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What is this... 5th Grade?

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Are they together?

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We just lay there on the bed. Staring at the celing. We talked about just random crap as we drifted to sleep.


I woke up a few hours later in Mikey's arms. I looked up at his pale face in a peacfull sleep. His glasses where on the very tip of his nose and his lips were partly open. I took off his glasses and placed them next to me and then went back to staring at him. I could do this for hours.

"Am I that pretty?" He said quietly.
I gasped.

"Crap! How did you know?!"

"I could feel it." He said opening one eye.
I giggled and higged him.

"What's the time?" he asked in the middle of a yawn.
I looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

"7" I said trying to wriggle out of his arms. But he wouldn't let me.

"Wanna go grab some dinner?" he asked holding me tighter.

"If you let go of me!" I giggled.
He smiled and released me.
We slowly got up and made our way down to the cafateria.

We sat outside watched the sunset, eating some spahgetti we got from the cafateria.
We just sat and watched in silence. It was so perfect.
Mikey broke the silence.

"You feeling any better?" he asked.
I looked up at him and then burried my face in his chest and nodded.
He wrapped his arms around me.

"So.. Umm. I've been wondering..." he started.
I took my face out of his chest and looked up at his face.

"Casey's been nagging me to ask..." he continued nervously.

"Are we... umm..." he stuttered nervously.
I knew what he was going to say.

"Together?" I finished his sentence.
He nodded and looked ahead.
I had absoloutly no clue what to say or how to put it.

"Well.. E... ahh.. If... if you want to be?" I said nervously.
I really wanted to be.
He looked at me with his gorgeous eyes.
He took a deep breath.

"Ah.. Do you want to?" he asked even more nervous.
I giggled.

"Do you?" I asked.

"I asked you first!" he said childish.

"What is this... 5th grade?"I giggled.

"Well... yeah.. I do... do you?" he said trying to act confident.
How I wanted to scream that out...

"Yes." I said quietly.
His face suddenly lit up with joy. His smile was the biggest I've ever seen, showing all of his teeth. I loved his smile. His smile made me smile. Only twice as big.

"So we're a couple?" he asked bighting his bottom lip.

I didn't answer. Instead I kissed his lips passionatly.
We were interupted by a teacher.

"Are you two done?" she said firmly.

"Sorry Ms. Finch." Mikey said dissapointed as she walked away.

I looked at Mikey confused.

"English teacher." He said. I nodded.

"To my room?" he asked smiling.
I giggled and we stood up and headed back up to his room.


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