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Sorry for the delay everyone [and for the delay in updating my story] i've been having internet problems..but anyway.
So this new story is going ahead, i've got my pairings of course [if your one of them could ya comment just to let me know that your still alive etc , so i know i can continue the story with you ^_^ ]

so the secondary character pasrts go to:

petewentzlover69 as dancer # 2 and Joe's gf

Sasuke_Gaara_Edward as Patricks Gf

KoKoaPuffsAtTheDisco as Andy's gf

skylinesXturnstiles as FOB's MERCH GIRL [Let me know if your ok with this because i know you wanted to be patricks gf too..but then someone else applied for it and this was the only solution i could come too]

pyrotechnicist as Pete's gf

patdfan0702 as the merch girls friend :)

so that's all i got so far...i'm going to start posting the story now, but feel free you keep sending ni applications if you wanna be in it as another made up character...just make sure it's someone that i can fit in. I'll let you know if i'll use you. :)

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