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This is Love

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Another Frerard one-shot When Gerard's girl friend breaks up with him, he goes to see Frankie and has a little change of heart

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“I’m sorry Gee,” Kim said, “this just isn’t working.” Without another word she walked out the room leaving me standing there alone. The world crashed around me, ripping me apart, breaking my heart into a thousand shattering pieces. I left the apartment in a daze, following my feet not my head. Blinded by grief and pain I wondered around aimlessly until I found myself in front of Frankie’s house. I hand that must have been mine rang on the door bell, then the invisible force controlling my body left me and I almost fell.

Frankie’s grin as he opened the door stopped as soon as he saw my expression. He didn’t ask any questions for which I was immensely grateful. Instead he took my arm, gently leading me upstairs and bought me a cup of coffee. We sat in silence for a long time.
“She left me,” I told him eventually, my voice cracking. I fought back the tears that threatened to overwhelm me.
“It’s ok,” he said softly, “you don’t have to keep it locked in.” That was Frankie, knowing me better than anyone. So I let it out, sobbing like a child. All the time he held me tight, as if trying to protect me from the world. I felt safe in his arms, as if it was right for me to be there. Suddenly losing Kim didn’t seem so awful; life takes us on turns we can’t understand at the time, but manages to show us our true hearts.

As my tears subsided I looked into Frankie’s beautiful eyes.
“There’ll be someone else,” he said, “someone better than her. Someone who will love you like I…” he fumbled for his words, “like you deserve to be loved.” I had heard what he had said, despite him trying to cover it up.
“I think I’ve just realised who it will be,” I told him. His face almost visibly fell, but the smile soon returned to his lips, if not to his eyes.
“Who?” he asked with a forced cheeriness. Instead of answering I pulled myself up until I was sitting next to him. Then I put my hands on his cheeks, bringing his face slowly towards mine, giving him the option to pull away. He didn’t turn so I pressed my lips gently to his, feeling his soft skin against mine. He didn’t move for a moment and I began to feel a real idiot. I had just been fantasising, seeing what I wanted to see. He must be thinking I was a right fucking whore; sobbing over a girl one minute, kissing him the next. As I was about to pull away he ran one of his hands through my hair, pushing my face back to his, kissing me.

I let myself feel him, really feel him, not like the meaningless stage kisses. I opened my mouth a little, running my tongue over his lips, playing with his lip ring. I felt his tongue sliding to meet mine, teasing my mouth open wider. I did what he wanted, trying to get enough of him. He moved his hands to my waist, pulling me closer to him, crushing our bodies together. My fingers fumbled on the buttons of his shirt, almost tearing the fabric in my haste. He did the same to me, then kissed my bare chest before I pulled him down to the floor.
Early the next morning I lay watching Frankie sleep, studying his perfect face, memorising everything I already knew so well. Suddenly my mobile rang, its jangling noise breaking the silence. I swore quietly and flicked it open.
“Hi Gee, it’s me.” I recognised the voice immediately. Frankie opened his eyes and propped himself on one arm.
“Yes,” I said to Kim coldly. I leant over and kissed Frankie as she began to speak, letting him know I had not forgotten him.
“I’ve made a terrible mistake,” she babbled tearfully, “I miss you so much. I want back to your apartment but there was no one in. I was so worried about you, and I’ve decided to give you another chance.” I took my mouth of Frankie’s though still held him close.
“Look Kim,” I told her firmly, “this is over. You. Me. Over. It would be nice to still be friends, but if you want anything more than that I’m afraid this is goodbye.” Without waiting for a reply I hung up and turned back to Frankie.

The expression on his face was pure shock.
“You just turned her down?” he gasped, “You refused the love of your life?” I smiled at him.
“No,” I said, “I could never turn down the love of my life. He would never forgive me.” I saw Frankie’s face light up at the word 'he' and I wouldn’t have swapped anything for that moment. “You didn’t just think this was a one night stand did you?” I joked.
“Truthfully?” his voice was serious, “yes.” I kissed him on the mouth, breathing in his sweet scent.
“I love you Frankie,” I told him truthfully, “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my whole life.” He smiled again, that beautiful smile I had missed for so long.
“I love you too Gee,” he leaned closer, “but I think you’ve known that for a long time.” He kissed me tenderly, gently. This wasn’t lust, this wasn’t passion. This was love, and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.
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