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A Difficult Meeting

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Frankie is taken to meet an important group of people called the Unknown, and things get complicated.

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Do you remember that day when we met?

You told me "This gets harder,"

Well, it did...

It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish - MCR

", not now. It's too soon! You didn't see him yesterday, it almost killed him! This would push him over the edge."

"I know what I'm doing, Gerard, stop playing hero boy all the time. He needs to know, and he needs to know /now/. He can't go back to the surface anymore; it's just not safe for anyone."

"Alright, alright! We won't let him go up, but we'll make something up! He's just not ready to meet them yet. It'll destroy him!"

I rubbed my head yawning loudly, and wondering what all the noise was about. I looked around and saw I was in Gerard's room in my bed, next to his empty one. Getting out of bed lazily, I walked over to the door, pulling on a shirt I found thrown on the floor.

Opening the heavy door, I took a step out into the hallway and saw Mikey and Gerard talking near the main door. They both looked annoyed and distressed.

"Hey," I said through a yawn. "What's going on?"

"Nothing,"Gerard said quickly, throwing a glance at Mikey while walking over to me."Sleep good?"

I grinned. "I slept great, man, but I don't remember going to bed."

Gerard smiled back, casting nervous glances at the approaching Mikey. "Yeah, me and the guys brought you in here," signaling to his room. "You were dead tired from all the magic you used." I beamed at him, happy at the thought of having real powers.

"Yes, we are all glad to know that your powers are developing... let's just hope you'll learn to control them," Mikey told me with a smirk on his face.

Clenching my teeth slightly, I said, "Oh, don't worry about that. I'll have them under control in no time." Turning back to Gerard, I asked, trying to contain my excitement, "So, what power do I have? I can move things with my mind, right?"I rubbed my hands together with a grin on my face, waiting for Gerard to answer impatiently.

He smiled at me, amused. "Looks like the early stages of telekinesis, since you lifted everything off the table and floor and sent it spinning around; even if it was unintentional. It'll probably develop and allow you to do other things, too. "

I smiled, pleased with the possibilities of it all. That was definitely an awesome power.

Mikey smiled at me falsely. "It's late. You missed breakfast, but lunch is soon. After that you'll come with me. You have some important people to meet." With that he turned towards the main entrance of the building.

"I told you not today!" Gerard exclaimed, after running up to him as I watched the two of them confused. "You'll be sorry."

Stopping dead in his tracks and turning around suddenly with an insane look on his face, Mikey said in a dangerous voice, "No, Gerard, you'll be sorry if you try and get in the way. He needs to know and he will know today. The longer we wait the worse it'll be."

Gerard stood watching his brother turn back around and leave.

Walking up to him, I said softly, "Whatever it is, Gee, I wanna know. I want to know everything."

"Frank..." he said to me, looking nervous and upset, "whatever happens... I know we haven't known each other for a long time... hell, it's only been a few days, really... I want you to know that you're not alone in the world. I care about what happens to you, even though it sounds corny... whatever happens, promise me you won't forget that. You... you mean a lot to me."

I smiled at him awkwardly, a bit surprised and not knowing why he felt like he needed to tell me that. I also felt happy because I felt the same about him. "I know what you mean, Gee. It's weird but I feel like... like I've known you all my life." I thought about giving him a hug but decided I would look like a total pansy.

Smiling in relief, he gave me a pat on the back and led me outside."Let's eat."


"You're taking him /where/?" Bob yelled at Mikey, as the others stared with wide eyes. Gerard stood a few feet away, leaning against the outside wall of the building with his arms crossed in front of him and clenching his jaw.

I stood behind the group, not understanding anything at all, as usual.

"I'm not going to argue with you all. They want to see him and they want to see him now. The time has come. We can't wait any longer. He has to know," Mikey said, calmly yet firmly, looking at them all.

"Mikey, you didn't see him yesterday... I really don't think it's a good idea to do this today. Can't they wait a few days?" Aileen asked, imitating his firm tone.

"Enough. I'm taking him with me, the rest of you can wait here."

"Why the hell can't they wait a few days!" Ray yelled angrily.

I had heard enough. "Guys, stop it. Whatever it is, I want to know. Thanks for worrying about me, but I think you guys are making a big deal out of nothing. Let's go, Mikey."

Pleased with himself, Mikey gave me a curt nod and headed towards the stone building, confusing me.

Just as Mikey was going to enter, Gerard grabbed his arm, making him stop. "I'm coming."

Sighing impatiently, Mikey said, "No, you're not. Stay here with the others."

"I didn't ask you, Mikey. You want to take Frank to see your /buddies/? Fine, but I'm going with him." Mikey stared at him for a few seconds, and after realizing Gerard wouldn't give up, nodded and headed into the building. I smiled weakly as I passed Gee and entered in front of him.

The three of us walked through the building in a line, turning left and right, left and right. I tried to memorize the way we were headed but found it impossible. After some time, we arrived at a big wooden door at the end of a hallway, which Mikey opened without hesitation. The door revealed a dark staircase heading downwards. Mikey grabbed a torch hanging on the wall outside the door, and started heading down. Gee grabbed another one and motioned for me to follow Mikey. I counted the 22 steps until we reached the bottom, which led to a long passageway leaving no other option but to continue forward. I walked cautiously, following Mikey who seemed to have a slight bounce in his step.

Just as I was getting tired of being led through a huge maze to find out something obviously life-changing, judging by the reaction of Gee and the others when they found out where Mikey wanted to take me, I noticed a light at the end of the tunnel, never better said. It wasn't the dim illumination I was used to seeing around there, but much brighter.

The small and rugged doorway we entered seemed out of place: it led to a huge room similar to the one where the stone of light was hidden, except with much more light. I looked around, and to my surprise, saw balls of fire about the size of basketballs floating in the air a few feet above us and all the way down the room, providing a light that was almost blinding after coming out of the dark tunnel. I stopped and gaped at the tiny suns, until Gee gently pushed me forward from behind.

As we headed down the lane in the middle of the room, I saw it ended with a rounded wall instead of a normal squared one like the Stone of Life room, forming a semi-circle. A few feet away from the wall, and forming the same semi-circle facing towards the lane we were walking down, were six chairs, all equally large and elegant. Only the two on the far right were occupied.

"Ahh, here you are," said one of the two men as we neared. They were both very old, in appearance at least, with completely white hair and a wrinkled face that could compete with that of the old lady that had called me Scorpio the first day I entered the Underworld. The one the farthest right had a long white beard to match his hair.

Mikey stopped in the center of the semicircle the chairs were forming, turned back to me and told me to stay there with Gerard, and then walked over to the second chair on the left, leaving me utterly confused. Gerard gave me a quick reassuring smile before taking in a deep breath, preparing himself for what was coming.

"You've finally made it... after all these years." From behind the chairs came a man much younger than the other two on the right; he must have been in his forties. He had a friendly face framed with a few days long beard and soft brown hair. "It actually hasn't really been that long, only 2 years, but let me tell you, they've crawled by at a snails pace." He took his seat next to the two old men, the third chair from the right.

"What do you... who are you?" I asked, not knowing which question to start with first.

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me for not introducing myself. Of course you don't know anything about us. We," he stated, gesturing the two old men and Mikey, "are the Unknown. Nobody knows we exist except for very few, now including you, and it must remain this way. From this room and others even more hidden, we use our powers to know what goes on around the world and in the world of the Ruins. We try to decipher their plans in order to stop them from continuing their evil ways. We are the brains behind this whole operation, if you wish. We make the plans, Gerard and the others follow them... as best as they can," he finished, smirking in Gerard's direction.

What the fuck was he saying? It all sounded too Hollywood for me to swallow in two seconds. What was it that they wanted, exactly?

"Allow me to introduce everyone..." he said, gesturing towards the man with the long beard, "This is Abbott Griffith... Durwin Randal... You already know Michael Way... and I am Stratton Delancy. You may call me Mr. D like everyone else, if you'd like." He smiled at me pleasantly as if expecting me to explode with happiness at the utterance of his name.

"Nice to meet you... all... but what is it exactly that I'm doing down here?"

Stratton let out a laugh and adjusted himself in his chair. "My dear boy! Don't you know who we are? Don't you know who I am?"

"It's not a good time to-" Gee tried to object, but was cut off by another laugh and a wave of a hand.

"Nonsense, Gerard, nonsense. It's important he knows, and he will know now."

I glanced at Gerard helplessly, suddenly not wanting to know what it was I didn't know. Stratton got up from his chair and walked over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. As he stood smiling and me, I noticed his eyes twinkled in happiness and I wondered why.

"Dear boy, I am none other than your father."

SAY WHAT? Yeah, he said "father". Freaked out? Don't worry, it'll get even more interesting in the next chapter ;) Which is almost done, by the way.

I took so long because, aside from exams, I've had to look up a lot of stuff to be able to write this story. I even looked up the names to make sure they all had an English origin. I also did tons of research on the powers that the guys and gals have and that will come in later on in this story, and let me tell you, there are some awesome pages about super powers out there! After seeing so many and reading about people that claim to have actually used powers (mostly telekinesis), I'm almost a believer.


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