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The Sun and the Moon (One-shot)

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Well just a little one-shot. I hope this sort of makes up for me not updating much. WARNING: CHEESY. Based on the song by Mae.

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The Sun and the Moon

"Come on Patrick, you know you can tell me anything," Michelle said. Patrick just shook his head and turned away from his best friend. She sighed in exasperation. "Come on, Trick, just tell me what's wrong."

"No, I'm fine," he replied, his voice a bit thick. He looked at the ground, and all she could see was the brim of his hat. She moved closer to him and put her arms around him.

"Tricky," she murmured into his shoulder before kissing it. "Come on, it's just me. Just your little Mishy Fishy." At the sound of the old nickname, he turned into her hug and let the tears flow. She rubbed his back soothingly, and after a while, the tears stopped.

"She said I was a waste of time," he whispered after a long silence, still in Michelle's arms. She kissed his head.

"No, you're not. You are wonderful, Patrick, and if she can't see that, then she's blind. You are sweet and kind and sensitive and perfect," Michelle whispered back fiercely, saying what she had always longed to say. A thousand thoughts raced through her head, and she knew that she was dangerously close to admitting her darkest secret, but she just wanted her Patrick, her best friend since forever, to be happy again. She would say anything to make this better, to mend his broken heart. She wanted to see his eyes light up and his face break into a smile.

"She said she loved me," he muttered angrily.

"Shh, she's not worth it. Besides, you have me. You have our friends. We all love you, and you know that's for real," she said, trying to calm him. He removed his head from its place on her shoulder to look her in the eyes.

"You love me?" he whispered. Michelle knew from the tone of his voice that he wanted to know if she really loved him, not the way that Pete or Joe or Andy loved him. She bit her lip and nodded, knowing that she'd get nowhere if she didn't tell him the truth. And then he kissed her, and it seemed that their worlds had finally collided in the way that she had always wanted them to. She knew in that kiss that lasted little more than an instant that she had all that she wanted in her arms, that she was solely and undeniably Patrick's, and would be forever.

As they pulled away, she looked into his eyes, remembering the way that they reminded her of the ocean, stormy and conflicted, but the most beautiful blue in the world, the most vibrant and exhilarating color she had ever seen. She had seen so many people in the world, so many different images, so many breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and yet nothing could even compare to the shivers she got down her spine when she looked into the eyes that were right in front of her, that had been in front of her for years. Their light had returned, and it was the most brilliant light she had seen in the world, like it could reach to the ends of the earth. And she marvelled at how two eyes could be so bright and not blind her. His eyes were the sun and the moon. They were so bright, so calm, so beautiful, and she never wanted to look away. She knew that they would never hurt her, that they could see to the depths of her soul. And she was okay with that for once in her life.

Patrick was looking back just as intently, trying to see what she saw in him. He had just gotten over a bad break up with his long time girlfriend, sure, but he had known that coming to this picture-filled apartment was always a good idea. Michelle could always start up the butterflies in his stomach, she could always make him feel better, and sometimes he wondered if she was blind because he was obviously in love with her. Everywhere he looked in this apartment, there were pictures of them together. Them watching the sunrise the day that he left for the first time right next to one of them mesmerized by the sunset as little kids. The picture that she had taken of the boys so it looked like they were coming from the sun, and the picture of Patrick that he didn't know she had of him, the moonlight reflecting off of the pool in her parents' backyard the first day she had gotten her first nice camera. Their lives were chronicled on her walls. And he supposed that he should have gotten used to it, as she was a photographer, but they always captured his attention, and he could spend hours just looking and remembering. But he definitely loved seeing her before him more than seeing her picture. She was his light, his life, and he had fallen for her when they had first met as kindergarteners, when she had saved him from being bullied. He knew it was cheesy and cliched, but he couldn't help it. He had "lovesick" written all over his face every time he saw her. And now, to find out that she loved him too, he knew that she would have all of him. Forever.

After a long moment, both trying to figure out if what happened was real, Michelle broke the silence. "Is this it then? Is this when we both realize that we've been in love forever?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper and almost begging him to say that she was right. She wanted so desperately for Patrick to love her the way that she had always loved him. She wanted this to be forever. Patrick slowly, almost methodically, kissed her once more, partly to reassure himself that this was indeed real, partly because he loved the feel of her lips on his, and partly because he wanted to take the desperation from her voice.

And after pulling away once more, Michelle was breathless, and she kept her eyes closed, as if she was savoring the moment. Patrick gathered his courage, knowing that he had to say something, or he could be watching the woman that he had always loved walk away from him once again. "Can't you see? You've already captured me."

The Sun and the Moon by Mae
Wasted time.
I cannot say that I was ready for this.
But, when worlds collide,
And all that I have is all that I want.
The words seem to flow
And the thoughts they keep running.
And all that I have is yours.
All that I am is yours.
Painted skies.
I've seen so many that cannot compare,
To your ocean eyes.
The pictures you took
That cover your room,
And it was just like the sun
But more like the moon.
A light that can reach it all.
So now I'm branded for taking the fall.
So when you say forever,
Can't you see?
You've already captured me.

A/N: So I'm sorry that I've been MIA for a while, but this song has been in my head and my teachers give an insane amount of homework. I should be updating the other fics soon. Later this week, I hope. I hope that the sappiness is okay with all of you. If it's not, too bad. Reviews would be greatly appreciated, but are not required.
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