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What Are We Doing?

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Another one-shot Frerard well... based on an interview I saw once

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“Can you kiss Frankie like you did on stage?” came the voice through the speaker. I looked over to see what Gerard’s response would be, giggling to hide my nervousness.
“Nah,” Gerard said, as if it didn’t matter. Which to him I guess it didn’t. “I was just getting even with him!” I blushed a bright red, remembering all too well what had happened. He had just been sitting there and I couldn’t help myself. He was so beautiful, so serene, I’d just kissed him. He’s passed it off as a joke of course, but I’d never stopped hoping. Much to both of our relief the topic had moved on, soon the little interview was over and we were free to go.
As we headed back to the hotel I knew I couldn’t be around Gerard for much longer without landing myself in another awkward situation. I needed to calm down.
“I’m going for a walk, I’ll meet you guys later,” I said.
“Actually I could do with some exercise, do you mind if I come too?” Gerard asked. I was thrown into turmoil, what should I do? I couldn’t say no, but did I dare say yes. In the end the look in his beautiful eyes made up my heart, if not my mind.
“Sure,” I told him, and I suppose the dazzling smile he gave me was worth it.

We walked in a silence somewhere between friendly and awkward, I couldn’t really tell. Gerard’s perfect face was blank; he’d always been too good at hiding his emotions, unlike me.
“Frankie,” he said suddenly, “we need to talk.” Talking was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t know if I could take much more of this, but of course I just nodded.
“This morning, on stage, everything,” he paused for a deep breath. “I need to know what the fuck we’re doing.” I was silent for a moment.
“I don’t know Gee,” I said sadly. And it was true. All those moments that kept me going meant nothing to him, less than nothing. He didn’t love me, who was I kidding> he was too good for me. I turned away so he couldn’t see my expression, far too easy to read as usual.

He put his hands on my shoulders and gently turned me around, causing my pulse to race faster. He put his hands on my chin and gently bought my face towards his. Then at last our lips crashed together and I felt at home in his warm arms. I opened my mouth and licked his soft lips, teasing them open until his tongue snaked out to meet mine. His sweet taste filled me, as necessary as oxygen, giving me a purpose in life. All too soon he pulled away, gasping for air. He put his mouth against my ear, nuzzling me softly.
“I love you Frankie,” he murmured. Finally the words I had been longing to hear ever since I first laid eyes on him.
“I love you too,” I told him. He kissed me quickly on the lips. “Now do you know what we’re doing?” I asked playfully.
“No fucking idea!” came the response, and as out mouths met again I found I didn’t care.
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