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Rated R for language. Yes, alas, another hichschool story. But, I think You should still click here. You might like what's inside.

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Young children fear so many things, and as you grow form childhood into adulthood, you lose most of those fears. I've always thought it was because you're bigger, more intelligent. You know the things in the closet are just clothing, for example. But then I grew up, and I realized there is something much more frightening to be scared of than the boogeyman. High school. And all the drama that came with it.
I watched him as he walked down the hallway of our high school, his shoulder-length, dark-brown hair strewn in his face messily, his perfect lips twisted into a smirk as he talked with his friends, Frank and Mikey. They were the only other people like us at our school. Misfits, outcasts, weirdos, whatever you want to call us, but we had never even spoken. This didn’t stop me from thinking he was gorgeous, of course. I was in a peaceful, dreamlike state as he went by, until, that is, I felt the sharp jab of my best friend's finger in my shoulder. She giggled madly and pushed me lightly.
"Oh, it's him, Tammy, its Gerard." She laughed. I glared at her as he passed us.
"Shut up, Pansy." I replied, hiding my blush behind my long, brown and blond hair.
"You like him, you like him." She continued. My sister, Jessica, or Jimmy as she preferred, smiled and began poking me as well.
"Stop it! That hurts, you bastards!" I laughed.
"Oh, Gerard, you're so squishy!" Pansy mimicked.
"Shut up!"
"You know Mikey was with him! I could tease you about that!"
"No." The blond-haired girl squeaked, ceasing her poking immediately. With just a look at Jimmy, she knew I was about to make a similar threat about her and Frank and she, too, stopped.
"That's what I thought." I said, sighing and turning the corner, heading to cafeteria building where Pansy's locker was located.
Gerard Way was, obviously, a high-school crush of mine. He was in grade twelve. His younger brother, Mikey, was in Grade ten, Pansy, and their youngest friend, Frank Iero was in grade nine, along with Jimmy. And I was in eleven. I shared a class Pansy and Mikey, because I had failed math ten the year before, and also Art 11/12, which I was oh-so-lucky Gerard was in. (Can't you just see the sarcasm drip from my mouth?)
"I need to eat something before I pass out. Do you guys want to go to the café, or just sit in Pansy's hall?"
"Hallway; it's less crowded there." Pansy answered. I nodded, pushing open the heavy, metal doors that lead outside to the cafeteria building. I shuddered, pulling my leather jacket tighter around me. It was the middle of December, there was no snow, but the wind was freezing. We hurried to the other doors, flinging them open and almost hitting a poor, random, un-expecting grade eight.
"Fuck, its cold out." I murmured, turning down the hallway to Pansy's locker. Jimmy nodded in agreement as Pansy spun open her combination lock. I leaned up against the row of lockers wearily as Pansy grabbed her lunch and applied some fresh eyeliner. Jimmy eyed me, concerned.
"What's wrong, Tammy?" She asked. I sighed, shaking my hair.
"He didn't even look at me."
"Oh. Well, maybe next time."
I nodded as Pansy closed her locker and we all leaned with our backs against the far wall simultaneously and slid to the floor. I opened my back pack, taking out my traditional "Paper-bag lunch"; a sandwich, a fruit and a random granola-bar type thing. I unwrapped the plastic-wrap from my sandwich and bit a fair-sized chunk from it.
"Hello there, ladies."
I froze, my mouth still full, and looked up to see the three boys coming down the hall towards us.
"Mind if we have a seat?" Frank asked in the same cocky tone he had used a second before. I covered my mouth, embarrassed, and turned away, finishing my sandwich. Jimmy shook her head.
"Good." They all dropped their bags and sat across from us against the lockers.
"So, how are you doing?" Frank asked.
"Fine." Jimmy answered shortly as I wrapped my sandwich back up and put it in my bag.
"Um, if it's not too rude to ask, why are you guys talking to us?" I asked boldly.
"What?" Gerard laughed, "Why wouldn't we talk to you? You guys are cool."
I blushed, looking down at my lap. Jimmy frowned.
"You don't mean that," she said, "so why are you really talking to us?"
"Why wouldn't I mean that?" Gerard asked.
"Because, people just don't go up to other people and ask to sit. Especially you guys."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Frank asked defensively.
"You guys have your own little group and everyone knows it, so why are you talking to us? You never talk to anyone other than each other."
"That's not true," replied Mikey quietly, "we have plenty of other friends, they just don't go here."
"What does it matter, anyways?" Gerard piped in, "We're talking to you now, and we're not gonna hurt you, so why are you getting so defensive?"
Jimmy sighed.
"Well, people don't talk to us much, except to tease, right? So you can't blame us for being edgy."
"That's alright. We know how you feel."
"So, what are your guys' names?" Frank asked.
"I'm Jimmy." My sister stated, seemingly happy with their sudden interest in us.
"Pansy." My friend mumbled quietly. Frank smiled.
"Are you shy, Pansy?"
She didn't answer.
"That's okay, we're used to it. Mikey here doesn't talk much, either." He said, slapping the older boy on the back. Mikey blushed, fixing his glasses that had fallen down his nose.
"And you?" Frank asked.
"Tamika, right?" Gerard asked.
"Only adults call me Tamika. My friends call me Tammy." I told them. Frank nodded and leaned against the lockers as everyone went silent.
"Well, this is an interesting conversation." Frank laughed. Gerard cleared his throat.
"So, Tammy, you're in my art class. You like art, then?"
I nodded.
He smiled.
"That picture you painted, of the mountains, it was great."
"So, do you girls have any plans for the afternoon?" Frank asked, grinning.
"Yeah, class." Jimmy replied.
"I mean real plans. Class sucks and I'm sick of being in this building. Me and Mikey are gonna skip. Any of you want to join?"
"I'm going to be in shit if I skip any more." I replied.
"Yeah, I noticed you aren't in class often." Gerard laughed. I smiled back lightly and looked over at Jimmy who had a look of excitement on her face.
"Don't even think about it. You're going to class, Jim."
She glared at me from her place of the wall and folded her arms across her chest.
"What about you?" Frank asked Pansy.
"I don't skip." She replied blankly. He sighed.
"Whatever, you guys are just missing out."
I leaned over to Pansy.
"We just had D block, right?"
I swallowed hard. That meant I had A block next. Art. I grabbed her wrist, looking at her watch. It was ten to one.
'Why hasn't the bell rung ye-' My thoughts were cut off as it rung, signaling class was to start in five minutes. We all stood, grabbing our things.
"See you guys after class." I told Jimmy and Pansy, "Uh, bye." I said to the four boys before heading off swiftly down the hall and out the door. I was only a few feet out, on my way to the art portable when I heard the door swing open again.
"Tammy, wait up."
I stopped and looked back to see Gerard coming up quickly behind me. He smiled.
"Walk you to class?"
"I guess."
We continued down the concrete steps towards the field.
"So, we have a few minutes," He said, sitting. I stared at him for a second as he opened his messenger bag, digging around.
"What are you doing?" I asked. He didn't answer, but after a second, held out a package of cigarettes.
"Do you smoke?"
"No." I replied, sitting.
"Do you mind?"
"Alright." He smiled and took one out, lighting it before putting the package and lighter back in his bag.
"Pansy's not the only shy one in your group, is she?" He asked, doing his best to hold the smoke in his lungs.
"What do you mean?"
"You." He replied, exhaling, "You don't talk much."
"Well... there's not much to talk about."
He took another puff.
"There's plenty to talk about."
"You're in grade eleven, right?"
"And you're sixteen?"
"Not really..."
He smirked.
"You could try to make an effort."
I shrugged.
"So are you guys doing anything after school?"
"Do you want to come over?"
"Why not?"
"I just met you, Gerard."
"So, I don't go over to stranger's houses."
The second bell rang.
"Well, we'd better get to class." I said, standing. He stubbed out his cigarette and followed as I walked to class.
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