looking away from him. He gently took my head in his hands and made me look at him
“Yes you are” he said. He started leaning in closer to me. I could feel his breath on my lips. I watched his eyes slip shut as he went to close the gap between us. All of a sudden my phone started ringing making us jump away from each other. It was my brother wishing me a happy birthday. I was on the phone for a pretty long time talking to him and his band mates who are also like my brothers. When I went to the back again Frank was asleep on the couch. I laid a blanket over him which he curled into. I then went to my bunk. I kept replaying the nights events in my head before I finally drifted to sleep
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